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    Free Videos

    Each one of these zips has about 60 vids. https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/VerbalAssassin.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Storytelling.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/SelfHelpFail.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PartyHypTwo.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PartyHero.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/MoneyBrain.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/LongGame.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/GoalGetting.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/GetGirls.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/DeepMindPers.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/ConvoBrilliance.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Belief.zip https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/AcctractivePersonality.zip
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    incredible lucky things happen

    I purchase the lucky mp3 with the 250 voices, I listen for 2 hours a day and 4 days later a few lucky moments and events happen to me almost everyday and continue to happen, it does work. I have a job where I always have problems and unlucky situations they even call them bad luck situations when getting in trouble with the boss and getting the worse jobe, ever since I listen to george hutton lucky mp3 my life has change, coworkers help me now, and other lucky situations like getting a raise, so this really works, thanks!
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    Affiliate All Page?

    fixed it for ya...
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    Jerry Journal

    Hello! It's been a while since I have last post and boy do I got updates for you Updates - Since coming back from the Army I am now collecting Unemployment. Which is essentially weekly checks for me! This is a great thing and I'll tell you more about it in a moment. -Going to an IT School to get certificates. This works with combination with the unemployment. NYC department of labor sees I am going to school will enable me to collect more unemployment checks until graduation of the school or upon getting a job. Essentially, they will extend my unemployment time while I am attending school. Upon completing my certs I plan on getting a $20/hr(+) job. Which in this field is fairly easy to do. -I plan on attending college next semester while I work on the IT position. The idea is to knock college out the way this way it isn't an issue in the future. But, if college and work is too much the idea is that I already have a high paying job upon completing the IT program. So in short life is pretty good right now. Collecting easy money and going to school get certificates and then plan on getting a high paying job immediately right after. This seems fairly ambitious, but with those certs $18/hr is about the minimum you'd get paid. It's a great opportunity for me to play catch up and on top of this I am getting income from unemployment. WIN WIN WIN!
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    New Affiliate Program

    Just sent the email to support@mindpersuasion.com as here i cant send you a direct message. I have a traffic source connected to my own owned business and i want to thanks you with sales, as if i have been able to build all of this (im financially free from years now!) is only thanks to you and your hypnosis, the lifetime access chanced my life completly and the members videos have changed my inner structure completly ...
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    Jerry Journal

    Wassup everyone, just got back from 6 months in the army. I'll be in New York for good now. From here on I think I have a good momentum to keep pushing this forward now. I have a lot of plans of action, and the extra money I made while I was at the army is giving me a great boost in momentum. Having money is so nice it helps you to think more clearly and also allows for easy action. This was just a quick post saying I'm BACK!!!!
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    Psychic Mind Control

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    Massage Therapy Mind Control

    Deeply Embedded Covert Mind Control: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-massage-therapist/
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    Create Objection Short Circuits

    Linguistic reframes are a powerful tool. These are when you take a meaning assumed by somebody, and flip it around until it means something else. Whenever two people are having a conversation, one person will set the frame. The other person will accept the frame. Consider the idea that even among old friends, there is always a very subtle frame contest going on. The word "contest" is too strong. It implies some kind of overt competition. But this is rarely the case. Imagine an old couple. Who has been married for decades. They've evolved a kind of understanding. For when who leads and who follows. This will change based on the context. With close friends it's the same. In some situations, one person leads and the other follows. When the situation changes, the frame hierarchy will change. This is one reason why we become friends with the people we become friends with. It's easy to follow and easy to lead. But when two people are having a conversation and they don't know each other, this "frame contest" will seem less subtle. Sometimes very overt. Especially in something like sales. But the rule is the same. Whoever controls the frame, controls the outcome. The customer wants the cheapest price possible. The salesperson wants the highest price possible. The context is buying or selling, depending on the viewpoint. The frame is exactly HOW this context will play out. This is when skills like reframing come in handy. A very common objection is the price objection. "Gee, I really love this but it's just too expensive." Another common objection, which is a bit more vague is the need to shop around. "Gee, I really like this, but I'd still kind of like to shop around a bit." The problem with reframing STATED objections is they usually aren't the entire story. There is usually something going on beneath the surface. Ultimately, it comes down to value. If the customer REALLY BELIEVED that the product was WELL WORTH the price, they wouldn't need to shop around. This is why it is very helpful to collect objections. Even if you aren't selling anything. To have any idea of the POTENTIAL issues that may come up. And then pre-frame them. How do you pre-frame them? With stories. Stories about other customers, or other people who match your target. Stories with characters that had those same objections, but found out a way to overcome them. This why, BEFORE the objection even comes up (whatever you want from your target) you'll pace it and overcome it. In a way this will create a kind of "objection short circuit" in their brain. So of the objection DOES start to come up, it will vaporize on its own. And they'll never know. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
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    Custom product request

