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  1. Yeah, well, suffice to say this product has the same issue as with all the other products I have experienced. The same repeated pattern of - 1. Works while I listen, great results 2. Begins to fade after I stop, and I revert back to my old self but with newfound wisdom. So, a wiser version of my old self. This product did teach me some eye opening social construct lessons and I got better socially, no doubt. That being said, it doesn't quite transform you. There are things that you need to work on yourself. For introverts, especially, it's a long journey from complete introvert to charismatic God. There are many inner issues you need to work on before naturally reaching that level. So if your'e buying this product, I would say do not be delusional about the effectiveness of the hypnosis sessions. Depending on where you're at, it can be a very long term process and this is no magical pill. I will certify 100% though that George's techniques listed in the book do actually work. When I was using it, I felt like I could see through the societal matrix for some time.
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