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    admin got a reaction from member in Why does it help to keep your eyes closed while listening to the subliminals?   
    So you can visualize your intention. And it helps you relax, lower your brain waves. 
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    admin got a reaction from Cyrus Holmes in Bean Balls and Sociopaths   
    Innocuous Seduction Technique:

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    admin got a reaction from member in Afformations with Affirmations   
    I disagree with the "afformation" theory for a lot of reasons.
    But the main one is that they are designed for affirmations that are spoken aloud, or read, or heard slowly.
    They are a TECHNIQUE to disarm the conscious critic.
    However, if you are hearing 256 voices at once, you can't hear any of them. They are ALREADY bypassing your conscious critic, so there's no need for clever trickery.
    Mind Persuasion subliminals are designed to FLOOD the subconscious with short, powerful statements that add up to a change in belief. 
    Affformations are designed for consciously said affirmations.
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    admin reacted to David Espinoza in Conversations   
    A customer approached me today and said 
    I noticed you talking to another customer and 
    you guys seem to have something? I said we 
    had great conversations sure. The customer 
    approaching me I feel was actually jealous of 
    my conversations with the other customer. This 
    customer attempted to engage me in the same 
    kind of way as the other customer but honestly 
    I really feel he only wanted the conversation with
    me just because maybe he felt left out of the 
    previous conversations. I couldn’t find his 
    conversations as interesting as the other guys. 
    I then wondered why not? What made my 
    conversations with the other customer so great? 
    Maybe because the other customer treated me
    like a celebrity? He said stuff like wow! I am just 
    grateful to be  in your presence! Your really boost 
    my mood! You really make me feel energized! I 
    enjoyed being treated like a celebrity. Especially 
    since I have never been treated like a celebrity 
    before. Is that what made the difference in the 
    conversation you think? I just finished reading 
    story telling magic.
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    admin got a reaction from Subliminal Shinobi in New Course - Social Charisma   
    Social Charisma
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    admin got a reaction from Subliminal Shinobi in Love Magnet   
    Love Magnet
    Sign Up Now
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    admin got a reaction from Subliminal Shinobi in New Course - Money Magnet   
    Get Money Magnet
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    admin got a reaction from Sakima in Do Subliminals become ineffective if we know the affirmations?   
    Many problems with this idea.
    Mainly because it doesn't make any sense. You can take KNOWN information and then use various technology to put that KNOWN information to bypass the conscious critic. That's pretty much the whole point of hypnosis, and all other technology (like 256 voice files). To make it impossible to question each one.
    To say this means you CAN'T know what this information is, EVER, is VERY DANGEROUS.
    I'd stay away from the IDEA that you should't know what's being put in your brain.
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    admin got a reaction from Subliminal Shinobi in Hypnotic Seduction - Full Course   
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    admin got a reaction from Sakima in Hallucinated Statistics   
    Hallucinated Statistics:

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    admin got a reaction from Sakima in Malthusian Cycles   
    Malthusian Cycles:

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    admin got a reaction from Pravy in Reptile Eating Scam...(also question)   
    Hard to give specific advice without specific information.
    But generally, being afraid of the unknown is natural and healthy.
    One piece of advice I heard a long, long time ago was to set a goal to be superior to any role model.
    A useful metaphor to use both as a directional, motivational goal AND will counterbalance any anxieties is to imagine a time in the future when you are giving advice to her, in a genuine and profound way.
    As far as twin-flames, it is a useful metaphor.
    But then again, everything is a metaphor, even matter itself. According to quantum and particle physics, matter is really yet another manifestation of energy.
    Just be sure you're not too attached to the metaphor itself, and instead attempt to learn what the metaphor is intending for you. What growth based actions to take.
    A twin flame union may be an unobtainable yet powerfully motivational goal.
    To drive us to seek communion with the other halves of our very best selves.
    In order to do that, you must BE your very best self.
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    admin got a reaction from Pravy in How long to see results from manifest women?   
    Whatever you do, go slow and be consistent.
    Start doing simple things every day until it becomes a happen.
    Give yourself plenty of time.
    Very simple, very easy, daily activities are a billion times better than staying on the sidelines trying to figure out what to do.
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    admin got a reaction from Pravy in How To Obliterate Approach Anxiety   
    Ten exercises to destroy it and replace it with a much more positive idea, that attractive people are safe and fun to talk to.

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    admin reacted to Spencer001 in Praying for your good health   
    Hello to all. I havent been on in a while but wanted to stop in and wish good health to everyone as we have a ongoing virus crisis. May the gods and godesses grant all ultimate good health during this time.
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    admin got a reaction from Subliminal Shinobi in New Teachable Affiliate Program   
    As you may know, Mind Persuasion has been creating, and will continue to create, video training sessions available on Teachable.
    To become an affiliate, create a user account here:
    Then send your Teachable User Name to:
    And  your affiliate account will be activated.