    Custom sessions are not available at this time. Consider that the visualizations and intentions you use while listening are MUCH more important than the statements themselves. In fact, the idea of getting the perfect, ideal set of affirmations will tend to slow you down. By giving the affirmations MORE weight than your thinking, actions, learnings, intentions, etc., you'll be slowing yourself down. The ABSOLUTE BEST thing you can do to INCREASE your movement toward your goal is to TAKE MORE ACTION, get more feedback, and then use that feedback to take BETTER action. Actual feedback will give your subconscious much more "information" than any affirmations. The affirmations you have now are sufficient SO LONG as you match them with highly emotional intentions and visualizations. As you succeed, your intentions and visualizations can change and STILL BE supported by the same affirmations.
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    Huttons Ebooks & Manuals

    Reading any of Huttons materials are straight up mind fucks .. 😁
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    True.George's subliminals are the best.
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    Hi! Hope you'll are having a productive day ... I recently posted a blog on my website giving my audience a brief description of who George Hutton is, how I found his videos and why I promote his products ... thought of posting relevant parts from that blog here as well for those who are interested ... You guys can share your history with George Hutton by replying to this thread below ... I'm looking forward to it How I came across George Hutton Subliminals? If my memory serves me right, I believe I came across his videos 6-7 years ago on youtube. I had just read 'The Secret' and successfully manifested a trip to Rome and a Sony Playstation. When I came back from my trip, I wanted to manifest much more and faster. I started looking at different 'law of attraction' videos by various gurus to become more proficient at the art of manifesting. After a couple of days of binge watching, youtube randomly recommended a George Hutton subliminal video. At first I didn't understand what it exactly was because it sounded like a bunch of people talking all at the same time. I browsed through his entire video library which piqued my curiosity further. After doing some more research on the topic of subliminal messages and hypnosis, I was completely hooked. I found something that I was naturally wired and geared for. My Success with Mind Persuasion: I started listening to his videos all the time, while travelling, sleeping, at work, etc. Slowly and steadily with consistent and persistent listening I felt a shift in my beliefs, behaviors and actions The moment I got my mind right my goals started manifesting one after the other. You can check out some of my success stories which I had posted on his forum couple of years back: Study Love and Speed Reading Fear of Driving Chick Magnet Financial Success I have many more success stories which are not yet posted on the forum. How I became a Subliminal Creator: As I made more and more progress in different areas of my life with various George Hutton products ... I felt inclined towards making my own customized subliminals. After watching tutorials on youtube, I made my first tailor made subliminal recording. With time, I became better at writing affirmations ... Which gave me confidence to post my first subliminal on youtube titled 'Become An Alpha Male' (this version is different from the original subliminal) I still remember how nervous and excited I felt before clicking the 'publish' button. As time went by my channel slowly started to gain some traction and everyday I was getting more and more views and subscribers (my youtube channel was over 2 years old and had 23K subscribers before youtube terminated it. Now my entire focus in on my website as these third party applications are very unreliable). Investing time and effort in my small venture and seeing it grow and take shape gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I finally had something to offer to the world, something of substance. Why I promote Mind Persuasion products? I personally believe at the moment there is no one in the subliminal community providing value like George Hutton. The amount of quality content you get for what you pay is insane! Detailed manuals, exercises, work sheets in addition to the cutting edge subliminal recordings all for $39, I mean what else can you ask for? Also, this guy knows his stuff inside out, it is very evident from his writing His products are a perfect blend of the metaphysical and the real world which makes them unique and one of a kind. Also, all Mind Persuasion products are designed to remove deep rooted subconscious blocks that are keeping you in a rut. Give it time and you will start noticing a change in your beliefs Your new beliefs will alter your behavior Once your behavior changes your reality will change I still use his products to this day and will continue to use them in the future as well Promoting his products is just my way of saying thank you because my life has been on an upward trajectory ever since I came across his content. -- Subliminal Shinobi
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    The Magic Trick Pattern

