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    incredible lucky things happen

    I purchase the lucky mp3 with the 250 voices, I listen for 2 hours a day and 4 days later a few lucky moments and events happen to me almost everyday and continue to happen, it does work. I have a job where I always have problems and unlucky situations they even call them bad luck situations when getting in trouble with the boss and getting the worse jobe, ever since I listen to george hutton lucky mp3 my life has change, coworkers help me now, and other lucky situations like getting a raise, so this really works, thanks!
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    Affiliate All Page?

    fixed it for ya...
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    Jerry Journal

    Hello! It's been a while since I have last post and boy do I got updates for you Updates - Since coming back from the Army I am now collecting Unemployment. Which is essentially weekly checks for me! This is a great thing and I'll tell you more about it in a moment. -Going to an IT School to get certificates. This works with combination with the unemployment. NYC department of labor sees I am going to school will enable me to collect more unemployment checks until graduation of the school or upon getting a job. Essentially, they will extend my unemployment time while I am attending school. Upon completing my certs I plan on getting a $20/hr(+) job. Which in this field is fairly easy to do. -I plan on attending college next semester while I work on the IT position. The idea is to knock college out the way this way it isn't an issue in the future. But, if college and work is too much the idea is that I already have a high paying job upon completing the IT program. So in short life is pretty good right now. Collecting easy money and going to school get certificates and then plan on getting a high paying job immediately right after. This seems fairly ambitious, but with those certs $18/hr is about the minimum you'd get paid. It's a great opportunity for me to play catch up and on top of this I am getting income from unemployment. WIN WIN WIN!
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    New Affiliate Program

    Just sent the email to support@mindpersuasion.com as here i cant send you a direct message. I have a traffic source connected to my own owned business and i want to thanks you with sales, as if i have been able to build all of this (im financially free from years now!) is only thanks to you and your hypnosis, the lifetime access chanced my life completly and the members videos have changed my inner structure completly ...
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    Jerry Journal

    Wassup everyone, just got back from 6 months in the army. I'll be in New York for good now. From here on I think I have a good momentum to keep pushing this forward now. I have a lot of plans of action, and the extra money I made while I was at the army is giving me a great boost in momentum. Having money is so nice it helps you to think more clearly and also allows for easy action. This was just a quick post saying I'm BACK!!!!
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    Psychic Mind Control

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    Free Video Subliminals

    Over a hundred vids. Ten minutes each. Never seen on YouTube before. Download (zipped ) and upload wherever and however you like. https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/BetaMaleVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/ComVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/GuruTrapVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/HallucinationVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PresenceVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/SbabyVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/TongueFuVids.zip
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    Game-Less Seduction and Influence

    If you can talk a good game, you can go pretty far. Stand up comics make tons of money by telling stories. If you learn the basic structure of humor, and learn how to tell a string of essentially basic stories, you can make a lot money. Of course, learning how to do this takes a lot time. Most people simply cannot speak very articulately. Even the "man on the street" TV interviews are rehearsed. People often misunderstand to be some kind of "fake news conspiracy." But in reality, the reporters ask the guy or gal some questions, and they practice answering those questions over and over. Until they can say a fairly articulate and well thought out answer. A pretty simple rule of thumb is that ANYTHING you see, either on TV, or YouTube, is either practiced, or edited. Even those goofy videos where they do pick up examples, magic tricks, or just simple questions to show how "dumb" people are, are heavily edited. They may interact with 20-30 people in a day and then show the 4-5 that look the BEST. The bottom line is if you walk up to ANYBODY, and expect them to be able to speak cleverly or articulately, you will be disappointed. This is why walking up and trying to IMPRESS somebody often backfires. You walk up, say something clever and witty (and rehearsed). And they feel very much on the spot. And if they can't respond in kind, it won't be very enjoyable for them. On the other hand, if instead of trying to impress people with your awesome wit and cleverness, instead make it as EASY as possible on them. Ask simple questions that are EASY to answer. The first few should ONLY serve to CREATE an interaction. Once rapport is established, then start to ask questions about them. Forget about talking about how awesome you are. Instead, ask them questions that simply by answering will make them feel good about themselves. No need to talk about yourself at all. Which means ANYBODY can do this. Bling, looks, game, charisma, none of that will matter. And if you READ their answers, they'll subconsciously tell you EXACTLY the follow up questions you should ask. So you can keep asking them questions they will ENJOY answering. Soon they'll be subconsciously associating all those good feelings with you. Which will make them VERY interested in you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
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    Musical Art and Prosperity

