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    Free Will And Genetics

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    Why Most People Fail

    Economics is something few people actively study. They don't teach it in school. And unless you are going to major in economics, chances are you won't take any official courses. Yet understanding economics is essential. Because economics allows for an understanding of human nature. Of human decision making. Many suppose the reason they specifically DON'T teach economics in school is so it's much easier to con us. The MAIN THING economics FORCES us to understand is what things costs. And that is the ONE QUESTION those in charge don't want us to ask. They'd rather promise us stuff so we NEVER wonder what that stuff is going to cost. But EVERYTHING cost something. Either now, or later. But a deeper idea in economics is the idea of diminishing returns. Imagine you're really hungry. Imagine it's your ONE cheating day per week. And you are about ready to eat a HUGE plate of carne asada nachos. All week you've been eating boiled chicken breast and cabbage. The FIRST BITE of carne asada nacho is going to be DELICIOUS. As will the next couple of bites. But as you keep eating, each successive will be LESS and LESS delicious. Pretty soon you'll reach a tipping point. Where each bite is not only not delicious, but painful. This is the law of diminishing returns. You KEEP doing the same thing. But the BENEFIT (the returns) keep getting less (diminish). If you have ten days off from work, each day is going to be a LITTLE less rewarding than the last. If you slip into a hot bath after a long day's work, each minute will be LESS relaxing than the previous. This idea will OBLITERATE any goals you have if you don't understand. It happens like this. On DAY ONE of your plan, your motivation is HUGE. The imagined benefit is HUGE. The imagined COSTS of getting that goal are small, since you're just starting. But each day you go forward, something happens. The costs INCREASE. They move from imagined, to real. The imagined benefit DECREASES. Each day you imagine the benefit, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. And makes it seem less and less valuable in mind. The visualized BENEFITS are decreasing over time. The actual COSTS are increasing over time. When you started, and the benefit was HUGE, since you'd JUST STARTED to imagine them. The costs were SMALL, since you could ONLY imagine them. But each day, the costs increase, and the imagined benefits decrease. Pretty soon you reach a tipping point. Where the COSTS are LARGER than the benefits. And it's NATURAL at this point, to give up. This is why nearly EVERYBODY sets goals. But very few people ACHIEVE goals. Turns out the entire self-help industry is FILLED with misconceptions. Luckily, once you understand basic human nature, you can create a much better plan. One that will make success much more natural. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Snakes And Corruption

  4. There is a lot of false ideas in the self help industry. Not that they are outright cons, but they are false for different reasons. Suppose you set up a sandwich shop. If you are a halfway decent entrepreneur, you'd know that YOU are not your market. Meaning you would understand that just because YOU loved peanut butter and avocado sandwiches, that might not be the BEST thing to sell. You would sell whatever the market demanded. If you are a GOOD entrepreneur, you would pay CAREFUL ATTENTION to your market. You would read magazines like "sandwich weekly." You would stay on top of all the latest sandwich trends. You would go to the famous sandwich expos in Vegas. The MORE you understand what you market wanted to BUY, the better sandwich seller you'd be. You would ONLY be concerned with "healthy" sandwiches if THAT was your market. If you tried to sell "healthy" sandwiches, but nobody bought them, you'd stop selling them. Self Help gurus are kind of the same. They don't really sell what "works." They sell what people BUY. Here's another angle. When you buy a cheeseburger, you KNOW if it's a good one or not. If you buy a pair of shoes, you KNOW if they are decent shoes or not. If you buy a microwave oven, you'll KNOW if it sucks or not pretty quickly. But what about any self help ideas? The only way to see if they work or not is to try them. But since self help ideas take a LONG TIME to try, you've got a dilemma. You can suck it up and TRY THE TECHNIQUES, for a few months. Or you can fall prey to the SHINY NEW OBJECT idea. You'll notice one thing that is common to all the most famous self help gurus. They all have a huge range of products. Books, home study courses, seminars, week long retreats, advanced INNER CIRCLE seminars. This is another thing that highly skilled entrepreneurs do. They know their customers will keep buying from them. So they keep making BIGGER and BETTER "ideas." The real questions (and very difficult question) is the following: What, EXACTLY, are you buying? A set of skills or an EXPERIENCE? If you understand you are buying an experience, that's perfect. But what about a set of skills? Skills can ONLY COME from practice. A lot of practice. So start practicing: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Pre Conscious Chaos