    There's a powerful technique in the Milton Model. Of course, there are many, and this is but one. It's called the, "I'm not going to tell you..." pattern. It works because as soon as you utter those words, people's brains kind of turn down their defensive shields slightly. So if you say something like, "I'm not going to tell you to buy this product." It is a sneaky way to slip in the "buy this product" command. But it's very useful if you add on a bunch of stuff after. And that it seems like the stuff you add on after is the main part of the sentence. It's kind of like a magic trick. If you study magicians, they often to the "trick" part very early on in their routine. Then they do a bunch of talking after. If they can spit some pretty good game, the talking part is kind of a "mental cover" so you'll forget what happened before. So when they do the "reveal" it will seem much more magical. So when you use the "I'm not going to tell you..." pattern, it works the same way. You put in the command directly AFTER the "I'm not going to tell you..." and then you add on a bunch of stuff that will give them a reason to do EXACTLY what you said you weren't going to tell them to do. For example: I'm not going to tell you to BUY THIS EBOOK, because I want you to decide for yourself whether you would like to significantly increase your charisma and seductive powers. After all, many people find they don't like having gorgeous women following them everywhere and begging for sex. But you can also do this in a much subtler and more profound way. You don't ever actually SAY, "I'm not going to tell you." But you CREATE that feeling. Whenever you approach somebody, either a romantic target or a customer, it's hard to do so and pretend you aren't. If you are a guy, and you walk up to a girl in a social situation (or vice versa) it's pretty obvious what's going on. It's even MORE obvious if you are a salesperson and you approach somebody browsing in your shop. But there IS a way to approach WITHOUT any sales or romantic energy. And then through VERY relaxed and VERY subtle conversation, TURN UP their desire (buying, romantic or otherwise). And do so SO delicately they believe it is COMPLETELY their idea. They will actually believe that they are SPONTANEOUSLY feeling buying or romantic desires. For THEIR reasons. Which means there will be very little, if any, internal resistance. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
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    Game-Less Seduction and Influence

    If you can talk a good game, you can go pretty far. Stand up comics make tons of money by telling stories. If you learn the basic structure of humor, and learn how to tell a string of essentially basic stories, you can make a lot money. Of course, learning how to do this takes a lot time. Most people simply cannot speak very articulately. Even the "man on the street" TV interviews are rehearsed. People often misunderstand to be some kind of "fake news conspiracy." But in reality, the reporters ask the guy or gal some questions, and they practice answering those questions over and over. Until they can say a fairly articulate and well thought out answer. A pretty simple rule of thumb is that ANYTHING you see, either on TV, or YouTube, is either practiced, or edited. Even those goofy videos where they do pick up examples, magic tricks, or just simple questions to show how "dumb" people are, are heavily edited. They may interact with 20-30 people in a day and then show the 4-5 that look the BEST. The bottom line is if you walk up to ANYBODY, and expect them to be able to speak cleverly or articulately, you will be disappointed. This is why walking up and trying to IMPRESS somebody often backfires. You walk up, say something clever and witty (and rehearsed). And they feel very much on the spot. And if they can't respond in kind, it won't be very enjoyable for them. On the other hand, if instead of trying to impress people with your awesome wit and cleverness, instead make it as EASY as possible on them. Ask simple questions that are EASY to answer. The first few should ONLY serve to CREATE an interaction. Once rapport is established, then start to ask questions about them. Forget about talking about how awesome you are. Instead, ask them questions that simply by answering will make them feel good about themselves. No need to talk about yourself at all. Which means ANYBODY can do this. Bling, looks, game, charisma, none of that will matter. And if you READ their answers, they'll subconsciously tell you EXACTLY the follow up questions you should ask. So you can keep asking them questions they will ENJOY answering. Soon they'll be subconsciously associating all those good feelings with you. Which will make them VERY interested in you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
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    Anymore subliminal courses ?

    This is something that is being considered.
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    Free Video Subliminals

    Pre Framing Videos https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PreFZipped.zip People Training Videos https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/PTZipped.zip
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    Witch Seductress Professor

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    Why Goal Setting Sucks

    New Book - Get It HERE
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    Resonance Myths and Science

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    Affiliate All Page?