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    New Book - Long Game

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    incredible lucky things happen

    through hes site mindpersuasion.com Iam trying since a few days ago the moneymind and I have receive money from my sister that she promise me to give me because of my mother heritage, among other things, money seems to stay with me more, I really recommend george hutton mp3s
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    Witch Seductress Professor

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    Jerry Journal

    Dear Friend, Me: How are you? Me: I am working on something fantastic. Just finishing up my latest ebook. The women's brain decoded. I think it's something you will enjoy. You: Haha, alright, can't wait to read it. I know you always have something impressive and interesting to say. I can't wait to read it! PS: Expect it tonight it tonight or tomorrow.
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    Resonance Myths and Science

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    Affiliate All Page?

    Not according to the way gumroad is set up. They only offer aff links on a per url basis. You COULD, however, build your own. Just copy this page: http://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ And for each of links on the "learn more" buttons, swap out the existing ones with your aff links. Shouldn't take more than a couple seconds. Just copy the raw html (view page source) tidy it up and bit, and Bob's your uncle.
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    Jerry Journal

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    Billion Dollar Brain

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    Thoughts Become Horrible Things

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    Human Lie Detector Experiment

    Here’s a cool exercise you can do with a friend. Have them tell three lies but pretend they are telling the truth. Then have them tell three truths, and act like they are telling the truth. This will let you calibrate their “truth” energy and their “lie” energy. Energy, of course, means the sum total of all their facial expressions, micro-movements and voice tone. Too much to perceive consciously. But if you are relaxed enough (why it’s good to do this with a friend) then you can “feel” the difference. It’s kind of subconscious to subconscious communication. Nothing magical or mystical. But when we pick up things subconsciously, instead of getting actual thoughts and data, we get feelings. And since most of the time our feelings are a mix of a ton of random stuff, it’s VERY NOISY. But when you do this lie-detector experiment with a friend, with practice you can get a clearly identifiable, “lie energy” feeling when your friend lies. The trick is to then have your friend tell you a mix of lies and truths where ONLY THEY know which is a lie and which is the truth. If you CALIBRATE correctly, you’ll be able to tell. And usually it seems VERY OBVIOUS. If you are VERY SNEAKY, you can do this without them knowing. Get them to say something that you know is a lie, but they think you believe it’s true. This may take some time, and you’ll have to be creative. But once you CALIBRATE their “lie energy” they’ll never be able to lie to you again. This is essentially what people do when they play poker. They watch the other players VERY CAREFULLY. And they remember the stuff they do when they are bluffing. Later, they call these “tells.” This is also why poker players wear baseball hats and sunglasses. To hide their tells. All this is an indication of how we are ALWAYS sending and receiving information. Most of us are sending a whole jumble of mixed signals. Most of us are focused inward (worry, anxiety, etc) as much as we are focused outward. This is why it seems to mysterious when you do the lie detector exercise with a friend. But there’s another cool way to use this idea. And that is to practice radiating a specific emotion. Something positive and enjoyable. First, you’ll need to practice this at home. So when you radiate that emotion, it is strong, pure, and congruent. Then go out in public and radiate that SAME emotional “frame.” The results are fantastic. Because EVERYBDOY will not only notice, but they will VERY MUCH enjoy YOUR frame. Much more than their own. People will be naturally attracted to you. They’ll make up excuses to be physically near you. They’ll make up excuses to start conversations with you. And that’s just the beginning. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
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    Invisible Satanic Doppelgangers

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    Control The Structure Of Thought

