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    Jerry Journal

    Wassup everyone, just got back from 6 months in the army. I'll be in New York for good now. From here on I think I have a good momentum to keep pushing this forward now. I have a lot of plans of action, and the extra money I made while I was at the army is giving me a great boost in momentum. Having money is so nice it helps you to think more clearly and also allows for easy action. This was just a quick post saying I'm BACK!!!!
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    Psychic Mind Control

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    Free Video Subliminals

    Over a hundred vids. Ten minutes each. Never seen on YouTube before. Download (zipped ) and upload wherever and however you like. https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/BetaMaleVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/ComVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/GuruTrapVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/HallucinationVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PresenceVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/SbabyVids.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/TongueFuVids.zip
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    Wealth tuning is much more comprehensive, much more than a subliminal. A manual with the theory of money, wealth creation, etc. ISG is more of a mental fine tuning, for people who are already in the process of making a living. Wealth Tuning is much better if you're starting from scratch. But it's not a magic bullet. You won't get rich by listening. It takes plenty of conscious understanding, mental exercises, daily drills and shift of how you think. It requires your FULL participation.
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    Thought Replicators

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    Evil Genius Strippers

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    Watch Out For Meteor Juice

    Human fears are an insanely useful thing. But only if we use them correctly. The "incorrect" use of fear is not dealing with it. A long time ago, I used to be a big fan of Stephen King. The movie, "Creepshow," which came out in the 80's, was about a bunch of short stories. He played one of the goofy characters. He was a hillbilly type who found a meteor. He picked it up, and it oozed meteor juice all over him. Since it was a comedy-horror movie, the meteor juice immediately started to mutate his arm. He thought about going to the doctor, but was stopped by his worst-feared scenario. His worst feared scenario was the doctor holding a huge knife and with a wicked grin saying, "This is going to be EXTREMELY painful!" Of course, the hillbilly didn't go to the doctor, and the meteor juice ended up mutating his entire body, eventually killing him. This is the "incorrect" use of fear. To imagine the worst case scenario, assuming it's going to happen, and not doing squat. What is the "correct" use of fear? Our worst feared outcomes are IDEAL planning tools. Most people have heard (at least a billion times) the idea of "planning for the worst while hoping for the best." Our brains are FANTASTIC in perfectly delivering to us a "worst feared" outcome. We are SUPPOSED to be afraid of those. They are SUPPOSED to be horrifying. But they aren't supposed to make us hide out in the closet while getting eaten by meteor juice. They are supposed to be used as planning tools. Things to PREVENT against. It's like our brain is saying, "HEY! Make sure this doesn't happen!" Only for most people, the only way to "make sure this doesn't happen" is to not do anything. That is a strategy, but it's a pretty useless one. Because once you HAVE that worst feared outcome, you can plan all kinds of ways around it. Especially if those worst feared outcomes come in the form of social situations. Even more so if those worst feared outcomes come in the form of other people saying things. Because once we've got our worst feared outcome in the form of somebody SAYING something, there are plenty of ways to make sure it doesn't happen. Eighteen ways, to be precise. This means ANY social fear you can imagine, you can destroy it in EIGHTEEN different ways. Making sure it DOESN'T happen. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
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    Become A Linguistic Wizard

