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  1. hello, I Purchase (remote Influence) this audio, my doubt is, in the affirmations, what one wants to cause in people is specified, but how do I specify what I

     want a certain person to think or react to according to my mental control ??? because the person I focus on is close since I started listen

    ing to him yesterday and so like magic PUM !! but I would like to change a little that was more concise his attitude with me, in what moment

    I must think in what I wish ?? because i usually focus on the person and the affirmations, but in this ase how would it be?? 


    One of your Affirmations says: "I can control the desires of others" ..... when should I think of "I want X person to want to see me" in the aftermath of the day?

    or when i hear the audio? That has me disoriented.

    1. admin


      Think of it as a time release way to control your non-verbal, subconscious behavior.

      You listen to the session and combine that with a clear intention. Once per day at the same time.

      Then during the rest of the day, FORGET about the intention.

      Then before you listen, take time to LOOK FOR EVIDENCE of controlling the desires of others.

      Repeat, etc.

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