    Not according to the way gumroad is set up. They only offer aff links on a per url basis. You COULD, however, build your own. Just copy this page: http://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ And for each of links on the "learn more" buttons, swap out the existing ones with your aff links. Shouldn't take more than a couple seconds. Just copy the raw html (view page source) tidy it up and bit, and Bob's your uncle.
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    Jerry Journal

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    Billion Dollar Brain

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    Thoughts Become Horrible Things

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    Invisible Satanic Doppelgangers

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    Control The Structure Of Thought

    A lot of efficiencies are built into our mind-body systems. The more you do something, the more efficient you get. This is built into our sensory systems. If you keep perceiving the same things, you’ll get much more efficient. Meaning you brain will naturally learn to perceive MORE information with LESS energy. A good example is chess players vs. non-chess players. If you take a NON chess player, and show them a chess board configuration, they’ll only remember a certain amount of data. The types of pieces, where they are, etc. But if you take an experienced chess player, they’ll look at the same board, and in LESS time, remember MORE information. BUT with a very important caveat. If the chess board is set up as if an actual game were in process, the chess player would remember it EXACTLY the way it is. Because their brains have learned to see STRUCTURES. They’ll immediately see which pieces are threatening other pieces. Which pieces have been taken. They can even recognize the actual game, if it is a famous one. But here’s the kicker. If the chess board is arranged completely randomly, so it’s NOT set up as if it were mid-game, but with the pieces truly scattered randomly around the board, the chess player won’t be able to remember ANY MORE than a non-chess player. Our brains, then, only become more EFFICIENT with respect to specific structures. So the more you learn and practice any particular structure, the BETTER your brain will get at using that structure. The more you practice, the more efficient your brain will be. You’ll see and use MORE with LESS brain energy. So, what structures should you study? Becoming a chess master would be kinda cool. But in reality, there’s not a lot of money in chess. And if you’ve ever been to a chess tournament, they aren’t exactly known for their after-parties, if you catch my drift. And chess skills can really ONLY be applied to chess. How about another common structure, that you can apply ANYWHERE? What structure is that? Language, of course. The more you CONSCIOUSLY learn and PRACTICE the specific structures of language, the more effectively you can use it. And the more effectively you can recognize it. Meaning you can USE language to implant any ideas in anybody’s brain you want. And you can RECOGNIZE language to SEE all the ideas people THINK they are hiding. This is about as close to a REAL super power that you can develop. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    People Training

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    Free Video Subliminals

    Close to 100. Download and upload wherever you like. Cold Reading Theme https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/ColdReadZips.zip Deep Skills theme https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/DeepSkllZipped.zip Hypnotic Copywriting Theme https://mindperbookvids.s3.amazonaws.com/HypnoticCopywriting.zip
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    Weaponized Hypnosis

    I suppose I'll be the guinea pig. I'm starting it tonight. And I am "afraid" of the possible effects. Yes, I hate to use that word. But after reading through the scripts I wonder if I will be giving the death stare to my co-workers. We shall see.
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    Ancient Secrets Of Modern Life

    Our brains can sometimes make things too complicated. Being our best feature, our brains, and everything it can do, has made us humans the (currently) top dogs on Earth. Why, specifically, is something that is open for discussion. Some argue it’s our use of language. Or our use of tools. Or our ability to think consciously. One interesting theory says that the long road to conscious thought began WAY back when the first creatures crawled out of the water. See, in the water, you can’t see very far ahead. So you never really need to think about what’s coming up. So any animal that lives in the sea only needs to react. But once they got up on land, they could see a lot further. Which meant they could see what was coming a lot sooner before it got there. That gave those early creatures a lot of time to “think about” a proper response. And from that window of time eventually arose human consciousness. And along with it our big brains. But all that stuff happened a LONG time ago. Most of our recent inventions have only been in the past couple hundred years. Beyond two or three hundred years ago, life was as it had been. And going back only 10,000 years, a BLINK as far as all life, we were pretty much the same as we were way back when we were lower primates. Sure, we could talk and think and make up stories about characters up in the sky, but what made us SUDDENLY leap forward? First farming, and then large cities, and recently everything else? The main thing was that GROUPS started inventing things. One “characteristic” of all these inventions was they were made for the MASSES. Meaning guys like Edison, Ford, Gates, they invented stuff, but up until very recently, all inventions were PERSONAL. People would make stuff they could use themselves. Only in the past few hundred years have people been making stuff to be used by the MASSES. Why? Are they super generous? Are they benevolent? Angels secretly pretending to be humans? Nope. There is ONE reason and ONE reason only those inventors have schemed their ENTIRE LIVES to invent things to be used by the masses. (OK, maybe not the ONLY reason but the MAIN reason...) They wanted to get PAID. Their thinking was simple. “If could create something a million people would be willing to pay a couple of dollars for, I could get rich!” This is the ONE THING that is responsible for all this stuff. None of the inventions we enjoy, depend on and take for granted today would be possible it. What is “it”? Money. Get Some: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
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    Three Essential Truths