    A lot of efficiencies are built into our mind-body systems. The more you do something, the more efficient you get. This is built into our sensory systems. If you keep perceiving the same things, you’ll get much more efficient. Meaning you brain will naturally learn to perceive MORE information with LESS energy. A good example is chess players vs. non-chess players. If you take a NON chess player, and show them a chess board configuration, they’ll only remember a certain amount of data. The types of pieces, where they are, etc. But if you take an experienced chess player, they’ll look at the same board, and in LESS time, remember MORE information. BUT with a very important caveat. If the chess board is set up as if an actual game were in process, the chess player would remember it EXACTLY the way it is. Because their brains have learned to see STRUCTURES. They’ll immediately see which pieces are threatening other pieces. Which pieces have been taken. They can even recognize the actual game, if it is a famous one. But here’s the kicker. If the chess board is arranged completely randomly, so it’s NOT set up as if it were mid-game, but with the pieces truly scattered randomly around the board, the chess player won’t be able to remember ANY MORE than a non-chess player. Our brains, then, only become more EFFICIENT with respect to specific structures. So the more you learn and practice any particular structure, the BETTER your brain will get at using that structure. The more you practice, the more efficient your brain will be. You’ll see and use MORE with LESS brain energy. So, what structures should you study? Becoming a chess master would be kinda cool. But in reality, there’s not a lot of money in chess. And if you’ve ever been to a chess tournament, they aren’t exactly known for their after-parties, if you catch my drift. And chess skills can really ONLY be applied to chess. How about another common structure, that you can apply ANYWHERE? What structure is that? Language, of course. The more you CONSCIOUSLY learn and PRACTICE the specific structures of language, the more effectively you can use it. And the more effectively you can recognize it. Meaning you can USE language to implant any ideas in anybody’s brain you want. And you can RECOGNIZE language to SEE all the ideas people THINK they are hiding. This is about as close to a REAL super power that you can develop. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    People Training

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    Weaponized Hypnosis

    Make sure you're using the listening sessions with a full understanding of the course. If you just listen to the sessions without a consciously chosen intention compatible with the ideas in the course it might have negative consequences. Kind of like studying arts, getting pushed by a bully at school and breaking his neck in response. Not suitable for the environment.
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    Cold Reading

    Live Now
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    Upper Management

    Hey George I enjoy this new format. Keep it up man. It's a quicker way to digest the information. I love your work!
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    Learn To Play The Long Game

    The long game is an idea is extremely valuable. All failures can be framed in terms of long game failure. Anybody can play the short game. Only looking ahead a move or two. Few people can play the long game. Especially if it involves any short term discomfort. There’s a parable about an ancient Chinese kung fu master. He was strolling down the street, and some young punks accosted him. They many, and they challenged him to a fight. He didn’t feel like fighting. They said the only way to avoid fighting was to crawl on the ground through their legs. He thought about it, and decided to crawl through their legs. Another parable has a valuable advisor to an ancient Chinese emperor. Loyal all the way. Even as the emperor became corrupt and evil. Everybody thought the loyal assistant, being an honest man, was the only hope for society. But so far, he kept helping the evil emperor become more evil. Until one day, the evil emperor had all his evil conspirators in one place. Including the loyal helper. The loyal helper seized the opportunity, and killed them all. The more of the story is twofold. One is that waiting for the right moment is JUST as important as being able to perform at that right moment. But the second moral is much more important. And that’s the both characters (the crawling kung fu guy and the loyal assistant) are the same person. One person who is capable of playing the long game. Waiting patiently for the right moment, and when the right moment comes, leaping into action and killing everybody. That very same dude is capable of crawling on the ground when he’d rather show up on time and not out of breath and covered in other people’s blood. Playing the long game requires looking WAY into the future. And planing TODAY’S actions based on how they’ll resonate years from now. Most people can’t do this. Most people can’t plan past the next couple hours. But if you were to look at all the skills required for building big empires, long game would be one of the most important one. Luckily, this is a skill that can be practiced. No matter what level you are today, you can significantly increase your skills at the long game. And all the benefits that come with it. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
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    Tree Of Life

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    More Free Video Subliminals