    Within your affiliate dashboard, once you are signed up to mindpersuasion.teachable.com, you'll see your affiliate link.
    You'll also see sales and commissions information.
    For Teachable, you can use one affiliate link for all courses.
    Course prices are $49-$99 and affiliates will earn a 75% commission.
    Check back to this thread for Teachable affiliate marketing videos, etc.
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    admin got a reaction from vitalxs in Intuition vs Discipline/Self Control   
    It HAS TO BE WRONG some of the time.
    Humans are programmed to LEARN BEST through failure. "Negative" feedback is REQUIRED.
    AND every situation you enter into will be unknown, (can't step in the same river twice, etc) so at best it's a calculated RISK.
    If you're NEVER WRONG you're playing it WAY too safe and are leaving a lot of money on the table (or whatever else you're going after).
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    admin got a reaction from vitalxs in Intuition vs Discipline/Self Control   
    Intuition is a feeling that results in the TOTAL amount of data hitting your senses.
    For most people, intuition is very weak, and VERY EASY to misunderstand. It's also highly susceptible to hindsight bias. You remember the intuition AFTER you made a decision, as if you felt it before, when you really didn't.
    Accurately interpreting intuition is a skill. The more you listen to your intuition, and see what happens, the more you'll "calibrate it."
    The things that WORK WELL and consistently that come from following your intuition can be fed back into your discipline program.
    AND you can make it a point to "follow your intuition" at least once day, much like you'd practice eye contact or starting conversations with strangers.
    Ideally, following your intuition will work WITH your daily discipline, not against it.
    You might consider listing all your daily activities in order of importance.
    As you practice listening to your intuition, it will get stronger and stronger, but only as you act upon it, and ACCEPT all results as valid.
    Then if you are in the midst of a daily discipline activity, and you feel an intuition, you can make a judgement whether or not the intuition supersedes the discipline, or vice-versa.
    Until that point, you might create an hour a day to ONLY follow your intuition. Follow it as closely as you can, take notes afterwards and write down what you learned.
    You'll find the stronger your goals are, the more you program into your brain, the more your intuitions will lead you to activities and experiences that will get you closer quicker.
    When you are TOTALLY CONGRUENT, and you are one hundred percent committed to ALL YOUR GOALS, AND you fully trust your intuition, they will naturally work together (discipline and intuition) without effort.
    Just remember, the conscious brain can only play checkers, while the subconscious (your intuition) is not only playing chess, but is always looking MANY moves ahead.
    So an intuition may not make sense to your checkers playing brain, because you're only able to EVER LOOK consciously a move or two ahead.
    Which is why TRUST is crucial as well as FOLLOW THROUGH.
    An intuition may lead you somewhere only to fail, where the lesson of the failure is what your intuition was really pushing you.
    Solid goals that are MEASURABLE and daily journaling of WHAT YOU DID, why you did it, and what happened will help considerably.
    This DISCIPLINE of journaling will help to UNDERSTAND the results of your intuition.
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    admin reacted to Alxyz in Verbal Assassin   
    I stumbled across your book, Verbal Assassin, while browsing books through my free kindle unlimited account that I received when I bought a new kindle.  I was blown away.  I’ve read a lot of NLP books by authors, Bandler, Dilts, and other NLP originators.  These books introduced me to the Meta Model, SOM,  Milton Model, and more.  But all I got were the techniques, not practical instruction on how to use them in my day-to-day life.  
    Verbal Assassin, gave me the first practical application of these tools, so I explored your other books, Covert Hypnosis, Pre-Framing, and others.  From those books, I learned more of how NLP tools work.  Now, I look at communication differently.  I no longer view communication as an interaction to exchange information, but an interaction of individual frames, and this makes a big difference in my life.
    Thank you for your writings.
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    admin got a reaction from Luiza in YouTube videos   
    Youtube uses a lot of filters, so the ones here are higher quality. No filters.
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    admin got a reaction from Rocko13 in Embrace Competition   
    Isaac Newton was a smart guy.
    He invented calculus, and discovered gravity.
    He wrote the first book on physics.
    This book covered a lot of old school ideas.
    Later, when they discovered NEW ideas, they separated a lot of science into "Newtonian" and "non-Newtonian."
    Since a lot of stuff continues to be discovered, that doesn't quite fit into Newton's ideas.
    Euclid is another smart guy.
    He came up with a bunch of ideas about geometry.
    Way back in BC.
    Today, there is Euclidian geometry, and non-Euclidian geometry.
    This idea, of famous dudes inventing famous ideas, and then more famous dudes coming later to add things on to those ideas, is pretty much human nature.
    Once upon a time, there was a bunch of monkey people, some dirt and some animals.
    Then the monkey people became people.
    And the people started to invent stuff.
    Some people invent stuff because they are INSNAELY curious.
    But it's also a means to an end.
    They want to be RECOGNIZED as the first to discover something.
    It's nice to imagine that these guys like Euclid and Newton only cared about "pure science" for the sake of pure science.