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    Deep Skills

    Live Now
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    Seduction Trifecta

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    Subconscious Sexual Energy

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    Hey how are you'll? Its been a while so just thought of posting what I have been doing lately to build up my rotation of women here ... would love if others chime in with their unique 'girl getting' strategies as well Every weekend I go to seminars related to my profession, this way I get to kill two birds with one stone - 1) staying relevant and up to date in my profession and 2) Get to chat up with women over there. I also talk to men but main target is women :'D ... While interacting if I feel that the woman is receptive to my talk and touch then I just tell her that we're meeting on this day for a movie, mostly on a "weekday afternoon". I choose shitty movies and/or weekday afternoons because theatres are empty and you get privacy, once seated comfortably I start physical escalation with hand holding and slowly push her boundaries from there on, if all goes well then take her to nearby hotel ... sometimes it take couple of meetings to seal the deal. Logistics is key so make sure you plan things before hand. Ensure, that a good hotel is near to your theatre, you need to strike while the iron is hot. If she sees you struggling to find a place then the all attraction will be lost. She needs to feel that you have the situation under control which will only raise her attraction. if you decide to go to a seminar and find it difficult to walk up to people and initiate a conversation, then start interacting with whoever is sitting next to you. I must say this, George Hutton's 'Manifest Women' course has helped me immensely. I'll write a detailed post on that course later. Take care!
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    Money Instinct

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    Learn Skills Nobody Knows

    How do you make an impression on somebody? There are plenty of theories. But let's take a step back and see what that means. There's a time when they don't know you. Then they interact with you. Then there's a later time when that interactions is only a memory. They think of you, and compare you (subconsciously) to all the other people they've interacted with. This goes for every human that talks to other humans. Job interviewers, hot girls and guys that are getting hit on all the time, people with money that want to maybe buy something. What strategies would be BEST for making sure you make a positive impression? So when they think about you, and their interaction with you, it stands out in their mind as being BETTER than all of their other recent interactions. One way would be to walk around doing magic tricks, and telling awesome jokes. Or maybe learning to juggle, or some other complicated party trick. One way would be to wear a few thousand dollars worth of bling. Another way would be to get a ton of plastic surgery, spend countless hours in the gym, so you look like a Greek god or goddess. Or you could do it the easy way. How's that? You're the one who gets the ball rolling. You're the one they find easy to talk to. You're the one they feel most comfortable with, the most quickly. You're the one they tell all their desires to. You're the one who DOESN'T spend tons of time trying to convince them how awesome you are. You're the one who reminds them how awesome THEY are. And even helps them discover that they are more awesome than they thought. This is the kind of people NOBODY forgets. Ever. How do you BECOME this person? By understanding the structure of human nature. By understanding the structure of human communication. By taking the time to build the skills that will serve you for life. The same skills that will allow you to build better relationships, make more money and radiate much more charisma and personal magnetism. What skills are these? The ones you can learn here: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
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    Drive By Party Psychic

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    Evil Genius Strippers

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    Free Energy Vampires

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    Cause Effect Demons

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    Become A Demon Slayer

    Humans love stories. We've been telling stories to each other since the dawn of time. And these stories all have similar elements. Whether the story is about fighting dragons, or fighting government corruption, the overall structure is very similar. You've got the good guy, and the bad guy. And the good guy is never wholly good. He or she ALWAYS has some kind of flaw. And central to most stories, before the hero kills the bad guy in the world, he's got to face his demons within. How this is presented is different from story to story. Sometimes they have what Joseph Campbell calls a "belly of the whale" experience. Where they are physically constrained, and have to face some literal demon-type thing. Sometimes they have real world issues like broken relationships, addiction, or a physical handicap. However they are presented, they represent the same idea. We've all got demons inside, and we'll all face "bad guys" outside. And BEFORE we can face the bad guys outside, we've go to FIRST defeat the demons inside. There is simply no way around this. And like the crazy guy in the Road Warrior screamed, "You can run, but you can't hide!" Because that demon will always be within us, no matter where we go. And until you kill that dude, killing the bad guys outside is going to be difficult. Of course, the bad guys outside come in many forms. A job interview, something important you've got to say to somebody important before it's too late. But unless you destroy the demons within, that "bad guy" outside is going to seem incredibly terrifying. So, how, exactly, do you destroy the demon within? Just like you eat an elephant. One bit at a time. Start by identifying your inner fears. The fears you hope NOBODY ever finds out. Then slay them, one at a time. All your fears come with a specific structure. And once you understand the structure of your fears, you can dismantle them. Take them apart so they lose their hold. Unlike the movies, this takes time, and it is nowhere near as dramatic. You don't actually have to stand on a collapsing bridge shouting, "You shall not pass!" But you do have to the work. If you get busy, you can slay one inner demon per day. All by yourself, in the demon killing arena of your mind. The more of your inner demons you kill, the EASIER it will be to handle all those "bad guys" out in real life. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/tongue-fu/
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    Ten Inch Penis