    About 60. Download and upload wherever you like. https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PartyHypVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PublicSpeakVids.zip
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    Subconscious Sexual Energy

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    Money Instinct

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    Learn Skills Nobody Knows

    How do you make an impression on somebody? There are plenty of theories. But let's take a step back and see what that means. There's a time when they don't know you. Then they interact with you. Then there's a later time when that interactions is only a memory. They think of you, and compare you (subconsciously) to all the other people they've interacted with. This goes for every human that talks to other humans. Job interviewers, hot girls and guys that are getting hit on all the time, people with money that want to maybe buy something. What strategies would be BEST for making sure you make a positive impression? So when they think about you, and their interaction with you, it stands out in their mind as being BETTER than all of their other recent interactions. One way would be to walk around doing magic tricks, and telling awesome jokes. Or maybe learning to juggle, or some other complicated party trick. One way would be to wear a few thousand dollars worth of bling. Another way would be to get a ton of plastic surgery, spend countless hours in the gym, so you look like a Greek god or goddess. Or you could do it the easy way. How's that? You're the one who gets the ball rolling. You're the one they find easy to talk to. You're the one they feel most comfortable with, the most quickly. You're the one they tell all their desires to. You're the one who DOESN'T spend tons of time trying to convince them how awesome you are. You're the one who reminds them how awesome THEY are. And even helps them discover that they are more awesome than they thought. This is the kind of people NOBODY forgets. Ever. How do you BECOME this person? By understanding the structure of human nature. By understanding the structure of human communication. By taking the time to build the skills that will serve you for life. The same skills that will allow you to build better relationships, make more money and radiate much more charisma and personal magnetism. What skills are these? The ones you can learn here: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
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    Thought Replicators

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    The Cat's Paw Strategy

    I had a friend who had a cat. Normally, it was pretty easy. Regular cat doing regular things. Except when it came time to cut the cats toenails. Then the cat would go crazy. So she had to take the cat to a pet shop. Where a guy was working. She was always amazed how easily this guy cut her cat's toenails. Just grabbed the cats paws and cut away. Cat didn't flinch. One on level, this is what you'd expect. A guy that cuts animal toenails for a living knows how to do it. People that only try once in a while don't. But on another level, it's kind of mysterious. After all, the cat owner and the cat live together. That cat associates its owner with food and safety. You bring that cat into a pet shop and it's a completely foreign environment. Think of how horrible it must smell. Dog smells, other cat smells, parakeet smells. Yet in that strange and otherwise terrifying environment, the cat just decides the toenail clipper (whom the cat has never experienced before) just knows what he's doing. So the cat doesn't struggle. The cat who normally fights when its owner gets near its claws just offers them up to toenail guy. This is the power of your energy. Or the potential power. Toenail guy doesn't need to speak cat. He doesn't need to bribe the cat, or coax the cat or do anything except just be toenail guy. The cat INSTANTLY knows somehow that toenail guy is safe. And powerful at the same time. Most humans are completely unaware of their own energy, and the energy of those around them. Just tuning in to the energy of others gives you a TON of information. But when you can start to purposely radiate your own energy, you will develop an interpersonal power that few know is possible. Imagine having the toenail guy effect on other people. An instant recognition and submission to your energy of both power and safety. This cannot be faked. But it absolutely CAN be cultivated. How do you cultivate it? By doing specific mental exercises, most of which can be done inside your head. Done consistently, these exercises will slowly transform your energy that will have an immediate and powerful effect on everybdoy around you. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
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    Free Energy Vampires

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    Hero's Journey

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    Watch Out For Meteor Juice