    How do you become more creative? This doesn't seem like it's something with any step by step process. One of the curious things about us humans is that everything is clear in hindsight. Much more than the "hindsight is 20-20" idea, where we always know what to do AFTER the fact. Many inventions took hundreds of years to happen. But after they were invented, they seemed so obvious. GoPro, for example, is a huge company. The idea of putting a camera on a stick seems pretty simple. Or on your head, or hat, or wherever. This is pretty much all you need to create a billion dollar empire. Take a couple of things that ALREADY exist, and combine them. When I was a kid, they had this goofy commercial for Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Some guy was walking down the street eating peanut butter out of a jar. (Seriously!) Another girl was eating chocolate. They crashed into each other and POOF! A new candy was invented. Dudes fought each other on horseback for hundreds of years before the stirrup was invented. You'd think somebody would have figured it out sooner. Since everything is simple in hindsight, having super genius powers of intelligence isn't required to be creative. All you need to do is think slightly differently. But even if you don't have a goal of coming up with a million dollar invention, you can impress plenty of people. It's pretty cool to be around somebody who SPEAKS creatively. This represents their creative thinking. Believe it or not, this is something that you can practice. Humans have pretty straightforward thought patterns. Our language patterns are very closely related to these thought patterns. And once you understand the structure, it's easy learn plenty of other structures. Funny thing about thought and language, is people tend to focus on the CONTENT, the stuff they are talking about, rather than the structure. But when you can see structure, and play around with structure, people will see you as a creative genius. Because you will be. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
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    Hey guys. This part of life I struggled for quite some time, but now that I have so many of my own principles and techniques down, I can say I am complete with this aspect of my life. Relationships with the opposite sex are smooth now, I feel as if I am in control. Dating opportunities feel abundant and I have both girls that are serious and girls that are more casual in my environment. I can play around and switch as I like. To be honest, I did not see it turning out this way. I felt I had to choose one way or another, but this method enables me to be both friends with the opposite sex and enjoy the full depth of the interaction. I had never actually enjoyed communicating with the opposite gender until now and that in itself feels satisfying. A good amount of it was me making peace with our desires as human beings and our own willingness to explore. The best part of this is it is mutually beneficial. Both sides enjoy each other during the process. So now I have what I wanted. - Abundance - Feeling of completion - Both serious and casual types in my environment - An ease when it comes to interactions - An end to my headaches. Developing yourself is a never ending journey, but this is an important milestone regardless. Big thanks to George and all the awesome content. It felt like he really hammered the belief systems into me.
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    Image stream only 5-10 minutes a day. Listen to chess master only once per day. Do not do both at once. They are completely separate mental exercises. Study / play / practice chess for at least 30 min per day. Every time you listen to chess master it will work better if you memories of more chess experiences in between. A metaphor would be exercising and eating. If ALL you did was exercise, but never ate or slept, you'd be dead soon. Similarly, listening to chess master without adding any actual chess experience to your memory banks wouldn't do much. Also, understand that YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE will be the best guide on how to proceed. Journal everything you do, and what happens and always be willing to tweak/adjust your schedule / sessions / to continuously optimize results. Sleep, exercise, also important. BIGGEST MISTAKE: Is the same mistake people make when starting an exercise program. And that is to try too much too soon, get burned out, and then give up. Build a LIFELONG habit of continuous improvement. Enjoy the journey not the sprint toward the finish line.
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    One For The Ladies!

    Live Now
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    How To Talk To Girls

    Consider this idea: If you close anybody, you still benefit. Having a memory of 100's of closes (good and bad) will make closing easier. Having a memory of even 100's of failed closes will signficiantly give you a much more attractive "energy" as you won't be very nervous or worried. Think of closing like doing pushups. They are no fun, and you're glad when you're done. But if you make it a habit, you'll get in pretty good shape. If you see talking to and closing girls like exercise for your "attraction energy" it's not that much different than doing pushups. Pretty soon even getting rejected over and over will be fun, just like jogging is enjoyable after the first few minutes. Talking to girls = exercising your confidence Doing pushups = exercising your body results are irrelevant
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    Fear of Emotional Pain

    I feel a lot of guys have this, especially because women society defines as being attractive often act like (or are told to act like) b*tches. Generally what happens is when a girl turns you away, guys actually experience emotional pain and suppress it. This turns guys into very heavy manipulators. They will use Psychic Seduction, Manifestation Magic, etc. However, the truth is there is a very deep and intense fear of being emotionally hurt repeatedly. Generally guys are told that this means you are not manly enough. However, EVERY guy experiences this. The thing about emotional pain is, it can be in many ways worse than physical pain. It can scar you in ways and impose belief systems that simply isn't true. The worst part is, if repeated enough, it kills your Confidence in that area of your life. For this reason it's necessary to have some sort of emotional trauma healing system by your side at all times, be it through meditation, NLP, etc. I can't emphasize this enough, because looking back now I feel this has completely changed men in whole for the worst. The cycle goes something like. You approach, fail, approach, fail, manipulate, not fail as bad, use various manipulation techniques, get it in, repeat, psychologically figure them out, and then the worst part is, once you figure it out, you look down upon women as a whole, as retaliation. They hurt me before, so now why shouldn't I? Who cares? They're all b*tches anyway. This becomes a very common way of thinking, and it's your past emotional pain speaking, not actually you. So a word of caution and advice to guys that are working on their dating skills - don't let your past emotional pain change who you are as a human being.
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    Spider's (Journal)

