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  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun01Post.mp4 Mark Twain famously said that 90% of his worst fears never came true. This is pretty much the human condition. This is why another smart guy said that most humans live lives of quiet desperation. We all want stuff. But we're all afraid to get stuff. And nobody talks about this. So we believe it's only US that feels this way. So we're quiet and desperate. On one hand, you could say this is simply the way it is. To accept that if life is 51% good and 49% bad, that's the best you can do. If good things happen, it's out of your control. If bad things happen, it's out of your control. But then you look out into the world and see other people getting what you want with seeming ease. This makes it even worse. This makes it very easy to shift from "life sucks" to "I suck." I mean, that's the logical conclusion, right? If life sucks for EVERYBODY, that's one thing. That creates an "we're all in this together" kind of thing. But if other people out there are clearly doing better than WE are, something else is going on. Another common response to this is the life isn't fair. The people that get the good stuff MUST be cheating. This is KIND of comforting. But it doesn't do SQUAT for actually helping you GET what you want. What WILL help you get what you want? Look inside your brain. Well, don't actually cut away part of your skull and look inside. We all WANT the same things. Money, sex, love, a good job, a nice house. And we all FEAR the same things. Failing socially, becoming a social outcast, etc. It's those FEARS that are keeping us out of the game. When we were kids, we didn't have those fears. When we wanted to get something, we got out there and got it. So it's really a matter of UNDOING those fears that you WEREN'T born with. So you can get back to your child like state of fearless social exploration. Some false fears fix themselves. Like if you touch a hot stove. For a while, you'll think the stove is a monster. But after a while, that fear will be overwritten by plenty of POSITIVE memories. Delicious food, helping mom in the kitchen, etc. The way to get rid of ALL social fears is similar. To SLOWLY overwrite your old fears with positive experiences. This is where people kind of mess things up. They try this, but they try it WAY too fast. That's like trying to run a marathon as a 300 lb couch potato. NOT a good idea. But when you slowly, carefully, and consistently, you NEVER have to feel any social fear. And before you know it, your comfort zone will be HUGE. And inside your comfort will be all those sexy people you want to mingle with. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-charisma/
  2. Downtown Chicken Man: https://mindpersuasion.com/downtown-chicken-man/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun01Loop.mp4
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May31Post.mp4 Most things fall prey to the dismal science. The dismal science being economics. Why dismal? Because economics forces us to confront the harsh truths of life. That everything costs something. That there is no free lunch. For example, a common expression in business is that you can have it fast, you can have it cheap, and you can have it high quality. But you can only pick two. If it's fast AND high quality, it's going to be VERY EXPENSIVE. It it's cheap and high quality, it's to take a LONG TIME. But for some things, this only SEEMS to be true. For things out there, in the world, economics rules. For for inside our brains, how we think about things, it doesn't HAVE to be that way. For example, consider the common trajectory of the normal human. We are born with these wide open, spongy brains. We are learning machines. This description, "learning machines," is based on how much we ENJOY learning. When we are very young, we absolutely CRAVE information. Data. So we are compelled to run around and explore things as much as possible. As we grow older, this relentless craving for data gets hammered down. That's why when we are adults, and we act "childish" we are told to "grow up." But consider that there are two components to "childish" behavior. Children are young and not quite responsible for their actions. So they run around and play, and fill their brains with data. But as we grow up, we learn from experience that some things invite negative responses from the world. So by the time we are responsible adults, we are much less excited. But it doesn't have to be this way. Sure, everybody else is this way, so it feels comfortable. But so long as you can consciously differentiate between "good" excitement and "bad" excitement, you can have a LOT more fun. Think about being a kid. You had tons of excitement, but no money. Anything that costs money, you had to ask the adults. As an adult, it's the opposite. You've got money, but very little excitement. Think of this in terms of four quadrants. No money, and no excitement. This is a poor adult. No money, and tons of excitement. This is everybody as a child. Money, but no excitement. This is most adults. But there is the fourth quadrant. One few people know exist. Money AND excitement. Being an adult, capable of making money, saving money, spending money AND having the outgoing, socially fearless confidence of a child. Here's the secret. All the fears that were programmed into you were done so by adults who were RESPONSIBLE for you. Not all the other adults you come across in your daily life. Re-calibrate your mind, and live in the fourth quadrant. When life is fun, and ALWAYS filled with playful opportunities. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-charisma/
