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    In NLP we call this an anchor. And if you know how the anchor was set to elicit a certain state you could certainly fire off that anchor again and get that flashback you are looking for. A related story to that when I was in my early 20s working in the computer field I was handed a sheet of paper explaining how it was against company policy to give hitch hikers a ride while in a company vehicle or on company time. I read the paper and handed it back to the HR person so she could give it to the next person to read. She bit my head off, because she thought I was handing the paper back to her in protest that I would not follow this policy. When I explained to her that I did not see her handing this paper out to anybody else and that I assumed she just printed the one copy and wanted to share it with everyone her reply was well I just wanted to "nip that in the bud" now any time i hear someone say "nip that in the bud" my mind goes back to how she yelled at me for no good reason.
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    Yes, two words MK Ultra.
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