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    Elman Induction

    I'm kinda surprised to find this section of the forum currently empty. So with that in mind I will start it off with a simple yet one of the most powerful inductions I currently know of ... the Elman Induction. Now I know and you will probably find hundreds of different variations of this induction but this is the one I learned when I first got certified in hypnosis. Take a long deep breath, fill up your lungs real good and hold it for a second. Now when you exhale, close your eyes down... And let yourself relax. Get rid of that surface tension in your body, let your shoulders relax. It’s okay to relax today. Now put your awareness on your eyelids. You know that you can relax those eyes beautifully. You know that you can relax those eyes deeply, that as long as you choose not to remove that relaxation those eyelids just won’t work … And when you know that you’ve done that, hold on to that relaxation, give them a good test, make sure they won’t work … and notice how good it feels. Test them hard, it’s okay (pause) that’s good. Stop testing let yourself relax much more. That quality of relaxation you are allowing in your eyes is the quality of relaxation I’d like you to let yourself have throughout your entire body. So take that same quality bring it up to the top of your head … And send it down through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Let go of every muscle. Let go of every nerve. Let go of every fiber … And let yourself drift much, deeper, relaxed. You got it. Now let’s really deepen this state. In a moment I will ask you to open your eyes. When you close your eyes, send a wave of relaxation through your body, so very quickly, you’ll allow this physical part of you to relax … Ten times deeper. Just want it and you can have it. Let your eyes become open … close your eyes … And really … Let go. Feel your body relax, much more. You’re doing fine. In a moment I’ll ask you to open and close your eyes again. This time when you close your eyes, double this physical relaxation … Really let It grow twice as deep. Let your eyes become open … Way down … Deeper … Deeper … Relaxed. In a moment we’ll do it one more time … And notice how well it comes in this time as you learn how simple it is … At least double it. All right let your eyes become open … Way down …really let go. That’s good. That’s good. In a moment I’m going to lift your right arm and drop it. Don’t help me lift that arm … And when it drops down, just notice how much more, your body can relax very easily. (arm drop) perfect. Way down. Great… Now the body is relaxed … so let’s get the mind relaxed, that’s really what we want to do. When your mind is relaxed you really can achieve anything you can think of, within certain restrictions of course. In a moment I’ll ask you to slowly begin counting out loud, backwards, starting with the number 100. After each number, simply say the words “deeper relaxed”. After each number double your mental relaxation, let your mind grow twice as calm and still and serene. No if you do this, you’ll discover by the time you just say a couple numbers, doesn’t take long, you’ve relaxed your mind so beautifully and so completely, you’ve actually relaxed all the rest of the numbers out. Want that … And you can have it quickly. Slowly begin counting out loud, backwards, starting with the number 100. Saying the words, deeper relaxed … And relax those numbers right out of your mind. “100 deeper relaxed” That’s good. “99 deeper relaxed” That’s fine “98 deeper relaxed” Now you can let those numbers grow dim and distant, they’re not important. “97 deeper relaxed” And when you’re ready just push them out. “96 deeper relaxed” Now push them on out, jest tell them to leave and they will go. Just let them go … And let them be gone. … Numbers all gone? (or , continue until yes is the reply) Now I hope this helps anybody who is new to hypnosis or has not used the Elman induction before. You can also find quite a few examples of this on youtube but like I said there are many variations of it. This is the purest form I know of and while learning it I made a few changes to it to make it more natural for me. But what I found it when I tweaked it, the induction did not work. I don't know why I just went back to this script and my inductions started working again. So keep that in mind if you do make certain changes it may not work as well but it if it doesn't just go back to the original script.
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    Malthusian Cycles

    Malthusian Cycles: https://mindpersuasion.com/malthusian-cycles/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar25Loop.mp4
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    Hallucinated Statistics

    Hallucinated Statistics: https://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinated-statistics/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar23Loop.mp4
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    Praying for your good health

    Hello to all. I havent been on in a while but wanted to stop in and wish good health to everyone as we have a ongoing virus crisis. May the gods and godesses grant all ultimate good health during this time.
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    New Teachable Affiliate Program

    As you may know, Mind Persuasion has been creating, and will continue to create, video training sessions available on Teachable. To become an affiliate, create a user account here: https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/ Then send your Teachable User Name to: support@mindpersuasion.com And your affiliate account will be activated. Within your affiliate dashboard, once you are signed up to mindpersuasion.teachable.com, you'll see your affiliate link. You'll also see sales and commissions information. For Teachable, you can use one affiliate link for all courses. Course prices are $49-$99 and affiliates will earn a 75% commission. Check back to this thread for Teachable affiliate marketing videos, etc.
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    Whatever you do, go slow and be consistent. Start doing simple things every day until it becomes a happen. Give yourself plenty of time. Very simple, very easy, daily activities are a billion times better than staying on the sidelines trying to figure out what to do.
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    Reptile Eating Scam...(also question)

    Hard to give specific advice without specific information. But generally, being afraid of the unknown is natural and healthy. One piece of advice I heard a long, long time ago was to set a goal to be superior to any role model. A useful metaphor to use both as a directional, motivational goal AND will counterbalance any anxieties is to imagine a time in the future when you are giving advice to her, in a genuine and profound way. As far as twin-flames, it is a useful metaphor. But then again, everything is a metaphor, even matter itself. According to quantum and particle physics, matter is really yet another manifestation of energy. Just be sure you're not too attached to the metaphor itself, and instead attempt to learn what the metaphor is intending for you. What growth based actions to take. A twin flame union may be an unobtainable yet powerfully motivational goal. To drive us to seek communion with the other halves of our very best selves. In order to do that, you must BE your very best self.
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    How To Obliterate Approach Anxiety

    Ten exercises to destroy it and replace it with a much more positive idea, that attractive people are safe and fun to talk to. https://mindpersuasion.com/ten-easy-exercises-to-obliterate-approach-anxiety/
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    In NLP we call this an anchor. And if you know how the anchor was set to elicit a certain state you could certainly fire off that anchor again and get that flashback you are looking for. A related story to that when I was in my early 20s working in the computer field I was handed a sheet of paper explaining how it was against company policy to give hitch hikers a ride while in a company vehicle or on company time. I read the paper and handed it back to the HR person so she could give it to the next person to read. She bit my head off, because she thought I was handing the paper back to her in protest that I would not follow this policy. When I explained to her that I did not see her handing this paper out to anybody else and that I assumed she just printed the one copy and wanted to share it with everyone her reply was well I just wanted to "nip that in the bud" now any time i hear someone say "nip that in the bud" my mind goes back to how she yelled at me for no good reason.
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    Yes, two words MK Ultra.
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    Perception of Realitys

    VIDEO NOTES So there are 3 filters for reality Delete Distort Generalize IR= Internal Representation (Ie. American Flag; What do you feel when you see that? Freedom, Consumer Culture etc) This mental picture evokes a FEELING, this FEELING motivates ACTION or INACTION. Can't get depressed while sitting up straight and smiling. Physiology dictates emotions (Confident Physiology equates to Happiness since you cant access those negative emotions). Emotional Cortex SIMPLE BREAKDOWN Of Mental Process EXTERNAL EVENTS ==> THOUGHTS ==> if it is congruent with our filters it creates... ==>Beliefs ==> We have a certain emotion regarding Intial External Event (ie. Image of American Flag) ==> Moves us to Action Or Inaction Vid Explains it All Enjoy! Happy Manifesting!
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