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  1. Comic Book Villains and Brainwashing Attorneys: https://mindpersuasion.com/nested-amnesia-and-brainwashing/
  2. Everybody loves a fantasy. One of the biggest inflection points of the hero's journey is in the beginning. Usually, the hero is offered an opportunity to go on a journey. But they turn it down. Later, something happens, and they are FORCED to go on the journey. We normal humans like this very much. Why? Because we all have a love-hate relationship with our comfort zone. On one hand, we hate that it's so constraining. We'd LOVE to be able to step outside of it and get some of the good stuff that we KNOW is out there. But at the same time, the idea of deliberately going outside of our comfort zone is TERRIFYING. So much that we hate the idea of doing it alone. Which is why we LOVE this part of the hero's journey. When the hero is FORCED to go outside of his or her comfort zone. When they don't have a choice. Because we would LOVE something like that to happen to us. This is essentially how most of us live our lives. WAITING for something to happen. Because most of us are terrified of making something happen. This is true on big, life changing levels. This is true on tiny, daily, normal social situation levels. For example, we're at a party with some friends. We go to parties because we love the idea of meeting new and exciting people. And having new and exciting experiences. But we're also kind of too scared to make that happen. This is where YOU come in. Because with a little bit of thinking, YOU can be the one to set people free. YOU can be the one to give them an exciting experience. It's all based on how you speak to them. Because smack dab in the middle of every word you speak and hear is MAGIC. (Here is magic...) Potential to make every conversation a life changing experience. A memorable experience. Needless to say, if you walk the Earth giving out experiences like this, people will remember YOU as the one who set them free. That same archetype who teaches the young and clueless hero what's what. You'll find one in every hero's journey story. And you can BE one everywhere you go. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  3. Everybody loves a sense of humor. It's rare that humor doesn't have a place. But developing a sense of humor can seem difficult. You could try and memorize a bunch of jokes. Which could work, but then again it could backfire. Timing is an important part of humor. If you tell the wrong joke at the wrong time, you'd be better off having kept your mouth shut. Being funny in a SPONTANEOUS way is much better. A very basic and common way would be to simply know a whole bunch of jokes and anecdotes. So when somebody says something, you can say: "That's like the guy who..." and away you go. So long as the joke is relevant, you'd be pretty good. However, it would also be clear that all these anecdotes would be MEMORIZED. It would be a kind of prepared spontaneity. This is how many stand up comedians make it LOOK LIKE they are riffing in the moment. The art of improvisation is learning to work with WHATEVER you get. However, being able to accept everything that is coming at you, and responding with MEMORIZED humor still requires you MEMORIZE a ton of jokes. This is what those world class improv guys do. They memorize a TON of short routines on a TON of subjects. So no matter what comes AT them, they can flip it around into something funny. From a structural standpoint, this is the same as a salesperson who practices overcoming TONS of objections. And in TONS of different ways. If you want to develop your sense of humor, do you need to go to all this work? No, you do not. It's much easier to notice the build in "funny" structure of language. Once you get the hang of this, you can easily riff on ANYTHING anybody says. Not only for humor, but for mind bending silliness. This comes from understanding the structure of hypnosis. Not direct hypnosis, where you walk around swinging a watch. But COVERT hypnosis. Where the only person who knows what's going on is you. Once you learn the structure of covert hypnosis, you'll find TONS of opportunities built into every day language. This will give you a huge range of riffing potential. Turning statements into silliness. Turning certainty into confusion. Even getting away with saying the CRAZIEST things. Things that make people laugh out loud, and then suddenly forget. In between thoughts and words is TREASURE. Treasure that only you will be able to see. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  4. How She Became Psychic https://mindpersuasion.com/psychic-chicken-lady/
  5. How can you become more memorable? There are plenty of ways. For example, suppose you showed up at a party, stood in the center of the room, stripped off your clothes and started singing "My Way." That would definitely get your remembered. But not in a good way. Another way to be remembered is to always try to out-do everybody. To be the guy or gal with all the answers. To be the one who knows everything. The one who ALWAYS needs to have the last definitive word. Sure, this would get your remembered. Only people would remember to not invite you to any parties. Another way to be remembered would be to be an entertainer. Plenty of people do this, mostly to enhance their pick up. Learn a few magic tricks. Learn something unique like handwriting analysis or Tarot card reading. This would definitely get you remembered. But you would be considered an entertainer. The guy who shows up and gives everybody a free show. This is better than what most people do. Stand with their backs up against the wall, or safely around their friends, and only participate in