    Human fears are an insanely useful thing. But only if we use them correctly. The "incorrect" use of fear is not dealing with it. A long time ago, I used to be a big fan of Stephen King. The movie, "Creepshow," which came out in the 80's, was about a bunch of short stories. He played one of the goofy characters. He was a hillbilly type who found a meteor. He picked it up, and it oozed meteor juice all over him. Since it was a comedy-horror movie, the meteor juice immediately started to mutate his arm. He thought about going to the doctor, but was stopped by his worst-feared scenario. His worst feared scenario was the doctor holding a huge knife and with a wicked grin saying, "This is going to be EXTREMELY painful!" Of course, the hillbilly didn't go to the doctor, and the meteor juice ended up mutating his entire body, eventually killing him. This is the "incorrect" use of fear. To imagine the worst case scenario, assuming it's going to happen, and not doing squat. What is the "correct" use of fear? Our worst feared outcomes are IDEAL planning tools. Most people have heard (at least a billion times) the idea of "planning for the worst while hoping for the best." Our brains are FANTASTIC in perfectly delivering to us a "worst feared" outcome. We are SUPPOSED to be afraid of those. They are SUPPOSED to be horrifying. But they aren't supposed to make us hide out in the closet while getting eaten by meteor juice. They are supposed to be used as planning tools. Things to PREVENT against. It's like our brain is saying, "HEY! Make sure this doesn't happen!" Only for most people, the only way to "make sure this doesn't happen" is to not do anything. That is a strategy, but it's a pretty useless one. Because once you HAVE that worst feared outcome, you can plan all kinds of ways around it. Especially if those worst feared outcomes come in the form of social situations. Even more so if those worst feared outcomes come in the form of other people saying things. Because once we've got our worst feared outcome in the form of somebody SAYING something, there are plenty of ways to make sure it doesn't happen. Eighteen ways, to be precise. This means ANY social fear you can imagine, you can destroy it in EIGHTEEN different ways. Making sure it DOESN'T happen. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
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    Become A Linguistic Wizard

    How do you become more creative? This doesn't seem like it's something with any step by step process. One of the curious things about us humans is that everything is clear in hindsight. Much more than the "hindsight is 20-20" idea, where we always know what to do AFTER the fact. Many inventions took hundreds of years to happen. But after they were invented, they seemed so obvious. GoPro, for example, is a huge company. The idea of putting a camera on a stick seems pretty simple. Or on your head, or hat, or wherever. This is pretty much all you need to create a billion dollar empire. Take a couple of things that ALREADY exist, and combine them. When I was a kid, they had this goofy commercial for Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Some guy was walking down the street eating peanut butter out of a jar. (Seriously!) Another girl was eating chocolate. They crashed into each other and POOF! A new candy was invented. Dudes fought each other on horseback for hundreds of years before the stirrup was invented. You'd think somebody would have figured it out sooner. Since everything is simple in hindsight, having super genius powers of intelligence isn't required to be creative. All you need to do is think slightly differently. But even if you don't have a goal of coming up with a million dollar invention, you can impress plenty of people. It's pretty cool to be around somebody who SPEAKS creatively. This represents their creative thinking. Believe it or not, this is something that you can practice. Humans have pretty straightforward thought patterns. Our language patterns are very closely related to these thought patterns. And once you understand the structure, it's easy learn plenty of other structures. Funny thing about thought and language, is people tend to focus on the CONTENT, the stuff they are talking about, rather than the structure. But when you can see structure, and play around with structure, people will see you as a creative genius. Because you will be. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
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    Image stream only 5-10 minutes a day. Listen to chess master only once per day. Do not do both at once. They are completely separate mental exercises. Study / play / practice chess for at least 30 min per day. Every time you listen to chess master it will work better if you memories of more chess experiences in between. A metaphor would be exercising and eating. If ALL you did was exercise, but never ate or slept, you'd be dead soon. Similarly, listening to chess master without adding any actual chess experience to your memory banks wouldn't do much. Also, understand that YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE will be the best guide on how to proceed. Journal everything you do, and what happens and always be willing to tweak/adjust your schedule / sessions / to continuously optimize results. Sleep, exercise, also important. BIGGEST MISTAKE: Is the same mistake people make when starting an exercise program. And that is to try too much too soon, get burned out, and then give up. Build a LIFELONG habit of continuous improvement. Enjoy the journey not the sprint toward the finish line.
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    Fear of Emotional Pain