  6. We humans seem to have a lot of holes in our brains. Not literally. But figuratively, or metaphorically. One way is when we imagine that mysterious "they." We imagine some mysterious group of people who have near magic control over our lives. Sometimes "they" are kind of specific. Like "they" have invented tires that never wear out, but since "they" won't make any money selling them, "they" have kept them secret. Or when ancient humans looked up at the stars at night and imagined the stars were actually gods looking down upon them. And if they had a bad crop, "they," the gods, were disappointed. This is helpful if it keeps us on track. We are hierarchical social animals, and a lot of times it helps to imagine that some mysterious and powerful group is in charge. But sometimes, this can hinder us. Especially if we have an opportunity to do something. We tend to wait around until somebody tells us what to do. Once I went to a seminar. The guy up on stage was pretty famous. He came out, and the crowd applauded and cheered for a while. But he just stood there. After it got quiet, he held out a $100 bill. Just stood there and smiled. For about 30 seconds, nothing happened. Then a woman ran up and grabbed it. He asked everybody why it took so long. There it was, free money, but everybody had the same thought. "I'd like to get that, but what if I make a mistake? I'd better sit here until somebody tells me what to do." This is another aspect of "instinct mismatch." Having strong social instincts, to follow the crowd, is generally a good thing. But if there is a very limited opportunity, waiting for the crowd is the LAST thing you want to do. Because once the FIRST PERSON goes and gets that opportunity, it will be gone. This presents a paradox. How do you know when to go first, and when to wait for somebody else to go first? How do you know when to take a risk? After all, before that woman got up there, he could have had a TOTALLY DIFFERENT idea. She might have gone up, realized her mistake, and had to walk back to her seat. While EVERYBODY was watching her. This is a VERY CLEAR example, and a very literal example of the famous saying: Fortune favors the bold. Most of us would LOVE to be told what to do. But if we wait to be told what to do, we'll get the same thing EVERYBODY ELSE will get. Going first is scary. Going first is rarely successful. But if you NEVER go first, you'll never capitalize on those opportunities. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Time Travel Constraints

  8. Everybody wants more money. Rich people want more money. Poor people want more money. If you have a ghost in your house, the ghost probably wants more money. At the same time, we don't like the idea of other people having more money than us. Especially if we THINK they got it by "cheating." Sniffing out cheaters is an instinct. A very necessary one. Our instincts still believe we are living in ancient hunter-gatherer tribes. That's why it's so hard to lose weight with will power. Our instincts REALLY BELIEVE that we might not get any food in the foreseeable future. Our instincts CAN'T think or plan. They can only COMPELL us. And our food instinct COMPELS us to eat as much as we can whenever there is plenty of food available. How does our cheating instinct work? It's a social instinct that helped bind ancient tribes together. It FORCED everybody to share. One guy got a big kill, he was compelled to share it with everybody. Both because he felt compelled, and because he knew people would be angry if he didn't. This kept tribes tightly organized. Everybody trusted everybody. Everybody worked together to help each other survive. So today, when we see somebody who's super rich, AND it doesn't seem like they "earned" it, it triggers our cheating instinct. But like most of our other instincts, they are what they are. If you want to stay slim and healthy, you MUST be hungry and not eat. If you want to make more money, you MUST ignore the natural anger we feel for rich people who are "lucky." Rich people who show up with the right set of skills, or even looks, that make it EASY for them to make money. Getting angry won't help. It would be like getting angry at your hunger. But that frustration is also an instinct. It's a natural motivator. The frustration makes you ANGRY. And you use that anger to overcome obstacles. What obstacles? The ones between where you are and where you want to be. Most people use their anger ineffectively. They use their anger to try and get OTHER PEOPLE to remove their obstacles. That FEELS GOOD. Especially when politicians make promises that SOUND like that. "Vote for me and I'll fix your problems." That, unfortunately, is the one OLDEST lies of organized society. Don't fall for it. The ONLY PERSON who can remove the obstacles between where you are and where you want to be is YOU. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Multi Level Manifesting

