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  1. https://mindpersuasion.com/math-teacher-mistake/
  2. There's an idea in economics called "diminishing returns." Unfortunately, most people never study economics. For one, it's not taught in school. And since it's used as a "tool" to "control" society, they make it seem much harder than it really is. It's actually not even a science. It's more of a description of natural human behavior. For example, suppose you were on a diet. And it was the kind of diet that allowed one cheating day per week. And on your upcoming cheating day, you were going to have a huge bowl of chili cheese fries. The first fry would be absolutely delicious. And the next, and the next. But pretty soon, the more fries you ate, the less delicious they'd be. Pretty soon you'd be stuffed, and the thought of eating ANOTHER fry might make you shudder in agony. It's called "diminishing returns" because you keep doing the same thing, namely, shoveling a cheese and chili covered french fry into your mouth. But each subsequent one gives you LESS pleasure. The SAME behaviors, over time, deliver LESS return. Or the returns (for your efforts) diminish. Of course, when economists talk about diminishing returns, they don't usually talk about eating chili cheese fries. They talk about things like hiring workers for your business. Suppose you had ten workers. And you wanted to hire one more. And one more worker got you an increase in productivity of 10%. (10 to 11 gives you a 10% increase) Going from ten to eleven workers would increase productivity by 10% And suppose that one worker cost you $50,000 per year. So far so good, right? But if you added ANOTHER worker, for ANOTHER $50,000 per year, you would get LESS return for the SAME increase in pay. Going from 11 workers to 12 would only get you an increase of 9% increase. But that 9% increase (11 workers to 12) would cost the same as a 10% increase (10 workers to 11). Turns out this idea of diminishing returns is EVERYWHERE. And unless you fully understand it, it can mess you up. If you've ever set a goal, perhaps you've tried using a VISION BOARD. Or maybe writing goal statements everywhere. But guess what? Those have diminishing returns as well. That first day you put up a vision board, for example, it feels pretty good to look at. But just like the chili fries, each day you look at it, it will motivate you less and less. This is ONE PROBLEM that keeps many people from not achieving their goals. A misunderstanding of basic human behavior. The good news is that with a more thorough understanding, and a re-engineered goal strategy, setting and getting "goals" (they really shouldn't be called that) is MUCH easier. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
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    Meat Pie Pareto Horror

  5. Once upon a time a bunch of people in France got angry. So angry they decided to run around chopping off people's heads. This, of course, was the French Revolution. Problem is once a gang of revolutionaries start to kill the nobles, it's kind of hard to stop. Kind of like thinking you're going to eat one spoonful of ice cream. Or one potato chip. But when those angry French dudes finally stopped killing, they set up a new government. But as you would expect, they were still kind of excited about their new country, after their revolution. So some of the ideas they conjured up didn't fly so well. One of them was the idea of turning TIME into the metric system. 100 hours per day. Hundred minutes per hour. Hundred seconds per minute. I suppose it sounded good in theory, and maybe a few clock companies thought they might make bank, but most people quickly realized how foolish it was. Lots of us do that. Not have bloody revolutions, but we come up with ideas that SEEM good at the time, but in retrospect, we gotta ask ourselves: Dude, what were you thinking? Everybody knows the famous line about insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result. Unfortunately, we humans don't have very good memories. So that, "doing the same thing over and over idea" only makes sense in the short term. Because on the LONG term, we DO do the same things. Over and over and over again. And since the LAST TIME we tried them was so long ago, we actually think THIS TIME it's going to work. So even if it IS the same thing, we don't quite remember the last time, so it FEELS different. Even worse is when we try the same STRUCTURES over and over again. Because it's even harder for us to notice STRUCTURES, we try the same unsuccessful structures over and over again. But since this same STRUCTURE is tried in different areas, we don't really recognize that it's the same. So we keep failing. If you've ever tried to achieve something difficult, and have failed, you aren't alone. Most people continually try and fail. In finance, in personal relationships, in health areas. And since SO MANY people keep trying and failing, maybe there is something deeper going on. Maybe it's the STRUCTURE, not the people. Maybe there is a much better STRUCTURAL WAY to get what we want. What might that way be? Find Out Here: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
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    Magic Water Filter