    I feel a lot of guys have this, especially because women society defines as being attractive often act like (or are told to act like) b*tches. Generally what happens is when a girl turns you away, guys actually experience emotional pain and suppress it. This turns guys into very heavy manipulators. They will use Psychic Seduction, Manifestation Magic, etc. However, the truth is there is a very deep and intense fear of being emotionally hurt repeatedly. Generally guys are told that this means you are not manly enough. However, EVERY guy experiences this. The thing about emotional pain is, it can be in many ways worse than physical pain. It can scar you in ways and impose belief systems that simply isn't true. The worst part is, if repeated enough, it kills your Confidence in that area of your life. For this reason it's necessary to have some sort of emotional trauma healing system by your side at all times, be it through meditation, NLP, etc. I can't emphasize this enough, because looking back now I feel this has completely changed men in whole for the worst. The cycle goes something like. You approach, fail, approach, fail, manipulate, not fail as bad, use various manipulation techniques, get it in, repeat, psychologically figure them out, and then the worst part is, once you figure it out, you look down upon women as a whole, as retaliation. They hurt me before, so now why shouldn't I? Who cares? They're all b*tches anyway. This becomes a very common way of thinking, and it's your past emotional pain speaking, not actually you. So a word of caution and advice to guys that are working on their dating skills - don't let your past emotional pain change who you are as a human being.
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    Re-Establish Social Equilibrium

    The other night I watched a YouTube video about the Mandelbrot set. It's a fractal pattern, based on imaginary numbers. (I find a lot in common between mathematics and hypnosis...) A fractal pattern is a shape that keeps repeating the more you zoom in. It also has the curious property of having an infinite circumference, but a finite volume. Meaning the squiggly line going around the outside goes on forever. But the area inside this closed loop of infinity is finite. But it's also in a lot of natural shapes. Trees, roots and branches each are like fractals. The trunk, branches, leaves, and each vein within the leaf are repeating patterns. Our cardiovascular system, nervous system and even our neurology are fractal-like patterns. Reality is kind of weird like this. Ideas, patterns, systems seem to be found a many levels. One of the common ideas in all of science is equilibrium. The sun is in equilibrium with the Earth. The Earth with the moon. Our bodies and our sleep cycles. When we are in-sync, everything feels fantastic. When we are out of sync, everything feels like crap. When athletes or musicians are highly in-sync, they call it the "flow state." Where the conscious mind just shuts off and takes a back seat. This might be described as the highly coveted "self-actualized" person. An athlete or musician or scientist who is operating a peak efficiency, and in total equilibrium with the world. Not in the world, but part of the world. The seamless flow between thought and things. The athlete just barely imagines the perfect move and then it happens. The difference between the sounds in the musician's mind and the sounds coming out of the speakers shrink to zero. Of course, the minute you start thinking consciously when you're in one of these states, you ruin it. This is when you're playing a song (or video game) perfectly, but then you start to focus on an aspect if it, and you "lose" that balance. These events happen over short periods, but also over long periods. Once humans lived in groups that were in perfect harmony with each other. One of many, many of one. But it's hard to find that these days. Everybody's in a hurry, everybody's trying to play everybody. You don't know who you can trust. But the possibility still exists. To tap that inner guide of your social equilibrium. To get back into social balance. Where social fears are a thing of the past. Learn How: Ego Taming
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    How To Be A People Magnet