  10. Understanding human nature is very helpful. Both from an insider's view and from a competitor's point of view. It's good to understand human nature from inside your own brain. It's also helpful to understand human nature so you can keep a close eye on your competition. As they say, you could keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Now, they aren't always going to be ENEMIES, but you will ALWAYS have competition. It can be friendly competition, but it will be competition. If you see your best friend waiting to interview for the same job YOU are interviewing for, he is your friend AND your "enemy" at the same time. They aren't going to hire both of you. EVERY SINGLE THING you want that isn't abundant is going to be also wanted by a lot of other people. That one girl or guy you've got your eye on is also desired by many others. That one house in that one neighborhood is always desired by many others. That one idea you have to start a business around is likely also thought about by plenty of others. Unfortunately, plenty of our competition is very crafty. Once I had a job interview for a VERY NICE job. I had to talk to about six people. All but one was fairly straightforward. They asked me hard questions, and I gave them decent answers. Except for one guy. He was VERY FRIENDLY. Asked me very easy questions. Even got me something to drink. His strategy was to find out what I REALLY thought of his product. See, I had worked for a competitor at the time. But this job was a level up both career and income wise. Only I believed that their product was not quite as good as the one made by the company I worked for. And this guy wanted to find out what I REALLY believed about their product. And he did so by carefully, covertly, and deliberately lowering my guard. He even acted like he valued my advice. In doing so he "tricked me" into being MUCH MORE OPEN than I wanted to. And because of that one conversation, I didn't get the job. It can be very tempting to believe what others tell you. Especially if they are telling you EXACTLY how to get what you want. But in reality, the ONLY WAY to figure out exactly HOW to get what you want is by looking inside your own head. Understanding your OWN skills. Developing your OWN strategies. This can be difficult, but it's the ONLY way to realize true success. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Moon Shot

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    The Hobby Skill Trifecta

    Most things can easily be seen in two parts. Night and day. Yin and Yang. Good and bad. Parasympathetic and sympathetic. Working and resting. Creating and re-creating. Sleeping and waking. Darkness and light. This is one of those chicken and egg questions. Does our body have all kind of dual functions because that is the nature of the universe? Or do we only perceive it so BECAUSE our body has plenty of dual functions? These kinds of questions are fun to talk about. But the essentially don't help us much. A lot of things can be seen in many different ways. I had a girlfriend in high school and we'd always get into arguments. I would like to talk about these things. While she would wish somebody would show up and tell us the answer. Some people like to search. Others would rather know. Sometimes, though, you don't to have to do one or the other. Take working and relaxing, for example. Way back in the day, there was a very clear distinction between the two. Working was the acquisition of needed calories to stay alive. Hunting or farming. And then later working in a factory. There was work, which was hard. Then there was relaxation, which was easy. But today, most everything is in a transition. Probably a very significant one. So the idea of ONLY working or ONLY relaxing isn't such a good idea any more. It makes sense to find activities that satisfy BOTH. There is an idea that we SHOULD love our job. Consider that to be an IDEAL, not an achievable goal. Ultimately, we do jobs because we get money. But the more you ENJOY doing the things you get money, the easier it will seem. And the more you'll enjoy thinking about it. If you HATE your job, it's hard to creatively think about how to make it more productive and lucrative. But if you can start to slide into a job you enjoy more, dreaming up better ways of being productive won't be so bad. You can start by looking at any overlaps between hobbies and skill learning. If you can find a hobby that is enjoyable on its, AND may point you in the direction of money-making skills, you could be onto something. Ideally you'd like to have a collection of skills that satisfy three criteria. You enjoy doing them, you're good at it, AND you can make some decent money. You hit all three and you've got it made. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Nested Self Awareness