  4. Cat Hypnosis: https://mindpersuasion.com/cat-hypnosis/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May31Loop.mp4
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May30Post.mp4 There's an idea in psychology that us humans come with a "blank slate." That our minds are perfectly void of anything. This is a fantastic idea if you want to be a brainwashing politician. Those dudes LOVE the idea of implanting beliefs in people's brains to build a better society. That way, no matter how miserably any society fails, the political goofs in charge can say to themselves: "Hmm, maybe we need a better set of ideas. Once we put THOSE ideas in everybody's brain, they'll all BEHAVE like they SHOULD!" Luckily, this is far from the truth. Imagine taking somebody who is naturally gifted in music or art and trying to make them a programmer. Or imagine taking somebody who loves building things, or taking things apart and putting them back together, and forcing them to become a piano player. But even deeper, we all have SOME basic circuitry in our brains. They do these goofy experiments with little kids. Six month old babies. And we have some basic wiring, even then. Many of it based on cause-effect type thinking. They'll show them a banana and a knife. Then they'll put the banana and the knife behind a screen, and out pops a knife and two banana halves. The babies facial expression says, "Cool. No problem." But then they put an orange the screen, and on the other side out pops two banana halves. The babies facial expression says, "Dude, WTF?!" They can even show how babies can count before they can tell the difference between people and wooden blocks. This is pretty cool, from a Mother Nature standpoint. It gives us humans a head start, AND a pretty big brain once we grow up. A brain capable of MASSIVE stuff. Just think of the stuff we'll invent in the next couple hundred years. Of course, not everything is all peaches and cream in the brain-land. That cause-effect thing in our brain is ALWAYS on. This is why it's so easy for silly reporters to link a couple of goofy ideas. Eating Peanut Butter Linked To Premature Ejaculation! But it's also the source of ALL social anxiety. See, when you were a kid, you were pretty cute. At first. But then when you screamed your brains out every few minutes, and were running having fun exploring your world, the adults were driven insane. So they had to keep you under control. Did they have time to lovingly explain why it's not such a good idea to run around screaming your brains out, and tipping over everything in sight, in the SUPERMARKET? No, they did not. They just screamed right back at you. Unfortunately, this created a very UNHELPFUL cause-effect link. "Self expression = DANGER" The good news is once you UNHOOK that false belief, you can run around and play again. With attractive and sexy adults. And make THEM scream with pleasure. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-charisma/
  6. Brainwave Drumming Techniques: https://mindpersuasion.com/brainwave-drumming-techniques/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May30Loop.mp4
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May29Post.mp4 Whether you are religious or not, plenty of human wisdom can be found in religious texts. This is a pretty common idea. Of taking something that is true. But if you attribute this "true" idea to some no name, nobody will believe it. This is our ancient "authority" instinct at work. If any thing comes from an unknown person, we won't pay any attention. But if the same idea comes from a recognized authority figure, even a made up deity, we'll pay close attention. For example, of the quotes from Jesus is about not playing the middle. Take one side, or the other. Don't play it safely down the middle. The way He said it was something about not being hot nor cold, but being lukewarm. And get spit out of His mouth. This is a very common idea. A very normal and rational idea. Don't hem and haw in the middle. Pick a side and stick to it. Be one way or the other. Of course, like many other ancient truisms, this is much, much more easily said than done. Take any type of social behavior. Or any kind of human communication. We very much WANT to make a good impression. That's one side. But we also don't want to get rejected. That's other side. So we play it safely down the middle. We behave or speak very carefully, so we don't get rejected. But that very safe behavior makes it nearly impossible to get either. We don't get rejected, since we're not really asking for anything. But we don't make a good impression, since we're not behaving in any way that is memorable. Even people that are blatantly offensive will at least be remembered. And those types might even have a higher chance, all else equal of getting SOMETHING. But if we stay safely in the middle? No rejection, but not lasting impression either. This is the classic "nice guy" behavior. Nice guys are not really nice. They are just too afraid to ask for what they want. Then they get angry when people don't "reward" them for their niceness. But guess what? Unless you can break out of your nice shell, you'll keep getting the same results. Not dangerous, but very boring and very safe. How can you break out of the nice guy shell? Realize the false beliefs that are keeping you trapped inside the nice guy comfort zone. The thing you fear really doesn't exist. Or it does, but only in your mind. In reality, people are desperate for YOU (yes, YOU) to express your true self. Nobody wants to be around safe and polite nice guys and gals. People WANT to be around guys and gals who express their TRUE selves, and don't really care who accepts them or not. The paradox is if you LIKE YOURSELF enough to not really care who rejects you or not, nearly everybody will accept you. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-charisma/