  7. Self sustaining cycles are everywhere. Unfortunately, when they affect us humans, we tend to not notice. For example, if you are in a good mood, you will behave in a certain way. Your behavior will elicit positive behavior from others. You'll smile, they'll smile back. You'll broadcast positive body language, and they'll reciprocate. This creates a very good mood. The opposite is just as possible. If you're in a foul mood, and you broadcast foul body language and non-verbal communication. They reciprocate, and the cycle continues. Most people don't recognize this. Most people walk the Earth completely oblivious to this never ending back and forth. Large, positive and external events can have a huge impact. If an external event is strong enough, it can completely reverse this cycle. A strong enough negative event can shift you from a good mood to a bad mood. A strong enough positive event can shift you from a bad mood to a good mood. Many people interpret these randomly occurring, external events, as being "lucky" or "unlucky." Kind of like a boat just drifting and hoping to catch a "lucky" current and avoid an "unlucky current." Imagine if you are in a boat that was on a large lake. On one side was a huge party. On the other side was a waterfall into sharp rocks. And you believed that it was completely up to the gods of luck which way your boat drifted. And even if you started drifting towards the waterfall, your only response would be to curse the gods. Pretty silly, especially when you realize that the boat in this metaphor has an engine that can steer you anywhere. Like away from the waterfall and toward the party. We are all like the boat. But most of us haven't discovered our engine. The engine that can KEEP US in a good mood REGARDLESS of what's going on around us. And that good mood will make us VERY ATTRACTIVE to those around us. Sure, external events CAN impact our inner state. But you can also learn to CONTROL your inner state. And make it strong enough so that only YOU can control your inner state. Making you more attractive than ever. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
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    Sexy Girls Bearing Gifts

  9. If you saw a gorgeous girl or guy from across the room, you'd remember them. The more gorgeous they were, the more you'd remember them. But you would REALLY remember them if they looked at you and smiled briefly. In fact, just a little bit of direct, non-verbal communication, no matter how brief, would be MUCH more powerful than just their looks. You can imagine a gorgeous person who doesn't notice you. And a semi-attractive person who looks RIGHT AT YOU and smiles before looking away. You would definitely remember that. The longer and more involved that interaction is, the MORE you would remember them. And the less their physical appearance would be a variable. To be sure, they have to be above a certain level of attraction. This is very personal and subjective. But so long as it's above this point, the MORE effort they put into personal communication, the less important their physical appearance would be. People like Victoria's Secret models can skate by on ONLY their looks. They walk into a room and don't need to make eye contact with ANYBODY to leave a lasting impression. But for most of us normal humans, we have to AUGMENT our physical presence with our energy. This energy is the sum total of all our non-verbal communication. The stuff we are radiating all the time. This energy we radiate is VERY dependent on our mental state. We can do a mental experiment to see this. Imagine you were about to walk into a party. You were in the hallway of an apartment building, and JUST ABOUT to open the door and walk in. RIGHT BEFORE you turned the knob, two sexy super models came out of the elevator, walked past you and looked at you like they wanted to bang you silly. (Or imagine another appropriate situation). How would this impact your mood as you walked into the party? You'd be confident, smiling, much more extroverted. This would impact how you made others feel, which would further enhance your good mood. Your internal state (cause by the chance meeting with the super models) would significantly enhance your non-verbal communication. Now imagine the opposite. Same two models, but as they walk past you, they look at you like you're dirt. Suppose you try and smile at them. They recoil in horror, and say something like: "Don't DARE look in my direction you worthless human! You're not even fit to clean my toilet when I'm on vacation in the South of France!" This would impact your party experience in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Your inner state, and your outer energy, would be HORRIBLE. You'd be radiating anger and frustration, and nobody would want anything to do with you. Suppose you could walk the Earth with a CONSTANT positive internal state? As if you have ALWAYS just had a recent positive super model experience? How would THAT affect your life? It's actually pretty easy with some consistent mental practice. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  10. https://mindpersuasion.com/self-replicating-hypnosis/
  11. Some things are easy, and other things are not. Some things start out as difficult, and become easy. These are things that we practice. This is pretty self evident, and it almost seems so obvious that it's not even worth mentioning. But sometimes we overlook such simple ideas. Much to our demise. If you started to play any sport, and you sucked, that would be normal. Because most people suck when they start most things. But the more you practice, the better you get. We all get this intuitively. Once a couple of friends and myself were watching a live performance. The guitarist was absolutely killing it. My friend remarked, "That guy's gotta sleep with his guitar!" Meaning he assumed that to get to that high level of skill, he must spend a lot of time with his guitar. So much that he sleeps with it. Nearly any skill we think of, we think of in this way. That the more you practice, the better you get. Except for the most important skills. Unless you are expecting to be a world class musician or athlete, most normal humans practice sports and music as hobbies. Few people will ever be able to quit their day jobs to pursue their hobbies as careers. But we still enjoy practicing. Because it feels GOOD to get better at something. But the things that get us the MOST IMPORTANT things in life are things we DON'T practice. Things like conversation skills, persuasion skills, people reading skills, confidence projecting skills. We tend to think of these things like height or eye color. Based one hundred percent on genetics. If you walked into the gym and hired a personal trainer with the specific goal of