    A while ago I took an improv class. I thought it was going to be about how to tell jokes. But it was about something much deeper. See, when actors are up on stage (or in front of the camera), they've got to do two things which seem to be opposite. On the one hand, they have to repeat lines written by professional writers. But at the same time, they have to seem VERY "in the moment." This is not as easy as it seems. Just watch some of the bottom-of-the-barrel movies on any streaming service to see what I mean. When somebody can deliver the right lines but WITHOUT any emotional congruence, it's correctly labeled, "wooden." What did we learn in the improv class? How to interact with each other non-verbally. Words are really only about 5-10% of our communication. The rest is non-verbal. And two actors who have TONS of congruent energy between them are going to be much more believable that two actors just spitting out lines. This is true EVERYWHERE. Knowing what to say is just the tip of the ice berg. Not even the most important part. Much more important is the ENERGY beneath the words. The sum total of all of your unconscious behavior, which is an OUTER representation of your INNER state. And your INNER state is comprised of your beliefs, understandings, and how you see yourself compared to the rest of the world. Most importantly, whether you see yourself as a CAUSE or an EFFECT. Whether you radiate LEADER energy, or FOLLOWER energy. Because this energy that you are ALWAYS projecting is MUCH more important than your words. If you are walking across a room to start a conversation with somebody, they've ALREADY read your energy. When you first enter the room for a job interview, they've ALREADY read your energy. Most people don't notice this other than getting either a "positive" feeling about you or a "negative" feeling. When you radiate the energy that creates those positive feelings in others, what you say is a LOT LESS important. What IS that energy? Continue it on a spectrum. On one side is TOTAL LEADERSHIP. People LOVE this kind of energy. On the other side is TOTAL DEPENDENCE. Most people very much dislike this energy. (Unless it's coming from a very young biological child). The more LEADERSHIP energy you can project, the more people will naturally gravitate toward you, and want to be around you. Learn How: Cult Leader
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    How To Feel Sexual Abundance

    There's a saying in horse racing. "You can beat the race, but you can't beat the races." Meaning you might get lucky once in a while, or you may get some inside info, but generally speaking, in the long run, you'll lose money. The more you play any legal gambling game, the more likely you'll lose. The house usually wins in the end. Otherwise, they'd go out of business. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) women are the OPPOSITE. Meaning it's pretty easy to win with women in general. Problem is many guys have their sites set on ONE WOMAN. When a woman makes up her mind that she DOESN'T like you, it's kind of tough to turn it around. Especially when you consider the economics involved. Sure, it IS possible. But it will take a LOT of time and effort. And with that SAME time and effort, you could get a LOT more and a lot BETTER women. The problem lies with our caveman brains. Our caveman brains still think we live in a hunter-gatherer society. When we really do only have a chance with ONE woman. In those days (when you lived with the same tribe your entire life) it made PERFECT SENSE to spend your whole life chasing one girl. Today it's nearly idiotic, from a purely objective standpoint. How do you overcome that "one-itis?" You have to FORCE yourself to look for other women. To get better with other women. Because as soon as you find a woman that's into you, your caveman brain will absolutely FORGET about the previous one. The trick is to see women as things to enjoy. To get into the habit of playfully interacting with ALL the women you encounter, JUST to have fun. Then you'll start to FEEL the massive abundance that is REALLY out there. And nothing obliterates any fear or anxiety than the feeling of REALITY BASED sexual abundance. Learn How: Zero Fear Game
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    I found something like this
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    I'm assuming that you are listening the 256V versions. Here is what I do. First, I use VLC player. This is a great free open source multimedia player. You can create a playlist, create a loop and have enough tracks to keep your subconscious mind busy all night. So I launch my playlist. I first start the listening with my headphones for some time. I cannot tell how long, I just drift but at some point, I feel the urge to remove the headphones. I unplug them and continue my listening on the speakers while I sleep. I cannot tell where I saw George say it but he says that it is ok to listen from speakers during night as the sole purpose of the headphone is to have the theta brain freqs inducing sounds work. But since when you are sleeping, by definition, your brain is already in a deep state, you don't need this track feature. I have found that like this, it was allowing me to keep listening.
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    Listen, guys. I AM GREAT. I AM AWESOME. I AM SO AMAZING, etc. are all great affirmations, but the real superaffirmation is ITS OKAY IF I SCREW UP. Why? This enables you to take action, and the fear of failure that so bogs us down is once and for all eliminated. 'Cause it's okay to screw up. It's a part of the process. Every other affirmation that makes you feel better might draw looks from other people, but this is where life is really at. You screw up, you learn, you screw up, you learn, and you finally figure it out. Nothing's going to change the fact that you'll screw up somewhere down the line, as it's a part of the natural process. So, allow yourself to screw up. It's the only way you will have the guts to take action and grow in life. Now go conquer the world, by allowing yourself to screw up. - Light.
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    Psionics does have a lot of potential, it's true. Telekinesis can be used in all sorts of object movement to replace technology. I can manipulate weather patterns pretty well, through intention alone. Have created rainfall multiple times. Through my intuition, I can peer into the stock market and make pretty good money (and it's only getting stronger by the passing day). All the costs and terrors associated with technology would be unnecessary if we simply trained enlightened superbeings. Remote Viewing by humans, for example, would eliminate crime and terrorism from this planet. If there were a source to invest some big money, I'd build a physical guildhall for this stuff. I will probably do it in the future anyway, after I build up my own wealth.
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    I'm not sure why you feel this gift would be of little advantage Beverly. If one already had access to this ability which already exists in each one of us, then they couple potentialy be able to work it like a muscle till it was superstrong. This would lead to people being able to lift extremely heavy objects in the event of an ememrgency or other situations. I myself once took part in a group telekinesis experiment as a teen. 3 of us sat and concentrated on a large steel ballbearing sitting in a circle on a piece of paper. We did this for what seemed like a long time, but was probably less than we thought. Just as we were about to give up, it moved an inch in one direction. Curiously enough, just after it moved all 3 of us experienced a suddenly jlot of pain in oue heads like a rapid migrain headache that only lasted a couple of mins. Not sure if it was due to some form of backlash of energy or something else. It was an interesting event none the less. Years later, I was working on something and smashed my finger. this jolt of pain must have triggered something as a half full can soda on a table nearby suddenly flew off the table. I wasnt close enough to have hit the table and I was alone and there wasnt a fan on so there wasnt anything I could see that could have effected it like that. I later looking back remebered the steel ballbearing experiement and thought it may have been something along those lines.
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    What is sexual magnetism?

