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    Custom product request

    Custom sessions are not available at this time. Consider that the visualizations and intentions you use while listening are MUCH more important than the statements themselves. In fact, the idea of getting the perfect, ideal set of affirmations will tend to slow you down. By giving the affirmations MORE weight than your thinking, actions, learnings, intentions, etc., you'll be slowing yourself down. The ABSOLUTE BEST thing you can do to INCREASE your movement toward your goal is to TAKE MORE ACTION, get more feedback, and then use that feedback to take BETTER action. Actual feedback will give your subconscious much more "information" than any affirmations. The affirmations you have now are sufficient SO LONG as you match them with highly emotional intentions and visualizations. As you succeed, your intentions and visualizations can change and STILL BE supported by the same affirmations.
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    Huttons Ebooks & Manuals

    Reading any of Huttons materials are straight up mind fucks .. 😁
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    True.George's subliminals are the best.
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