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  1. Hello to all. I havent been on in a while but wanted to stop in and wish good health to everyone as we have a ongoing virus crisis. May the gods and godesses grant all ultimate good health during this time.
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    Laura's journal

    For me, I work with almost exclusively women and children, so I don't see men at work. But, while I sometimes see handsome men ONLINE, (and the online ones are more likely to be seeking sex, whereas apparently offline they may also be open to dating and relationships ---so I want to see more attractive OFFline ones, who also like me) on the train, and at social events (meet up groups and so on), I don't tend to see men I am actually attracted to. So affirmations also about seeing more handsome men in daily life (e.g. on public transport, at shops, at social events would be great. Men who I
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