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    Laura's journal

    I got a phone number! I took on board what George said about being approachable so when a guy I liked kept looking over at me at a party, I made sure I made eye contact and smiled every time. He started looking more and showing off around me. Before he left he gave me his number and said he wants to see me again. I started listening to "people love me" a few days before I saw him.
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    Ex Boyfriend Back Subliminal

    Last night I heard the audio for the first time the exboy friend back subliminal..... and to my surprise today when I awoke I received a call from my ex-husband ... we lately have very little communication, except to send me a joke ...... And he told me I'll call you later and the truth surprises me the speed in reactions of people like the one that was important for me ..Maybe I expected some reaction from some ex but he was like omg I´ll continue whit results soon
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    Hypnotic Seduction - Coming Soon

    The seduction product (ebook) is a specific version of this: http://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling/ It presumes you know how to get a girl alone (coffee date) or you're around people socially where it's appropriate to tell stories. But these are not "seduction" stories, you don't do anything goofy like saying, "take this ride" while pointing at your crotch. The are more like structures (500 words plus) that require a lot of practice. Not something to spit out to a stranger on the street. And nothing that seems "seductive" on the surface. But if you have a few minutes to talk to somebody, (anybody) where's it's socially "appropriate," these will work well. But they presuppose a base level of skill.
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    Super Learning

    Seven Extra Hours of Sessions...
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    Inherent Omniscience

    This is a quick note I want to make, only hitting my Intelligence Goal... Ask yourself this one question : What is it that I need to know NOW to make progress on my process? You can be Inherently Omniscient, where you choose to know anything when the time says it is necessary to know it, and in this way make prodigy-like progress at anything w/ intuition alone. The universe is INFINITE. You cannot possibly ever know EVERYTHING. Focus on what needs to be known NOW, in the PRESENT MOMENT. The prime example being Elon Musk. He does not do anything special... people say he picked up things in 3 years that others do in 30. What he did was know everything that needed to be known AT PRESENT. In short, living moment to moment, and figuring out everything that had to be known right then and there w/ no limiting beliefs obstructing his path forward. This is true genius. Forget about knowing everything... have a set target, and on your way learn the information that needs to be learned, right on the spot, then and there. And that's it for today. Good luck to all of you on your incredible journeys ~ Light.
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    It is so the One Creator may know itself through distorted perception (ie. ego/individual personality) and elevate itself through the 8 dimensions of existence to remind itself through experiential form what it only temporarily forgot; that it is everything! Its also because the Nothing (non-existence) got very bored and wanted to challenge itself; so it created everything. When I was younger 7 years old I use to laugh and think life was a joke; I would constantly think "Am I back here? I was just here." I remember vividly thinking that. I've learned that I am a wanderer from one higher dimension thats why its so easy to understand all of this. I am basically "recapping" on a previous lesson of existence. I chose to be here out of choice in my last living life; My soul needed a challenge; as a child I had things happen to more my emotional self than physical self; the energy needed to be re-aligned it was because I dropped one level (I experienced energy "jet-lag" so to speak). I can't answer what everyone's purpose is in life. I know what mine is. I can only encourage everyone to do what makes them feel most alive because that is our soul's purpose to feel most alive again. It is how it is programmed; that what brings us joy is the reason for our existence. Joy created existence. (I call it the feeling of "eternal happiness" its a great feeling; meditation helps achieve it its like your soul shivers through the mesmerizing beauty that you see all around you. You can see the light. Its the moment You comprehend all the beauty that You created.) Try reading "The Alchemist" if you already haven't (its about following our Personal Legend (Soul Purpose) and through the language of the Universe (ie Signs, visions, Intuition) its written quite beautifully like an adult fairytale. Also Check 'You Are Creators' Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/YouAreCreators All I Know is Life is bliss and Happiness Awaits; Our Emotions are under Control and even though it may not appear this way; our experience every last one is a choice. Once we acknowledge this and understand how empowering it is to take accountability and responisibility for every single last thought. We become mindful creators! Utopia is not altruistic, unreasonable, or even distant from now. All it takes is for every last "lego" piece of the mind (each personality) to become congruent with the whole. We build a new foundation for humanity. Ps. I'm pretty happy with this generation! I've noticed that there is a HUGE consciousness shift; It makes me proud to have been younger in my favourite decade; I wish experienced more of it and I will one day (hate to date myself-- we're all immortal ) I know there is a reason why we exist now but why we were also nurtured in a certain decade collective values
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    Laura's journal