    Hi everyone! Im new here ~ I have been going through a tough phase in life and understood that I needed to re-wire my brain. Happened to bump into this website and was reading most of the success stories shared in the website. I still am skeptical about some of the stories because it just sounds unbelievable. Either way I intend to try it out myself, so I bought the limitless subliminal. Please share what are some tips for a beginner like me who have no clue on what to expect and what I need to take note during my sessions. I hope to update on a weekly/monthly basis on my progress. Regards, Spider
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    Audio ExBoyFriend Back

    Hi Gema! It sounds like you're getting results with this and raining men, but it's not getting that one person you want. I am in the same boat and it's frustrating me. I've had tons of guys after me, wanting to date and sleep with me, but not that one guy who I want. I might be wrong about this, but I have a theory on why this happens. I'm attracting the ones I don't want because I believe I can have them, but for some strange reason, loads of doubts creep in when I try to manifest the guy I want, so my aim now is to boost the attraction subliminals with ones that make me feel lovable and gain enough confidence to believe he could want me. I'll report back if it works. Edit: the problem in my case isn't attracting him, I've achieved that, but it's convincing my brain that he's attracted to me, if that makes sense? It's self doubt which then pushes him away again.
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    New Book

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    Extreme affirmations and resistance

    There are horizon goals and milestone goals. You need both to succeed. Consider that it may be helpful to be going TOWARD being a billionaire, and at the same time, being OK if you never get there. No matter WHAT your goals are, you will need to set a new one as soon as any one of them is achieved. Different people treat this different ways. Some are content to only set short term, achievable, goals, knowing they will keep setting new ones once they achieve them. Others are better with huge "horizon goals" like becoming a billionaire, knowing that so long as they keep going in that direction, they'll be fine. Also understand the subconscious (contrary to popular belief) doesn't really speak in literal language. It is much more metaphorical. All of the subliminals are designed to create a "sum total effect" where the overall beliefs and resulting behaviors will stem from how each individual's subconscious interprets all statements COLLECTIVELY. This is also why having a strong clear INTENTION along with the statements is vital. Subliminal Effect = Sum Total of Statements + Visualized Intention + Daily Journaling And Behavior
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    How To Be A People Magnet

    A while ago I took an improv class. I thought it was going to be about how to tell jokes. But it was about something much deeper. See, when actors are up on stage (or in front of the camera), they've got to do two things which seem to be opposite. On the one hand, they have to repeat lines written by professional writers. But at the same time, they have to seem VERY "in the moment." This is not as easy as it seems. Just watch some of the bottom-of-the-barrel movies on any streaming service to see what I mean. When somebody can deliver the right lines but WITHOUT any emotional congruence, it's correctly labeled, "wooden." What did we learn in the improv class? How to interact with each other non-verbally. Words are really only about 5-10% of our communication. The rest is non-verbal. And two actors who have TONS of congruent energy between them are going to be much more believable that two actors just spitting out lines. This is true EVERYWHERE. Knowing what to say is just the tip of the ice berg. Not even the most important part. Much more important is the ENERGY beneath the words. The sum total of all of your unconscious behavior, which is an OUTER representation of your INNER state. And your INNER state is comprised of your beliefs, understandings, and how you see yourself compared to the rest of the world. Most importantly, whether you see yourself as a CAUSE or an EFFECT. Whether you radiate LEADER energy, or FOLLOWER energy. Because this energy that you are ALWAYS projecting is MUCH more important than your words. If you are walking across a room to start a conversation with somebody, they've ALREADY read your energy. When you first enter the room for a job interview, they've ALREADY read your energy. Most people don't notice this other than getting either a "positive" feeling about you or a "negative" feeling. When you radiate the energy that creates those positive feelings in others, what you say is a LOT LESS important. What IS that energy? Continue it on a spectrum. On one side is TOTAL LEADERSHIP. People LOVE this kind of energy. On the other side is TOTAL DEPENDENCE. Most people very much dislike this energy. (Unless it's coming from a very young biological child). The more LEADERSHIP energy you can project, the more people will naturally gravitate toward you, and want to be around you. Learn How: Cult Leader
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    How To Feel Sexual Abundance