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    Re Discover Your Brain

    I've always loved movies. My first real job was at a movie theater. I watch a few movies every week. Now, most of the time, they are playing in the background while I'm doing other stuff. But movies, and to a larger extent, fiction, are popular for a reason. Long before there were books and movies they had stories. It is hard to imagine this, but most scientists believe that the human memory used to be WAY better than it is now. Before writing was invented, we HAD to remember a ton of stuff. And much of that "stuff" we remembered were all the stories we told each other. Today, when we want to be entertained, we generally let something or somebody ELSE do all the work. We tend to "outsource" most of our thinking. But WAAAAAY back in the day, most people kept a LOT of stuff up in their heads. This was way before school. What did people do at night? They couldn't read books, since they hadn't been invented yet. They had houses and fire and even alcohol, but they HAD to pass the time. And they did this by telling stories. Sometimes they'd gather around a local watering hole and listen to some old guy tell stories. Some times they'd hang out and tell each other stories. Most of the oldest stories we can think of came FIRST through many, many generations. Countless brains to brains before they were EVER written down. And as you may know, many of these stories have the same basic structure. The same basic archetypes. The same basic problems. Little guy vs. the big guy. Underdog hero vs. the much stronger villain. This is generally referred to as the "Hero's Journey." You'll find it EVERYWHERE. Now, the HERO part is for US, the audience, to imagine ourselves in the hero's role. But why is it a "Journey?" Because way back in the day, and intuitively today, we KNOW that life is a JOURNEY. Life is NOT a once and done magic trick. Life is NOT about finding a hidden secret that makes everything easier. Life is NOT about finding your own secret shortcut. No hero ever beat the villain by finding a secret magic trick. It took time, risk, effort, and plenty of help from their friends. This is life. YOUR life. A journey. A never ending path toward bigger and bigger success. Not a reward from a magic vending machine. An series of accomplishments, each greater than before. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Time Value Of Money