    To be approached, you have to be approachable. Sounds silly, but it's likely that you are giving off a weird vibe. Maybe they see you, and part of them thinks they might get rejected outright if they approach. That's generally what stops guys from approaching, is thinking that there will be a high probability of failure. You might need to do some digging through your brain to find out what may be causing this, OR you could just practice talking to people. Not people you are interested in, just people in general. Not for any reason, just to get experience talking to people and feeling that most people are normal It could be that you have some fears of others that you are projecting, which they (guys that notice you but don't approach) interpret the wrong way. Ideally they want to see you, notice that you are physically beautiful, AND sense that you have a friendly, easy going, enjoyable to talk to type of personality. The best way to radiate that is it simply practice talking to people and gaining experience BEING that person. This is explained more fully in the Manifest Men course, if you have it.
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    Laura's journal

    I've started using the all men love me and irrestible attraction again lately and I am feeling more confident with men. I forgot the results I got with this last time and I'm excited to try these both together this time. I didn't use them long enough last time.
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    Question on Tarot, Crystal , Etc?

    Hi Jerry, I've been using crystals for years and I've found that some are better than others. When I had tonsilitis I used a lapis lazuli and sodalite on my throat and the next day the lumps on my tonsils were gone! I tried it another time I had tonsilitis and the same thing happened. I use them on my chakras. Each crystal is supposed to have specific functions like healing specific things or increasing love and confidence, but they work better if you choose the crystal that matches the chakra in the area you want to work on, for example emeralds and rose quarzt for love (heart chakra), sun stone and citrine for confidence (solar plexus chakra). I'd recommend a quartz crystal as a starter crystal because it works on all chakras and helps clear negative energy. Sometimes people can feel a bit sensitive to the crystals energy so grounding yourself is important when using crystals, especially when working with the higher chakras. I don't know as much about tarot, I've only been using my cards for a few weeks and I'd say they are accurate. Oracle cards are not bad, I've given a lot of accurate readings with them, but so far the tarot seem more acurate.
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    Question on Tarot, Crystal , Etc?

    So my .02 experiences. With Tarot or Psychic stuff - I don't readings on myself, it's generally best to hire someone else to figure things out. I have noticed regardless of how much I improve, there's a default sort of resistance to some things i.e. everyone has certain blind spots that prevent them from being completely successful. This is why working in groups, having a girlfriend, etc. helps. At the very least, you need some sort of guide that can see the full picture w/great clarity. Human beings including me have certain personality traits or weaknesses that lead directly to failure - and this can only be prevented by external circumstances. Environment, guides, good friendships, etc. It's sort of like playing a sport. Without the right supporting casts and pieces that fall into the perfect puzzle, the best players will not win a championship. Whatever you do I would cast aside any inhibitions or skepticism you might have that preventing you from exploring Tarot. If you go to a good honest reader (there are some frauds so it's best you do your research before getting a reading), you'll find it works and it's often deeper than basic life wisdom. Crystals do work but I have found right action passes them in effectiveness. You don't really need a stone for communication, confidence, courage, etc. By taking the right actions, you'll do whatever needs to be done naturally. I needed to heal my relationship w/my family but I would never really take the steps to communicate the way I felt about their behavior, etc. it was a tough conversation, but in the end we reached an understanding and I felt a good amount better about everything. One of my friends say if you're psychologically strong do you really need crystals? I don't know if it is right or wrong, but my line of thinking agrees w/that sentiment.
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    Jerry Journal