    All refunds are processed, none are questioned. Please understand how subliminals work: The sessions change your beliefs. Your beliefs change your behavior. Your behavior creates the result The subliminals DO NOT alter reality. The recommendations are as follows: 1) Listen once per day with a clear intention. 2) Journal every day about your results with the following suggested outline: What evidence do I see of changes happening? What things could I DO to enhance these changes? 3) Use your daily journaling and experiences to feed into your visualization. What specific visualizations have you been doing? Have you been doing any journaling? Have you been DOING anything differently to augment your listening? Those that only passively listen without ever doing anything differently will not get results. The sessions are meant to support your efforts, not replace them. I'm happy to provide a refund if you send an email requesting one.
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    I'm assuming that you are listening the 256V versions. Here is what I do. First, I use VLC player. This is a great free open source multimedia player. You can create a playlist, create a loop and have enough tracks to keep your subconscious mind busy all night. So I launch my playlist. I first start the listening with my headphones for some time. I cannot tell how long, I just drift but at some point, I feel the urge to remove the headphones. I unplug them and continue my listening on the speakers while I sleep. I cannot tell where I saw George say it but he says that it is ok to listen from speakers during night as the sole purpose of the headphone is to have the theta brain freqs inducing sounds work. But since when you are sleeping, by definition, your brain is already in a deep state, you don't need this track feature. I have found that like this, it was allowing me to keep listening.
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    Instant Alpha Hypnosis experience

    LOL, we're not creatures! (And some of us are actually really lovely :-) )
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    Gary Vaynerchuk

    Man, I love this guy. This is another dude you should follow. Super super down to earth, and he's one of the best hustlers I've come across, super motivated and on purpose. Def. subscribe for entrepreneurial advice and any motivation. Like you watch 1 video of this dude every morning you will be on point for the rest of the day.
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    Psionics does have a lot of potential, it's true. Telekinesis can be used in all sorts of object movement to replace technology. I can manipulate weather patterns pretty well, through intention alone. Have created rainfall multiple times. Through my intuition, I can peer into the stock market and make pretty good money (and it's only getting stronger by the passing day). All the costs and terrors associated with technology would be unnecessary if we simply trained enlightened superbeings. Remote Viewing by humans, for example, would eliminate crime and terrorism from this planet. If there were a source to invest some big money, I'd build a physical guildhall for this stuff. I will probably do it in the future anyway, after I build up my own wealth.
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    I'm not sure why you feel this gift would be of little advantage Beverly. If one already had access to this ability which already exists in each one of us, then they couple potentialy be able to work it like a muscle till it was superstrong. This would lead to people being able to lift extremely heavy objects in the event of an ememrgency or other situations. I myself once took part in a group telekinesis experiment as a teen. 3 of us sat and concentrated on a large steel ballbearing sitting in a circle on a piece of paper. We did this for what seemed like a long time, but was probably less than we thought. Just as we were about to give up, it moved an inch in one direction. Curiously enough, just after it moved all 3 of us experienced a suddenly jlot of pain in oue heads like a rapid migrain headache that only lasted a couple of mins. Not sure if it was due to some form of backlash of energy or something else. It was an interesting event none the less. Years later, I was working on something and smashed my finger. this jolt of pain must have triggered something as a half full can soda on a table nearby suddenly flew off the table. I wasnt close enough to have hit the table and I was alone and there wasnt a fan on so there wasnt anything I could see that could have effected it like that. I later looking back remebered the steel ballbearing experiement and thought it may have been something along those lines.
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