    That's only partially true.
    They wanted to be WELL KNOWN.
    How do we know this?
    Because scientists are like any other human.
    They have RIVALS.
    Newton had plenty of RIVALS.
    Back in the day, there were plenty of arguments over who REALLY invented calculus first.
    If it was only PURE science, none of those guys would care who got credit.
    But they VERY MUCH cared.
    The world of science, even pure research, is INSANELY competitive.
    Which means science itself is a means to an end.
    A lot of scientific discoveries were made by businessmen.
    Edison is likely the most famous example.
    He and Tesla were VICIOUS competitors.
    Deep on our human structure is the idea of competition.
    Animals compete with each other for resources.
    Humans compete with each other for resources.
    Sometimes those "resources" are fame and everything that comes with it.
    Sometimes those resources are the ONE JOB that fifty dudes are trying to get.
    Sometimes those resources are the ONE LADY that every guy's got a boner for.
    The scientist-business that were the BEST at both are remembered.
    Some were much better scientists than they were businesses.
    For example, plenty of the most famous inventions associated with the Industrial Revolution were invented by smart guys who died broke.
    Life is a competition that never stops.
    There are no breaks, there are no time outs, and it's pretty much a free for all.
    But if you understand the deep instinctive rules of human nature, you will have a fighting chance.
    Get in the game, and play to win.
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    admin got a reaction from rdl in Free Videos   
    Each one of these zips has about 60 vids.
    Edit 6/5:
    Please email for details.
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    admin got a reaction from jerrymp in Magic Shirts For Easy Sex   
    Whenever we do things, we always consider our social reference group.
    Often this happens quickly and subconsciously.
    For example, when you look into your closet and spend a couple of seconds picking a shirt, you quickly choose on based on how you'll be perceived by others.
    If we only needed clothing to cover our skin, and be durable, we'd only wear basic colors.
    But the fashion industry is a billion dollar a year industry.
    No matter how much we pretend otherwise, we want VERY MUCH to look good.
    The idea of walking into a social area, and having people looking at you and smiling BECAUSE of what you are wearing is VERY compelling.
    There was even this low budget movie about a magic shirt.
    Whoever was wearing this magic shirt would be SWARMED by hot girls desperate for sex.
    This is the IDEAL when it comes to anything regarding appearance.
    Haircut, shoes, watch, etc.
    But the OPPOSITE is also true.
    We are TERRIFIED of walking into a social situation, and having everybody point and LAUGH.
    This was the basic premise of the movie "Carrie."
    A REVENGE FANTASY about a girl who is always an outcast.
    They take that to the extreme and make her the prom queen as a JOKE.
    SO THAT they can get her up on stage, in a position where she THINKS she's getting positive social validation, and THEN point and laugh.
    The revenge part comes when she uses telekinesis to kill everybody in spectacular fashion.
    As HIGHLY social creatures, we are INTENSIVELY sensitive to social signals.
    Both positive and negative.
    EVERYTHING WE DO, on some level is to hopefully GET positive signals.
    And to hopefully AVOID negative signals.
    This is also true when we are buying things.
    We subconsciously (and often consciously) put things through the social filter.
    Many times are DRIVEN by social filters, as in the case of social proof.
    We want to do things BECAUSE many others are doing them.
    Those with social anxiety have an overwhelming negative feeling associated with social situations.
    Those with social confidence have an overwhelming positive feeling associated with social situations.
    HOW a social group will respond colors pretty much ALL of our decisions.
    Which means you can leverage those for massive success.
    For example, if you are selling something, you can covertly ALLUDE to how much POSITIVE social recognition the customer will get.
    You'll find this idea embedded in tons of advertising.
    You can also learn how to do this conversationally.
    It's VERY EASY, and very effective.
    Which means you can use these deep and powerful triggers to get anybody to do anything.
    Learn How:
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    admin got a reaction from Andylannister in How long to see results from manifest women?   
    Read the manual and do the exercises.
    Listen at night as you fall asleep and use the day's activities for the visualization.
    Go SLOWLY through the exercises. 
    Give yourself time.
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    admin got a reaction from Sakima in Custom product request   
    Custom sessions are not available at this time.
    Consider that the visualizations and intentions you use while listening are MUCH more important than the statements themselves.
    In fact, the idea of getting the perfect, ideal set of affirmations will tend to slow you down.
    By giving the affirmations MORE weight than your thinking, actions, learnings, intentions, etc.,  you'll be slowing yourself down.
    The ABSOLUTE BEST thing you can do to INCREASE your movement toward your goal is to TAKE MORE ACTION, get more feedback,  and then use that feedback to take BETTER action.
    Actual feedback will give your subconscious much more "information" than any affirmations.
    The affirmations you have now are sufficient SO LONG as you match them with highly emotional intentions and visualizations.
    As you succeed, your intentions and visualizations can change and STILL BE supported by the same affirmations.
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