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  2. Ancient Origins Of Love https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/
  3. Awaken Your Ying Yang Authority: https://mindpersuasion.com/awaken-you-yin-yang-authority/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
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  5. The Secrets Of Magic https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/
  6. Xenophon And The Warriors https://mindpersuasion.com/xenophon-and-the-warriors/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
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  8. How To Be The Source Of Truth: https://mindpersuasion.com/how-to-be-the-source-of-truth/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  9. Secret Juggling Memory Technique https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/
  10. The Two Wish Genie Paradigm https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/
  11. How To Demonstrate Real Authority: https://mindpersuasion.com/how-to-demonstrate-real-authority/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  12. The Tarot Card Prediction Disaster https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/ https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/the-tarot-card-prediction-disaster
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  14. Elite Depopulation Disaster https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/
  15. Moving Pictures and Seductive Ideas: https://mindpersuasion.com/moving-pictures-seductive-ideas/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  16. The Stand Up Amnesia Comedian: https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/
  17. The Lesser Known Persuasion Technique: https://mindpersuasion.com/the-lesser-known-persuasion-technique/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
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  19. Storytelling Bartender https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  20. Beware The Rattlesnake In The Box https://mindpersuasion.com/beware-the-rattlesnake-in-the-box/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  21. https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/embedded-command-picnic-love Embedded Command Picnic Love: https://mindpersuasion.com/embedded-command-picnic-love/ More Mind Persuasion Tools: http://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ Books: http://mindpersuasion.com/kindle/ $9 Programs: https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/ Subliminals: http://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb23_Post.mp4 Most people have heard of embedded commands. Or at the very least, this thing called "NLP." Or perhaps "covert hypnosis." It's commonly believed that this type of covert persuasion is kind of like black magic. Or black arts, or some advanced CIA based mind control. Kind of like MK Ultra. Particularly the embedded command. As it's generally taught, it's kind of a secret "hack" into somebody's brain. Like if you are a real estate agent, and you walk around the house, and you look at the customers and sa
  23. Parasitic Metaphors: https://mindpersuasion.com/parasitic-metaphors/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb23_Loop.mp4
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb22_Post.mp4 There are some pretty funny jokes based on logical fallacies. Based on the following structure. All kangaroos are mammals. But not all mammals are kangaroos. The joke involves some kind if misinterpretation of this. Sometimes this is used as a kind of "seemingly insightful" political statement. For example, imagine the following said with utmost seriousness: "Not all people who support candidate are X, but all bad people support candidate X." But that sentence basic logical truth can be twisted in pre
  25. Separation Anxiety Disaster: https://mindpersuasion.com/separation-anxiety-disaster/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb22_Loop.mp4
  26. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb21_Post.mp4 Here's a cool party trick you can try. It's easy and can get you some pretty quick positive results. It does require you do this with friends, or people you feel at least a little bit comfortable with. Anyhow, here's the trick. Talk about something that happened to you recently. A regular, average story. Nothing spectacular. In fact, the more boring the better. For example, talk about how you made a peanut butter sandwich. First, figure out how you'd describe it normally. "Yesterday I was hu
  27. Ghost City Apocalypse: https://mindpersuasion.com/ghost-city-apocalypse/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb21_Loop.mp4
  28. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb20_Post.mp4 Watching TV interviews is like watching a boxing match. The interviewer isn't ever really trying to make a point. One way to see these conversations is in two different categories. Where the interviewer agrees with the politics of the interviewee. These interviews are us vs. them. We, and those who agree with us are AWESOME. All those goofs out there to disagree are BAD. Or they are confrontational. And since confrontation is much more interesting to watch, most of them are like this. To start, w
  29. Long Game Angel: https://mindpersuasion.com/long-game-angel/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb20_Loop.mp4
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