    I think sexual magnetism is just when people find you sexually attractive. They may lust after you, want to have sex with you etc. It CAN be increased, I find ;-) and hypnosis, subliminals, affirmations, things like that can help. A LOT. Focusing on what it would be like - using the law of attraction with this (what do you want, how does it feel and so on). Now, when people find you sexually magnetic, while it may manifest as people letting you know they want to have sex with you, for some people it shows up as people flirting with you more, smiling, staring and so on, I think. You have to remember, Light, if you want women to find you sexually magnetic (hey, many probably already do and you just don't know it!) that we women are so discouraged to be sexual (which by the way I disagree with!) we are ONLY encouraged to have sex in a relationship or ideally marriage, the whole slut-shaming and all that crap, so I am saying this because for a MAN seeking to be seen as sexually magnetic by women, the results may initially be lots more subtle than for a woman seeking to be seen as more sexually magnetic by men. But from what I've read etc, for men, you WILL see results of increasing this of women responding more to you and I think you'd get less resistance if you asked them out or on a date etc. (Plus a lot of us get asked for sex a LOT and it gets annoying so that is a better approach!) If you know Abraham Hicks' processes, they can be used for sexual magnetism: Writing what you like about sex, and like I said, how it feels to get it (heh heh) But definitely things like hypnosis, subliminals, affirmations - any of these, definitely look into the videos here on attraction, they will help you increase this!!! Because it is a mindset though I say this combined with good grooming (you probably also DO have good grooming) And keep telling yourself you are sexy - in fact, I'm sure you ARE, anyway It's sort of the same thing are being sexy, sexually attractive. But it will probably show up as sexually attractive to who you want to attract. Unfortunately I don't necessarily mean specific people though you may get some of that! but more if you want to attract women desiring you, you will get that, a straight woman would attract more men (a gay one more women and so on.) I think confidence comes into it too as they say. One thing I urge you is when you DO increase this, please be honest with women like don't pretend (for e.g.) you want a relationship or lie about their being no other women if they are and so on. You can be a sexually magnetic guy without being a player. (Nothing wrong with an HONEST and polite playboy, by the way, who still asks for and gets sex and the women might ask YOU, try the girls seduce you video here, why not! Have fun and stay safe. By the way, in the products section here: http://mindpersuasion.com/products/ George Hutton has a program for instant Alpha and one for overcoming approach anxiety. Might help too, perhaps?
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