    There's a saying in horse racing. "You can beat the race, but you can't beat the races." Meaning you might get lucky once in a while, or you may get some inside info, but generally speaking, in the long run, you'll lose money. The more you play any legal gambling game, the more likely you'll lose. The house usually wins in the end. Otherwise, they'd go out of business. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) women are the OPPOSITE. Meaning it's pretty easy to win with women in general. Problem is many guys have their sites set on ONE WOMAN. When a woman makes up her mind that she DOESN'T like you, it's kind of tough to turn it around. Especially when you consider the economics involved. Sure, it IS possible. But it will take a LOT of time and effort. And with that SAME time and effort, you could get a LOT more and a lot BETTER women. The problem lies with our caveman brains. Our caveman brains still think we live in a hunter-gatherer society. When we really do only have a chance with ONE woman. In those days (when you lived with the same tribe your entire life) it made PERFECT SENSE to spend your whole life chasing one girl. Today it's nearly idiotic, from a purely objective standpoint. How do you overcome that "one-itis?" You have to FORCE yourself to look for other women. To get better with other women. Because as soon as you find a woman that's into you, your caveman brain will absolutely FORGET about the previous one. The trick is to see women as things to enjoy. To get into the habit of playfully interacting with ALL the women you encounter, JUST to have fun. Then you'll start to FEEL the massive abundance that is REALLY out there. And nothing obliterates any fear or anxiety than the feeling of REALITY BASED sexual abundance. Learn How: Zero Fear Game
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    Ten Inch Penis

    I've been listening for about 3 or 4 weeks. I purchased the product because I've been gradually shrinking for the past 5 or 6 years. Other than taking supplements, I haven't done much else. I finally decided to actively do something about my situation. In the beginning, I was listening every night, and somehow expected miracles over night. The first couple of times I measured myself, I became very disappointed. Apparently, simply listening, and measuring each day wasn't enough. For me, listening was only a fraction of what needed to be done to see noticeable results. Besides listening, I also did visualizing, and stretching exercises, along with supplementation. My experience now, is that I'm growing by micro tear increments every day. I actually enjoy actively doing things to make myself bigger. Although I don't consciously hear the statements, I'm subconsciously driven to take action daily. Every now and then, I also review the pdf, and I'm amazed at how I completely accept, and agree with the statements. I wouldn't mind having an audible Gamma and Theta version, although not necessary. Either way, this is good enough for me and well worth the $5 price.
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    Ten Inch Penis

    All refunds are processed, none are questioned. Please understand how subliminals work: The sessions change your beliefs. Your beliefs change your behavior. Your behavior creates the result The subliminals DO NOT alter reality. The recommendations are as follows: 1) Listen once per day with a clear intention. 2) Journal every day about your results with the following suggested outline: What evidence do I see of changes happening? What things could I DO to enhance these changes? 3) Use your daily journaling and experiences to feed into your visualization. What specific visualizations have you been doing? Have you been doing any journaling? Have you been DOING anything differently to augment your listening? Those that only passively listen without ever doing anything differently will not get results. The sessions are meant to support your efforts, not replace them. I'm happy to provide a refund if you send an email requesting one.
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    I found something like this
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    Instant Alpha Hypnosis experience

    LOL, we're not creatures! (And some of us are actually really lovely :-) )
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    Take a break, and prevent burnouts

    I can't emphasize how absolutely crucial this really is. Once you've found the world of personal development, you might be a little f***** because you really want to keep on your one pointed mindset and ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING FOR YOUR PERFECT LIFE. The issue is, this will likely take some time. Years, maybe. And during all this time, you will need to pace yourself, or you will burn out. This is a very serious issue because my burnout phase snuck up on me the last 2 weeks, and my productivity plunged to the point I accomplished almost nothing. Since you're self-hypnotizing yourself, you might have fooled yourself into thinking you're somehow beyond this or that you look perfectly fine so everything must be okay. No you're not. You're still a human being. Take the necessary precautions to prevent burnouts. Break out of your routine. Play time is an absolute necessity. You could be facing an internal rebellion and not even know it.
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    I too would love to know how to make these programs!! Yay! HOWEVER, I ALSO think that George deserves every penny he makes from us and anyone else. Time is involved, thought is involved and skill and I think good on him. While waiting for requests (I want to make some more requests soon and i know it might take a while when I do and that's fair) why not use and check out other videos he has made, use them in the meantime. We are lucky, you know. It's a good price including for customized videos. I know that feeling of I want it all and I want it NOW, BELIEVE me I do! And Yes I'd love to know how to make these too. But I also think, hey let George Hutton continue to profit from what he does, he puts a lot into these, he works hard, he's professional and lovely and he helps us and others. The subs and forum at the moment are closed to new members which is probably to stop spam AND to give George time to make requests and again, aren't we lucky WE got in BEFORE that happened. It will come. He'll will make it all I'm sure, when he can and also, let him have time to have his OWN life. George also probably enjoys making these and he's very good at it, let the man profit from doing something he loves and excels at!