  8. Center Of The Universe: https://mindpersuasion.com/center-of-the-universe/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May29Loop.mp4
  9. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May28Post.mp4 Everything is made of energy. Even particles, according to particle physics, are actually tightly packed energy waves. We humans can be described as "energy pumps." We need to consume at least 2000 calories per day. We eat organic matter, and when we digest it, we get the energy from the chemical bonds. We can be called "pumps" because we consume energy, and expend waste. But our waste goes back into the Earth, and the cycle continues. Bees and flowers have an overlapping, selfish relationship. The bees think they are getting free nectar. Free energy. But the flowers think they are getting free help cross pollinating. They evolved together, to help each other out. They call this "co-evolution." It's essentially how all animals became domesticated. We didn't go out, capture animals and then train them. The process of domestication takes plenty of generations. We find the smartest, most docile, most human-liking animals among the entire herd. Then each generation, we keep picking the smartest and most docile animals to breed. This is kind of a human-driven co-evolution. Other co-evolution happens between fruit trees and primates. We primates evolve a sense of color, and a affinity for the sweet taste of the fruit. Those fruit trees evolved sweet and colorful fruit around the seeds. Pretty much the same relationship between bees and flowers. The bees get the sweet stuff, and in turn they help the flowers reproduce. Primates eat the sweet fruit, and poop out the seeds, and help the tree reproduce. You'll find this kind of overlapping, co-evolved behavior among plenty of different species. Mostly between insects and plants. Since there a kajillion different kinds of each. But this also happens between humans and humans. Even among the same tribe. The dudes all compete to see who can kill the biggest animal. Their selfish reward is social validation. The people giving the social validation are getting the benefit of all the calories from the slain beast. Nobody thinks about this. It just comes naturally. An overlapping instinct that works perfectly to keep the tribe healthy. This is EXACTLY what Adam Smith described in his book, "The Wealth Of Nations." People don't work hard to produce stuff because they care about us. Or because it's part of some goofy "social contract." People work hard to make stuff because they want our money. And we happily give them our money in exchange for the stuff. Very much like ancient people "gave" social validation in exchange for plenty of delicious protein. This "money-instinct" rests directly on top of this mutually selfish instinct. The kind that exists between ALL KINDS of living creatures. This means money is a natural part of a healthy society. A natural part of life. Embrace this ancient instinct, and get in the game. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-magnet/
  10. Blue Book Chaos: https://mindpersuasion.com/blue-book-chaos/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May28Loop.mp4
  11. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May27Post.mp4 There are two basic ways to look at the world. The way the world is. Or the way we think the world should be. It's very hard to have any kind of conversation without drifting back and forth. It's kind of similar to how newspaper reporter can report "news" that is factual, but also, completely nonsensical. For example, let's say you have a Harvard Professor who has gone off his meds. He believes that invisible aliens are watching us all the time. That he believes that is a fact. So the news reporter, looking for the latest clickbait, interviews Professor Nutjob. The entire article is about the aliens, and why they are here, and what their plans are for us. To make this entire article "true" all they have to do is put ONE LINE in their about how this is a theory of a published Harvard professor. Similarly, imagine two people are talking. One person says, "There is a lot of litter." The person listening looks around, and notices the litter. They agree. So far, this is a factual conversation. Then the first person starts talking about what SHOULD happen. Why people shouldn't litter. Why only "bad people" litter. Mixed in are some "true" if-then statements. If people littered less, the streets would be cleaner. That is a true, perfectly sound, logical statement. We humans do this all the time. Mix logic, opinion, observations about the way the world IS and shared ideas about the way the world SHOULD BE. But, if you confuse the two, you'll run into trouble. If you start to ONLY talk about the way the world SHOULD be, you will start to believe that's the way the world IS. Which means you'll start to not see the worlds as it is, but a broken world. A world that needs fixing. This is VERY compelling. Because if we live in a world that needs "fixing" it's almost always somebody ELSE who is supposed to do the fixing. Sure, we might come up with the IDEA of what needs to be fixed. But it's almost always somebody else's job to do the actual work. This is perfectly normal when just having a regular, "complain about the world" conversation. But when this becomes a STRATEGY, it becomes a problem. Then you find yourself waiting around for SOMEBODY ELSE to fix what YOU think is a problem. This is a very comfortable trap to find yourself in. But it won't help you get laid, or paid. What WILL help you get laid paid and ditch any ideas about the way you think the world SHOULD be. And see the world for the way it really IS. And get in the game, and get some. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-magnet/