safe and familiar conversations. But there's another way. A way that will get people looking forward to seeing you. Not to be entertained by you, but to interact with you. See, entertaining people is essentially a passive process. They don't have to do much to enjoy the magic tricks or whatever. But if you can learn to engage with people, to put some interesting thoughts into their brain, thoughts that will resonate for a while, they will definitely remember you. Imagine being able to covertly deliver post-hypnotic suggestions. So every time they see a blue car, they'll remember you in a positive way. Or when they see their alarm clock go off the next morning, they'll imagine you and a talking kangaroo making waffles. This will make them not only remember you, but talk about you. Actively PROMOTE you. "You're having a party, dude you HAVE to invite this one guy!" Language is an extremely powerful tool. One that very few people appreciate. One that fewer still take time to understand and improve. Which means when YOU do, you'll stand out in their minds. WAY out. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  6. There is one technique in the Emotional Intelligence book. Here's a quick rundown. First identify the memories that upset you. Second, ignore all the elements of that, the situation, the context, the other people, their intentions, etc. Just FEEL the feeling. Problems come when we feel things and try to change them. We can't change them, so we try and suppress them. From an ancient, instinctive standpoint, this used to be a good thing. Do SOMETHING to get rid of the negative feeling. But since modern life is so complicated, this isn't always possible. So the "trick" is to feel the feeling without need to change it. FORGET all the other stuff. ONLY focus on the feeling. Feel the energy in the feeling separate from any thing else. Feel the energy as the SAME ENERGY that makes up everything else in the universe. Meditate on that. Take away the events that lead to the rage and even the label "rage" itself. Just focus on the PURE ENERGY that makes up the rage. Just feel it and let it do whatever it wants. Of course, this will take practice. Start small and work your way up.
  7. Elimination of Social Anxiety https://mindpersuasion.com/the-friendly-clock-lady/
  8. Hypnosis and humor have a lot in common. Both use ambiguity in a very specific way. The Milton Model, created by and named after Dr. Milton Erickson, carefully uses vague and confusing language. You can use it to create a structural story, but with a lot of vague elements. The guy listening to the story will sort of "get" the structure, but he'll have to fill in the vague information with his own content. The final feeling is a story told TO him by the hypnotist, but it's filled up with a lot of his own content. So he feels as though he's actually gone through the story himself, even though he's only been listening. There are also plenty of short term, brain-fading techniques. Like when I went fishing with my brother and a couple of his buddies last weekend. He was telling us about when they went to this seminar to learn hypnosis for sales. And then he was telling them that when you learn hypnosis and use it for both sales and seduction. You can use it this way to get a lot more money and get a lot more sex. In that short description (involving two things everybody wants, sex and money) there are TONS of undefined pronouns. He, they, etc. Since they are surrounding interesting ideas, namely about learning hypnosis to make money and get more sex, we tend to fill those pronouns in with whatever works best for us. When using Milton Model hypnosis, there are plenty of ways to leverage these purposely vague language patterns. When the vagueness is stretched out over time, it creates a very squishy feeling in your brain. But when the vagueness or ambiguity is quick, it creates a much different feeling. Why did the boy study on an airplane? Because he was in high school. In that particularly lame joke, the word "high" has two meanings at once. You'll find this in plenty of humor. One of my favorites comes from Groucho Marx: Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know! This works by creating a meaning that is assumed, and then quickly changing the meaning to something else. All three of these forms of conversational hypnosis are great fun in social situations. Turning people's brains into pancake batter, making people giggle at silly things, or even getting them to fixate on fantastic ideas (sex and money) surrounded by tons of vagueness. These three hypnotic powers will make you a party super star. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  9. Second Hand Stories and Real Magic: https://mindpersuasion.com/inter-mental-magic/
  10. There are two types of hypnosis that aren't really hypnosis. They are based on setup more than anything. Without that setup, the "hypnosis" is much less effective. The first is stage hypnosis. Consider everything that goes into getting "hypnotized" on stage. For one, the hypnotist has to have a ton of authority. Enough to sell tickets. Then he begins by "hypnotizing" the audience. And while he's doing this, he looks out to find the BEST subjects. Then he calls people up to the stage. And once they are up on the stage, he usually gives them another hypnotic test. The ones who pass get to stay up on stage. The ones who don't are kicked off. So far, what this is a VERY rigorous sorting process. What is he sorting for? The people who are the most SUSCEPTIBLE to hypnosis. Think of a guy who advertised his hypnosis show on Facebook. The ad was seen by maybe 50,000 people. Of those 50,000 people, 50 bought a ticket. Of those, 10 people came up on stage. Of those