  16. Once in high school, as a joke, I put a Big Mac in the tool box that was in my truck. My friend dared me to leave it there. After about a month, it started to smell. The mold had grown into the shape of the box it was in. Eventually I had to throw it out and it took me a while to get the stink out of my tool box. You're supposed to clean out your fridge once in a while. For the same reason. Stuff gets hidden in the back. It gets moldy, but so long as it's sealed up inside of a Tupperware container, you won't smell it. There's a movie with Tom Cruise where he's having his eyeballs replaced on the black market. They have ID scanner type things in everybody's eyeballs, and his character has to sneak in under the radar so he can save the day. So he wakes up after having black market eyeball surgery, and stumbles around for something to eat. And he grabs an old moldy carton of milk and drinks it. Of course, nowadays McDonalds puts all kinds of sketchy chemicals into their food. You could buy a sack of McDonalds and hide it in your bomb shelter and it would probably still be edible (no mold) in a couple decades. The idea of old and moldy food is gross, but it's helpful. We all have tons of ideas in our heads. But unless we get them OUT of our heads and figure out a way to LOOK at them, they'll end up getting stale and moldy inside our brains. Most people think the same thoughts every day. They say the same things to the same people. They consume the same information. And then they wonder why NOTHING ever happens to them. The answer lies in the grammar of the above sentence. Man of us seem to think that OUR job is to do and think the same things over and over, and wait for SOMETHING to happen TO US. As if we are somehow going to receive a FREE PRESENT from the "wish fairy." Unless we DO something, we won't GET something. If we DO the same thing every day, we'll GET the same thing every day. It's seems logical that if we want to GET something different, we have to DO something different. And before actions comes thoughts. If we want to do different things, (so we can get different things) we need to THINK different thoughts. One way to make this very easy is to let those thoughts OUT of your brain. Take a few minutes every day to write down your creative thoughts. Things you might do. Call it your, "What If..." journal. It could be the seed of your greatness. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
  17. https://mindpersuasion.com/cracks-in-the-foundation/
  18. Humans are inherently scared and lazy. Many historians describe human history as a story of a scared and lazy people doing everything they can to make life easier and safer. Most of the time, we humans don't do things unless we have to. Unless our backs are forced against the wall. At the same time, humans are locked into the law of averages. Meaning there is NO guarantee that if our "collective" backs are pushed to the wall, then ALL OF US will survive. All that's needed is a FEW OF US figure something out. History is filled with these long trends called "Malthusian cycles." Malthus was the guy who found a strong relationship between population sizes and carrying capacity. And history bears this out. Societies get bigger and bigger. Then something breaks and it collapses. The next iteration that rises up tends to do better than the previous one. Better ideas, better inventions, etc. So each time, "humanity" does better. But many people WITHIN that group of "humanity" don't make it. So when people talk about "human nature," in positive terms, they are correct. But only when applied to large GROUPS of humans. This doesn't guarantee that each one of us will survive. Humanity as a group will prevail. But lots of people within that prevailing group of humanity won't make it. Most of the time just moving along with the crowd is OK. But sometimes it's not. The trick is to know when. Consider it a very useful ability to THINK for yourself. Beyond what the crowd is doing. Beyond what the recognized authority figures are doing. Going with the crowd is EASY. Following recognized authority figures is EASY. Thinking for yourself is NOT. Which is why you might want to start practicing doing just that. A good way is to think about something you WANT, but don't have. Then figure out what SKILLS you need to learn to get it. Learning skills is one of our prime directives. Slowly improving yourself, day by day. It's not always a lot of fun. But you won't be putting your future in the hands of crowds and leaders that might not have your best interests in mind. This requires daily practice, daily introspection, and genuine honesty. But it will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of success in any area. And during any time. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Long Term Con Horror

  20. One of the biggest misunderstandings that keeps us stuck is the idea of a comfort zone. There's a story about a guy in a fish store. The kind you keep in a tank and let swim around. Not the kind you eat. Anyway, this guy was looking at two sharks. One really big, in one tank, and another much smaller one, in another tank. He asks the fish shop guy if the smaller shark is a baby, and the bigger one an adult. Fish shop guy says they're both the same age. What gives? Asks the fish shopper. Big shark grew up in a big cage. Small shark grew up in a small cage. Sharks are like people he says. They can only get as big as their cage. And like birds, sometimes our cages are safe and comfortable. So even if the door is open the bird won't fly out. After all, why give up a free daily meal and protection from cats? They say our comfort zone can be a prison. But like many metaphors, this is a bit too simple. A false dichotomy. A lot of stuff we perceive is a false dichotomy. Like we can either have a small, comfortable, constraining comfort zone. Or a gigantic one filled with excitement and rock star lifestyles. We either have to go BIG or go HOME. As if the world is ONLY in two very clear classifications. Non stop rock star parties, or safely at home hiding under our bed. Luckily, this ain't true. The real truth is somewhere in between. We aren't sharks, we aren't birds. Both sharks and birds haven't really evolved much in the last couple million years. We humans, on the other hand, have. We have learned how to expand our comfort zone so fricking big it can encompass the entire earth. We actually CAN have both. We can have a non stop rock star party INSIDE our comfort zone. No leaving required. How? The trick is to go SLOWLY. That's the biggest con in all self help. That anything worthwhile can happen quickly. Slow steady growth is the key. So long as your comfort zone TODAY is only a teeny tiny bit bigger than it was yesterday, you're doing fine. There's a REASON that ancient Greek dude made up a story about a turtle winning a race against a rabbit. That rabbit is all the goofs jumping up and down in seminars hoping for a quick fix. The turtle is you. Slowly building your empire. Step by step. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    Hidden Treasure