    Dear Journal, Victory is just around the corner. So close I can almost taste it. Pretty soon Ill be a completely FREE man. And would have escaped the shackled that bind me to this world. It is nearly done. Just you wait because I am going to set you free. I've solved all the puzzles I need to solve. Unfortunately, immortality is still a difficult puzzle. As I'd expect it would be. I wonder if they even mean pure immortality or a symbolic form of immortality. Whatever I'll not give up my quest for immortality...But there is even something that I desperately desire. And that is complete removal of the game of life. This is quite similar to suicide but the opposite of it. It is pure transcendence of the shit system. Ironically, I find myself in a very similar situation as I first did when I got on this journey. However, it is not fruitless. I have gained more tools, resources, and strategies to solve every single problem known to man. Money is nearly solved. Kundalini is confusing but it's partially solved; If I had to put a number 30% - 50%. Immortality I kinda get it but not enough to say It's solved; if I had to put a number 5%-10%.... I will not accept defeat. I made a vow to you many years ago I'd never quit on this mission of mine. One day you will be completely free from the programmed world and all these retarded people stuck within it. The day will come when you can access that form again. I wonder when it will come. When you rack up even more you will the privacy to further accelerate the evolution of your spirit. But as of right now I advice you to simply keep it cool and play the "human game" for the time being. Otherwise, it won't and it will just create extra complications for yourself. That is true I suppose. You are almost free Gerardo. Keep seeking and you shall find what you are looking for! You will victory is all yours! Hey man, let's continue this conversation some other time. I don't want anyone getting any funny ideas from this post Cheers, Gerardo
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    Hypnotic Seduction - Coming Soon

    Open For Business (be sure to read all the way to the bottom for the special bonus offer)
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    When a person acts with complete confidence, even for insane purposes, it fills a void in us. Powerful people make their followers do insane things by the force of their personalities. It proves the point that the force of a person’s will, of his self acceptance, can be so strong that he can change the view of the masses. He can convince people that what he is doing or saying is beautiful. People become fully accepting in his presence, falling prey to his complete self-acceptance. Self acceptance is very attractive. The one who is most congruent will control the situation. If your frame is strong enough, you can get away with anything. Self acceptance gives you the freedom for fearless expression. The expression of complete self acceptance is the inspiration that we all crave so much. When we see others expressing themselves with self acceptance, we feel a sense of acceptance towards what they are doing too. When we see it in others, we feel it in ourselves and for them and the universe. In that state, we feel acceptance for everything that that all is perfect. There is no rejection for those who have complete self acceptance and they can express themselves fearlessly. Self expression is total, immediate and without conception of time. You’ve got to have complete self expression in order to fully communicate what it is you want to communicate to another. Most of us think that the right to create is for others, not for us. But inspired people show us by example what is possible for everyone. It’s as though there is a cosmic bank somewhere in the universe where the great ones have their accounts. The currency is unlimited creativity and ideas. The rest of us are always trying to borrow from their accounts. Do not borrow from anyone else’s account. We cannot recreate. We must create. Have the attitude that no one before has ever done what you are doing right now. You have to have the arrogance to do what you want to do. Behind every action that you make and every word that you say is the belief that “this is the truth”. Do not believe in wrong actions. Believe that they are right ones because you are the one making them. Authenticity comes from the permission you give yourself to be a genius, to take something that is considered junk and proclaim “this is beautiful”. Power comes from being yourself. You can never get it by recreating. You have to create. For something to be real, it has to come from within you. Do not fear mistakes. There are none. Act as if you just didn’t have a care in the world. There are many ways to get complete self acceptance one being of course through Subliminals. These change your energy and people will respond favorably to the changes. You must if anything be willing to do things that are out of the norm to unleash your hidden power. The warrior archetype accepts death literally and symbolically and this is what makes him live.
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    I am certain, everyone's having the moment... what do I want to do? Here, let me help, construct your own Mythical Page! Your subconscious processes things through images. All you have to do is describe your higher self, your true core frequency or self, through that image, with all the abilities you wish to have, and then meditate to this (or self-hypnotize), and then your subconscious heads you in that direction. As an example, here is Spiderman's Page. http://superheroes.wikia.com/wiki/Spider-Man He has his base of operations. His powers, abilities, and equipments. His skills and abilities. His team affiliations (You are all affiliated to the Society of Co-Creation, at least. ) , his love interests, his personality. etc. etc. You can write down the dream fulfilling life you want on this page, in the sense that he is already leading it, and your subconscious mind will put you on the path of deliverance. For this, you will have to carefully meditate to your needs and desires first, to ascertain that you're in alignment with your highest true good, and then move forward. And that's it. Since you're literally meditating and asking your subconscious to be YOU, in your MYTHICAL FORM, in the form we were born as... Creators... what can possibly go wrong? You now have it all, and don't have to jump around listening to multiple hypnosis sessions like a rabbit.
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    Co-Creation, Anyone?