ten, 8 stayed up after the hypnosis test. He hasn't even used any hypnosis yet, but he's already found the 8 people out of 50,000 that are the MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to hypnosis. And guess what? If you have 8 people out of 50,000 who are INSANELY susceptible to hypnosis, you don't need much hypnosis. You just basically TELL THEM what to do, and they'll do it. And if you watch any stage hypnotist, this is what they do. What about YouTube hypnotists? They do the same thing. The FILTER out the most susceptible people who are the EASIEST to hypnotize. They do it a bit differently, but they still do it. They try their hypno-game on a couple hundred people a day. But the edit out all the ones that don't work. It might take them a week, but they'll eventually get 5-10 people who are VERY EASY to put into a trance. If you try this yourself, you'll find that 1-2% of the population will basically do whatever you tell them. Stage hypnosis and YouTube hypnosis are a sorting process to FIND these people. Once you find those people, the actual words don't matter. But what if you don't want to sort people? What if you want to actually LEARN hypnotic words? Words that will work on most everybody? You can. Because such a kind of hypnosis exists. Because it's COVERT hypnosis, nobody but you can know you are using it. And if you take the time to learn it, it will make you incredibly powerful. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  11. Hard to give specific advice without specific information. But generally, being afraid of the unknown is natural and healthy. One piece of advice I heard a long, long time ago was to set a goal to be superior to any role model. A useful metaphor to use both as a directional, motivational goal AND will counterbalance any anxieties is to imagine a time in the future when you are giving advice to her, in a genuine and profound way. As far as twin-flames, it is a useful metaphor. But then again, everything is a metaphor, even matter itself. According to quantum and particle physics, matter is really yet another manifestation of energy. Just be sure you're not too attached to the metaphor itself, and instead attempt to learn what the metaphor is intending for you. What growth based actions to take. A twin flame union may be an unobtainable yet powerfully motivational goal. To drive us to seek communion with the other halves of our very best selves. In order to do that, you must BE your very best self.
  12. Psychological Mind Reading Secrets https://mindpersuasion.com/mind-reading-matrix-algorithm/
  13. Much of what we think of as hypnosis isn't really hypnosis. It's a bunch of other stuff. For example, consider "highway hypnosis." We've all experienced it. Your driving home from work. And you space out as soon as you get on the freeway. Next thing you know, you're getting off at your exit, and you can't remember what happened. Is this "hypnosis?" It depends on how you define hypnosis. Scientists tell us that location data is stored in a different part of the brain. Since long ago, humans became nomads. So remembering how to get back "home" was critically important. So our brains evolved the trick to store location data in a much more permanent part of the brain. Once it's written it, it's very easy to get home on auto pilot. Perhaps there were an ancient race of pre-humans who didn't have this ability. They kept getting lost, never made their way back home, and went extinct. What about direct hypnosis? The kind where the therapist is telling you that you are getting sleepier and sleepier? What kind of hypnosis is this? It's called direct because everybody knows what's going on. It also REQUIRES the active participation of the client. If you don't want to be hypnotized via direct hypnosis, you won't. Once upon a time there was a doctor who used this kind of hypnosis. Direct hypnosis. The kind that required his patients to go along with him. But this doctor didn't much like this kind of hypnosis. It took too long. AND it required the cooperation of his patients' conscious minds. Much, much too slow. So he INVENTED a new kind of hypnosis. One that didn't require their participation. One where they didn't even need to know they were being hypnotized. This allowed him to change their thinking patterns MUCH more quickly. MUCH more effectively. Lucky for us, he wrote a ton of books. About HOW he used this type of hypnosis. Which means YOU can learn it. Now, most people use this type of hypnosis for two specific purposes. Making money and getting laid. Sales and seduction. Sure, you CAN use it for that. But what if you aren't selling anything? What if you're not in a hurry to hop in bed with a stranger? What if you just want to have some fun? Turns out this type of hypnosis is PERFECT for that. For creating conversational silliness. Do this and you'll be a hit at every party. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  14. Unfortunately, there is no quick and general answer to get rid of this kind of manipulation. Manipulation is often tightly correlated to the personality of the target. It's not like leaches who only parasite the same way over and over. Manipulative entities are very flexible in how they can morph based on the specific structures of their target. High level manipulators and energy vampires can be effective with a wide range of people. Any defensive techniques that work for one individual might not work for another. The best strategy is to remain as emotionally neutral as possible. Slowly pull out as much information from them that you can, until the information naturally contracts ITSELF (no help from you) and the vampire is destroyed.
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