  12. Inside Her Brain: https://mindpersuasion.com/she-went-inside-her-brain/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May27Loop.mp4
  13. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May26Post.mp4 There are many ways to differentiate us human animals from the rest of the animals. One is that animals all play the zero sum game. Evolution is driven by natural selection. Natural selection is accurately described as "survival of the fittest." You've got a jungle that can support 100 monkeys. Every generation, 120 monkeys are born. Those that can hack it in monkey jungle get to survive. Those that don't, well... Sucks to be them. This is a zero sum game. For one monkey to get more bananas, another monkey has to get less bananas. There's no magic banana tree that grows an infinite amount of bananas. And monkey's aren't really known for their fairness and their ideas of democracy. Whoever finds and gets the bananas gets to live. Those who snooze, go extinct. So, what makes us humans different? What do we have that makes everything different? The first major human, well pre-human, breakthrough came when we discovered fire. Energy that we could use OUTSIDE of our bodies. Like old school capitalists, we used this energy, outside of our body, to get MORE energy, outside of our body. Use "wealth" to get more "wealth." How? We used fire to hunt. This required planning, strategizing, abstract thinking, and quarterback like communication. You guys go up there and light the fire. You guys go hide behind the bushes over there. When the animals come by, running away from the fire, you guys bash them in the head. Before fire, we had to use the energy INSIDE of our bodies. Namely, chasing animals until we could catch them. But once we figured out how to use energy OUTSIDE of our bodies? Use energy (fire) to get energy (food). This made our brains triple in size over a couple million years. The next level was even better. Plant a bunch of seeds in the ground, and wait around for them to grow. Especially grain. Why grain? That was energy you could STORE. Real wealth. The very next invention, fast on the heels of stored grain was MONEY. And with money came accounting. And mathematics and writing and everything else. But today, many people play the zero sum game with money. They get some, we don't. But the BEST way to get money is NON zero sum. You make something that DIDN'T exist before. And somebody gives you money for THAT. A happy, voluntary, mutually beneficial exchange. All that is GOOD in the world came from these NON zero sum exchanges. Tune your mind to this idea, and get paid like crazy. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-magnet/
  14. Self Deluded Geniuses: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-deluded-geniuses/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May26Loop.mp4
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May25Post.mp4 There are plenty of ways to view the world. There are plenty of ways to view ourselves with respect to the world. It's easy to see oppression, lack, scarcity, anger, etc. This is easy. This is the default setting. Why is this? One reason is most of us today are stuck in the childhood mindset. Way back in the day, before we invented large cities, but when we still had are same mind body systems, we had to hunt. This meant getting our needs met was very difficult. Very dangerous. Everybody had to do their part. And do so as soon as possible. Any ancient tribes of people who had a bunch of slackers wouldn't last long. Everybody was forced to grow up as quickly as possible. Children receive from adults. From a purely economic standpoint, they consume more than they produce. But eventually they need to grow up. And produce more than they consume. In fact, whoever produced the MOST, in excess of what they consumed, had the most status. The guys who consistently killed the biggest animals. Since they couldn't eat a woolly mammoth on their own, they had to share. They didn't share because they were nice guys. Or that it was some goofy sounding "social contract." The shared because of the social validation they got. That mad respect and admiration from their tribal members. This very basic, and ancient economic system motivated EVERYBODY, for their own selfish reasons, to be the MOST productive. Those who were the most productive got the most rewards. The aforementioned social status, validation and sex. This was an INTERNAL driving force that motivated kids to WANT to grow up. So they could get out there and GET SOME. Today, it's like we're living in opposite land. Where most of the world is still in the childhood mindset. Of waiting for somebody else to GIVE THEM something. This, of course is a problem. It's also why every single society has eventually collapsed. The reasons for this are WAY too complex to get into here. But consider this idea. That modern financial and economic trade is built ON TOP OF our ancient instinct. We do great things, and we get great rewards. In ancient times, this was killing big animals and getting mad social status and sex. In modern times, this is providing REAL VALUE to REAL PEOPLE. And do you get in exchange? Money. Happily given to YOU for your accomplishments. Your achievements. Your creations. This instinct lives in EVERYBODY. You, the creator, and all your customers, the happy payers of money. Wake up the your inner money maker, and get some. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-magnet/
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