    What I had in mind was slightly more specific, so that step by step you make your way to a better world. Some examples would be - - Expansion of Nature/Natural Spots. Invitation of Magical Realms into these spots. - Creation of new societies all over the world to sieze their power back and make things happen - Reviving deserts and reversing desertification across the globe. That sort of thing. Very tangible effects w/precision of intention, instead of the more generalized prayer of Prahamsa. Maybe we could dive into the occult and have certain Angels, Spirits, or friendly beings from other realms assist us as well. This would be the newest line of work worldwide: Profession? Co-Creator of a Worldwide Utopia. That, and we would also assist each other grow and uncover our superpowers.
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    Uh Oh. Love really is all.

    Guys, you're actually love. That's it. Really, no joke. The Heart generates infinitely more biomagnetism than the mind. This magnetism makes you more attractive. The Heart, or the Power of Love, is the Law of Attraction. The Heart is the center of all your desires. When you follow your heart, you are fulfilled. Your heart has its own brain. It's YOU, it's the core of your TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF. Your INNER CHILD. Whatever it was you were born as, before society imposed its rules on you. The power of the heart. It's compassionate, it's loving, it's the at the center of your body. It connects your lower desires to your intelligent desires all together. It should be at the seat of your decision making talent. Speak with heart and conviction, and you're fearless. Fear is created by the imagination of your mind, and not your heart. All sound too cheesy? Well, it's all true. Meditate on your heart chakra. Make sure you heal that little guy. It's way too important to be ignored or closed shut because society today has yet to discover the power of the heart. Every great spiritual teacher was trying to teach this in their own way, and went about it differently. Mohammad built great mosques of brotherhood, the Buddha and Jesus healed through the power of love, Krishna danced his way with love. Everyone had their own style, but the message was the same. It's love that will unite, preserve, and move mankind to a golden dawn.
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    Our personal relationship with the Divine is [in my belief] the MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP in our Life and the Universe (no pun intended; Okay pun intended ) As I have been exploring how I interpreted and experienced 'God' in my childhood. Whether it was experiences of clairaudience or meditating and seeing/knowing the multicolored-presence of the One. I've realized that Divinity + Signs of the Divine is the Magic in Life that we recognized as Children. We should tap into that Romanticized Outlook; it obviously makes Life MORE ENJOYABLE Today i went on an amusement ride I hadn't ridden in YEARS! It's called the 'Swings of the Century' & was my Most Favourite Ride in the World! Today I experienced it once again. I was Swinging Freely in the air letting my Naked Toes Kiss the Breeze! It was no less then Pure Angelic Ecstasy. And Yes a Child-Like giggle sneaked up from my adult voice. Please tap into an elated childhood experience; if its possible try to re-experience it! It can create 'new' childhood memories! Its like being given a New Body again. When you give yourself the Permission to be Free like a Child. To let go of the tight grip of the Ego and loosen our inhibitions; we find the pure joy of Living. This Pure Joy is our Main connection to the Divine; some experience this in a stationary sense by going inward (Meditation). I personally like to experience externally and also reflect internally. This way both states are focused on Higher Spiritual Awareness/Appreciation equaling to Total Devotion for Creation.
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    My results with the Audio Session's Hypnosis

    Hey Roberto, Which Financial Hypnosis track(s) worked for you? Can you suggest which ones you listened to and the process you chose (how many times per week/ at night during the day, what kind of affirmation thoughts did you think? Any specific visualisations that had a instant impact?)? I'm looking for concrete results in 2 weeks of constant listening. (I'd really like to move out of my current renting situation) Thanks!
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    *Update: Gratitude for the Wise