  22. Most normal people have issues with food. Either eating too much, or not the right kind. If you've ever tried to lose weight and couldn't, it's one of the most maddening situations. A common situation is as follows. You have a strong DESIRE to change your body. Maybe less fat, maybe more muscle. And so you do some research. You want to find out HOW to satisfy that desire. When you read the material, it sounds obvious. Scientific. It makes perfect sense. But then you run smack in the face of harsh reality. You KNOW what to do. But you can't do it. Sometiems this is when you KNOW you need to under a certain number of calories per day, but you can't. Part of you wants to abstain, but another part wants to eat. And the part of you that wants to eat seems to always win. This is the same battle that happens in nearly all areas of life. Part of you wants something. But another part of you, a much stronger part of you, makes doing that impossible. You see a cute girl across the room. She even smiled at you a couple of times. All you need to do is walk over there and start talking. But you can't. You come up with a billion LOGICAL SOUNDING reasons. You don't know what to say. Or you convince yourself that she isn't your type. Both of these frustrating situations are of the same structure. You have a desire to create a certain outcome. A very STRONG desire. Either to lose weight, or gain muscle, or study more, or to make friends. But another desire always keeps you from doing it. The thing you WANT is nearly always a long term desire. The thing that STOPS YOU is nearly always a short term desire. You want to study, but another more stronger desire makes you watch TV instead. You want to exercise, but another more stronger desire makes you stay in bed instead. Understanding that all these are of the SAME STRUCTURE is the first step. To see recognize that these short term, much stronger desires, seem to always OUT FRAME the longer, "higher order" desires. Once you understand the structure, you can fix it. And you fix it by SLOWLY strengthening the higher order desires. And by seeing them as things that need to be built slowly over time. There are plenty of ways out gain more control over these long desires. So will power is not needed. And frustration will vanish. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
  23. https://mindpersuasion.com/90-10-golden-rule/
  24. If you don't know how to do something, it can be frustrating. When it comes to frustration, there is good frustration, and bad frustration. Good frustration is a natural motivator. A very low level "fight or flight" stimulus. And it makes us fight, but in a good way. The most common way is in sports. Frustration can lead to more energy. More energy leads to better performance. We can imagine how this might have been a few thousands of years ago. A hunter keeps missing, and gets frustrated. This makes him angry, which makes him MORE motivated to kill whatever he was hunting. However, like many of our other instincts, frustration can be mis-calibrated. If you are frustrated but don't know HOW to use that energy, this isn't good. This leads to stress and anxiety. There is a lot of ways this can happen. One is when you don't know what to do. Another is when you THINK you know what to do, and you do it, but you DON'T get the results you hoped. This is when you can do the same things over and over and think you'll get something different. Even worse is when somebody shows you how, and you try and copy them, but YOU get much different results than THEY get. This is common in any kind of "boot camp" training. You watch a guru do something, and he gets a fabulous result. Then you try and do the same thing, and fall on your face. The truth is that nearly all skills we humans want to improve, there are WAY too many variables to understand. Even something as simple as cooking requires a lot of practice. You can watch a step by step cooking show and get a completely different result. It's expected that something like cooking takes a lot of practice. But cooking is YOU and the ingredients. The ingredients just sit there. But most of the stuff we REALLY want (relationships, love, money) are WAY more complicated than cooking. But for some reason, we expect to learn them much more quickly than we'd expect to learn to become a decent chef. Maybe it's because a lot of "gurus" promise INSTANT or EASY results. They CAN be easy, but NOT instant. In fact, the SLOWER you go, the easier they are. The FASTER you go, the more variables you miss, and the more BAD frustration you'll create. So long as you keep away from the BAD frustration, you'll only have the good stuff. That makes going forward easy. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
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    incredible lucky things happen

    Single subliminals: http://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal/ Full courses: http://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ Ebooks: http://mindpersuasion.com/kindle/