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    Custom product request

    Custom sessions are not available at this time. Consider that the visualizations and intentions you use while listening are MUCH more important than the statements themselves. In fact, the idea of getting the perfect, ideal set of affirmations will tend to slow you down. By giving the affirmations MORE weight than your thinking, actions, learnings, intentions, etc., you'll be slowing yourself down. The ABSOLUTE BEST thing you can do to INCREASE your movement toward your goal is to TAKE MORE ACTION, get more feedback, and then use that feedback to take BETTER action. Actual feedback will give your subconscious much more "information" than any affirmations. The affirmations you have now are sufficient SO LONG as you match them with highly emotional intentions and visualizations. As you succeed, your intentions and visualizations can change and STILL BE supported by the same affirmations.
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    Huttons Ebooks & Manuals

    Reading any of Huttons materials are straight up mind fucks .. 😁
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    True.George's subliminals are the best.
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    The Magic Trick Pattern

    There's a powerful technique in the Milton Model. Of course, there are many, and this is but one. It's called the, "I'm not going to tell you..." pattern. It works because as soon as you utter those words, people's brains kind of turn down their defensive shields slightly. So if you say something like, "I'm not going to tell you to buy this product." It is a sneaky way to slip in the "buy this product" command. But it's very useful if you add on a bunch of stuff after. And that it seems like the stuff you add on after is the main part of the sentence. It's kind of like a magic trick. If you study magicians, they often to the "trick" part very early on in their routine. Then they do a bunch of talking after. If they can spit some pretty good game, the talking part is kind of a "mental cover" so you'll forget what happened before. So when they do the "reveal" it will seem much more magical. So when you use the "I'm not going to tell you..." pattern, it works the same way. You put in the command directly AFTER the "I'm not going to tell you..." and then you add on a bunch of stuff that will give them a reason to do EXACTLY what you said you weren't going to tell them to do. For example: I'm not going to tell you to BUY THIS EBOOK, because I want you to decide for yourself whether you would like to significantly increase your charisma and seductive powers. After all, many people find they don't like having gorgeous women following them everywhere and begging for sex. But you can also do this in a much subtler and more profound way. You don't ever actually SAY, "I'm not going to tell you." But you CREATE that feeling. Whenever you approach somebody, either a romantic target or a customer, it's hard to do so and pretend you aren't. If you are a guy, and you walk up to a girl in a social situation (or vice versa) it's pretty obvious what's going on. It's even MORE obvious if you are a salesperson and you approach somebody browsing in your shop. But there IS a way to approach WITHOUT any sales or romantic energy. And then through VERY relaxed and VERY subtle conversation, TURN UP their desire (buying, romantic or otherwise). And do so SO delicately they believe it is COMPLETELY their idea. They will actually believe that they are SPONTANEOUSLY feeling buying or romantic desires. For THEIR reasons. Which means there will be very little, if any, internal resistance. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
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    What is sexual magnetism?

    I think sexual magnetism is just when people find you sexually attractive. They may lust after you, want to have sex with you etc. It CAN be increased, I find ;-) and hypnosis, subliminals, affirmations, things like that can help. A LOT. Focusing on what it would be like - using the law of attraction with this (what do you want, how does it feel and so on). Now, when people find you sexually magnetic, while it may manifest as people letting you know they want to have sex with you, for some people it shows up as people flirting with you more, smiling, staring and so on, I think. You have to remember, Light, if you want women to find you sexually magnetic (hey, many probably already do and you just don't know it!) that we women are so discouraged to be sexual (which by the way I disagree with!) we are ONLY encouraged to have sex in a relationship or ideally marriage, the whole slut-shaming and all that crap, so I am saying this because for a MAN seeking to be seen as sexually magnetic by women, the results may initially be lots more subtle than for a woman seeking to be seen as more sexually magnetic by men. But from what I've read etc, for men, you WILL see results of increasing this of women responding more to you and I think you'd get less resistance if you asked them out or on a date etc. (Plus a lot of us get asked for sex a LOT and it gets annoying so that is a better approach!) If you know Abraham Hicks' processes, they can be used for sexual magnetism: Writing what you like about sex, and like I said, how it feels to get it (heh heh) But definitely things like hypnosis, subliminals, affirmations - any of these, definitely look into the videos here on attraction, they will help you increase this!!! Because it is a mindset though I say this combined with good grooming (you probably also DO have good grooming) And keep telling yourself you are sexy - in fact, I'm sure you ARE, anyway It's sort of the same thing are being sexy, sexually attractive. But it will probably show up as sexually attractive to who you want to attract. Unfortunately I don't necessarily mean specific people though you may get some of that! but more if you want to attract women desiring you, you will get that, a straight woman would attract more men (a gay one more women and so on.) I think confidence comes into it too as they say. One thing I urge you is when you DO increase this, please be honest with women like don't pretend (for e.g.) you want a relationship or lie about their being no other women if they are and so on. You can be a sexually magnetic guy without being a player. (Nothing wrong with an HONEST and polite playboy, by the way, who still asks for and gets sex and the women might ask YOU, try the girls seduce you video here, why not! Have fun and stay safe. By the way, in the products section here: http://mindpersuasion.com/products/ George Hutton has a program for instant Alpha and one for overcoming approach anxiety. Might help too, perhaps?
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