    Wow! I am just experiencing little shivers as I am writing this. I could cry with the gifts of depth and insight I have been given through the Amazing New Blogs popping up on the site. Recently the Donanada's first entry & Light's (Children are Limitless Entry) have really moved me. It's like this site is the dream team; everyone's perspective is really opening my eyes to another corner of ignorance in my mind that has now been swept away thanks to our online Sharing Circle. Seriously everyone share your opinions and thoughts regarding Consciousness Experience. Although we may not realize or get to see our efforts and all there positive effects. Believe me this 'space' on the internet is a valuable and powerful one! Shout out to all the New Blogs Whoo! Gratitude to All the Wise People sharing their experiences of Reality/ interactions with Reality. *Also I want to mention that today about an hour ago. I experienced something quite interesting. I fell into a meditative state while listening to 'Healing Energy' and chanting a manifestation code to untie previous energy blockage (aka scar tissue from traumatic injury on hand); during this process I stepped through time. I experienced what seemed like timelessness; can't really experience it in words. Basically it was that I stepped through a tunnel back into this moment without moving forward in (the present) time at all! (It is crucial to note that I was searching up about Teleportation/Time Travel and the scientific aspect of it. I listened to 'Time Control' several times this week; since it allows time to pass quicker at work I just didn't expect it to be triggered so suddenly. Also When I stepped out of that experience I PHYSICALLY felt different. I felt stronger, sturdier like I had been painted with energy; the feeling could be best captured as putting the last puzzle piece into a jig saw. My awareness of my physical senses is COMPLETELY Different! (it's like apathetic to my previous understanding of sense/ this feeling that I've been lied to. I feel the texture of objects I use everyday cellphone, staircase rail. I FEEL/Percieve the texture differently! One theory on this is that the "eyes" in my fingertips have opened. (The healing eyes in the tips of the fingers sense complex energy/etheric structures/information. It is under the Egyptian Alchemical [Energy] Healing Method guided by 'Ra'.) So Happy to Share and Learn from my Fellow Precious Sentients!!! Let's Move Forward Together. Gratitude, Bliss & Unending Love! Love <3 Light Limitless... Skye
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    Dawn of a new Era

    So I'm writing here today my first blog on this site. The past 6 months I have gone through a series of changes that have made me question my beliefs and let go of morals and (Some) limiting beliefs that don't serve me. This is called the sacred Warrior Blog because I intend to rise above the petty battles of the playground of life and fight the real battles inside. I want to point out something that many people fail to understand. The ego is a great thing, trying to get rid of the ego is futile because it would be impossible to experience life without it. In the old myths, the hero didn't kill the dragon (ego), but slayed it because they knew that it could take them to higher heights literally and metaphoricaly. Mastery of your beast nature is the key and not trying to get rid of it. That's like with children, if you favor one over the other you are still a bad parent because they BOTH came from you and have their own untapped potential that if you take the time to nurture, it will blossom. As for me, I'm trying to get rid of all trauma in my Subconscious mind from childhood and early years so I can achieve my destiny which is to protect those in need, express my individuality and form deep bonds with people because I know I have tons of talents that could greatly benifit people but my shyness holds me back. The two most asked and unimportant questions are where were you before you were born and where will you be after? What really matters is what will you do in between ??? A journey is more important than the destination. The sweet lessons you learn, the hardships you will face and the people you will meet makes your life rich and full of meaning rather than waking up with 45 billion dollars in your hand tommorow with all the mates you want. That's an easy way to kill a person because now there's no struggle and no purpose. Time is precious, don't waste it because every second not moving toward your goal is a second that can never seen again. Think about that.
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    Merging Ideas

    Yes, It has been a while. I'm glad to be adding another post! Yesterday an opportunity appeared that I wanted yet it was not in the exact form that I expected so I didn't react quickly enough. Just a gentle reminder to all reading this, that our subconscious does create opportunities and although it may be too obvious to state I will say it anyway "if the opportunity is close enough to your vision respond to it!"; discard the exact image you have in your mind; reality might be creating something better for you. I'm not bummed out; you live and you learn. There was this great moment; where I was chatting with my friend over coffee. I was reminded of how lucky I am to be in her company and the gratitude really overpowered everything. Gratitude reminds me that more doors are open that we can acknowledge. On a different note, Recently I watched a movie called 'Being John Malkovich' it does quite a good job of visually capturing consciousness. I really wonder how different it is to be experiencing the same situation from another person's perspective. Hmmm I wonder, in the future, if renting this sort of simulation experience will exist. It's quite possible; it might be a consciousness study/research. Again food for thought. Love <3 Light Limitless... Skye,