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    incredible lucky things happen

    I purchase the lucky mp3 with the 250 voices, I listen for 2 hours a day and 4 days later a few lucky moments and events happen to me almost everyday and continue to happen, it does work. I have a job where I always have problems and unlucky situations they even call them bad luck situations when getting in trouble with the boss and getting the worse jobe, ever since I listen to george hutton lucky mp3 my life has change, coworkers help me now, and other lucky situations like getting a raise, so this really works, thanks!
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    incredible lucky things happen

    through hes site mindpersuasion.com Iam trying since a few days ago the moneymind and I have receive money from my sister that she promise me to give me because of my mother heritage, among other things, money seems to stay with me more, I really recommend george hutton mp3s
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    Anymore subliminal courses ?

    This is something that is being considered.
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    Weaponized Hypnosis

    Make sure you're using the listening sessions with a full understanding of the course. If you just listen to the sessions without a consciously chosen intention compatible with the ideas in the course it might have negative consequences. Kind of like studying arts, getting pushed by a bully at school and breaking his neck in response. Not suitable for the environment.
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    Weaponized Hypnosis

    I suppose I'll be the guinea pig. I'm starting it tonight. And I am "afraid" of the possible effects. Yes, I hate to use that word. But after reading through the scripts I wonder if I will be giving the death stare to my co-workers. We shall see.
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    New Affiliate Program

    Just sent the email to support@mindpersuasion.com as here i cant send you a direct message. I have a traffic source connected to my own owned business and i want to thanks you with sales, as if i have been able to build all of this (im financially free from years now!) is only thanks to you and your hypnosis, the lifetime access chanced my life completly and the members videos have changed my inner structure completly ...
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    Instant Alpha Hypnosis experience

    LOL, we're not creatures! (And some of us are actually really lovely :-) )
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