becoming TALLER, he'd think you were nuts. But we very much CAN change much of our personality. The main reason we don't like to think in terms of specifically doing exercises to improve our personality is twofold. One, it seems "fake." We imagine doing something that's not genuine. Not really the real "us." The other reason is it's scary. We imagine walking up to somebody and speaking in a particular way, and we imagine them looking at us like we're some kind of sociopath. But in reality, plenty of people work on their personality all the time. Back in the day, many girls would go to "charm school." Men didn't quite have the same thing, but older men would teacher younger men how to properly "behave" so they wouldn't send the wrong message. If you were taking a class in public speaking, to specifically increase your earning power, that would be exactly the same thing. And the idea of the real "you" is a myth. Because the real "you" is a sum total of every single thing you experience. Which means the real "you" is always changing. And since it's always changing, why not CONSCIOUSLY change it in a direction that can make life EASIER and more ENJOYABLE? And not just for you, but for everybody that is lucky enough to interact with you? Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  12. https://mindpersuasion.com/self-destructive-death-cult/
  13. Humans seem to have an instinct to keep improving. This is pretty obvious when you compare technology now to only a few decades ago. It's also pretty obvious when you compare old people to young people. Simply by being around, you get more experience. Even passive experience will teach you things. Most people go through some kind of educational system. Our brains are even created so we are born with less than developed brains. We have an instinct to soak up as much information as we can. Next time you have a chance, watch people in line at the supermarket. If you see any young children, they will be moving their heads and eyes and if they can, their bodies. They are in the "collect data" mode of their lives. Their little brains are RAVENOUS for information. Adults on the other hand, will tend to be either staring blankly into space or blankly at their device. The older we get, the less AUTOMATIC our "hungry for data" brain gets. But just because it's not automatic, doesn't mean it's not possible. Your muscles stop growing on their own past a certain point. But even a dude over sixty can start lifting, and show obvious results. Both brains and muscles CAN be continuously improved. The older you get, the more effort it may take. But it is JUST as possible. But there's one thing people RARELY consider as something they can strengthen. But it's JUST as "strengthen-able." And that is your personality. Our personality is kind of like our musculature system. Both are designed to respond NATURALLY to our environment. If you started working in the fields, for example, your muscles would NATURALLY respond to make that work easier and more energy-efficient. If you got a job in a shoe store, your PERSONALTY would naturally respond to make those interactions more natural and energy-efficient. Just like you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain muscles, you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain areas of your personality. And just like somebody with a well built and sculpted muscle system is more attractive, a person with a well-built and sculpted personality is more attractive. Both systems behave the same way. The more effort you put in, the more benefits you get out. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
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    Lonely Lost Children

  15. A common and very old expression is "to know me is to love me." This is kind of opposite of the "love at first sight," idea. Love at first sight means you SEE somebody, and you INSTANTLY fall in love. Or course, this is kind of impossible. It's a nice idea, but it's usually not one that is "true" until any couple has been together for a while. It usually goes down like this. A couple meet, and they hit it off. They like the way they look. They like the way they make each other feel. They click deeply and quickly. They go on a few dates, and maybe after a couple of months, they move in together. And then they get married, have a couple kids, and grow old together. Much later, they will REMEMBER this as "love at first sight." But that idea, of falling in love, didn't HAPPEN at one instant in time. It took a while. Of course, the emotional feelings were there from the beginning. But WHEN, exactly, those feelings TURNED INTO love is not certain. But with a ton of fond memories, and with the help of hindsight bias, it FEELS like it really WAS love at first sight. But imagine if EITHER PARTY had actually said, when they first met, "I love you! Let's get married, have kids, and grow old together!" The other would have fled. So it wasn't REALLY love at first sight. Even something that FEELS like love at first sight takes time. But what about the other statement? "To know me is to love me." This implies that you DON'T love them when you first see them. That the MORE you get to know the, the MORE you love them. This IMPLIES that what it is that you DO love about them is NOT about their looks. Most couples that end up growing old together are MUCH MORE like the second statement. Most couples date for a couple of YEARS before they get married. It takes that long to get to know somebody. We humans are VERY complicated. So, what about that part of you that they need time to get to know? Can you make THAT PART of you "more lovable?" Of course you can! That part of you that is deeper than your appearance is VERY MUCH under your control. This part of you involves your confidence, your short and long term goals, your intelligence, you communication skills, your social skills, and plenty of other PERSONALITY traits. All of which can be STRENGTHENED just like a muscle. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/