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  2. Disclaimer: This journal is intended to convey insight on human nature. Some might be a reflection on my own psyche. Some is just relaying the condition of reality. Some is just storytelling in a way to convey an idea. Whatever, the case, I hope you have fun enjoying the readings here. There are intended to be EDUCATIONAL while being ENTERTAINING. Without further ADO let's begin... Attack of The Killer Penguins... Do you seem them they are always watching... They are always listening... Sometimes I can't go to sleep knowing that the Killer Penguin is just around the corner ought to get me. But I can reassure you I am not crazy... I am not schizoWHATEVER. You telling me you don't see those penguins?? *looks in shock* This can't be... Either you are stuck in the lower planes or perhaps I am really just hallucinating... But, I would never dare to admit I am crazy. I don't want to end up with a white stray jacket and in the psyche world with all those wack jobs. But maybe those are the normal people whose bodies have left the physical world and are in more in the "spiritual world." Some say when they go in Coma they discover God. Or the times of near death experiences some people claim they encoutered a divine being. Look there it is right there!! Do you see? It's the penguins. It's listening to our convo. It's trying to spy on us and collect data on us to report back to the Reptile warlord whose eating human brains. Oh right, so you don't believe me? But, you can believe the world is Flat, right? Ridiculous. Hold on let's continue this conversation some other time. The penguins are too close and watching and listening to our every move. Let me go buy some BOOZE so I can DROWN the PAIN AWAY. But, I am afraid of the things I do when I get drunk. I can get very abusive. But, I make sure to censor all the bad things that I commit, so I don't ruin my reputation. Image is everything in today's world. And no I am not a wack job - you obviously are just stuck in a place where you cannot just SEE. But when your eyes open you can see ALL. And then you'll be like me. Always looking around the corner making sure no one is watching. LOOK THERE ARE THE PENGUINS. PLEASE YOU GOTTA HELP ME!! THEY ARE COMING FOR ME!!!!!! They know I ascending into the level of the Gods. And THEY are trying to stop me before I CAN ACCOMPLISH MY MISSION. Many people in the past had a sort of GOD COMPLEX, but not me. I know where I STAND.
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  4. What's up what happen to that woman you were giving therapy you know the one when you went to the laundry you felt a little anxious about. I was left wondering about her. Is this reality really real? Often times it feels like a dream haha. Man maybe those hippies who consume mushrooms and travel the galaxy are living in the real world. Who knows man! With our pineal gland blocked it's hard to see the real world BECAUSE the government wanted to keep people as slaves. And their genius ideas were. They decided to 1 ) Demasculinize man - Can't have a bunch of rebellious men disobeys the puppet masters. Let's program man to be more obedient slaves and reward them as loyal puppets. 2) To add FLOURIDE TO OUR TAP WATER THAT BLOCKS OUR THIRD EYE 3) And many more... Man, I tell you these government f*ckers... All they care about is money and making sure people stay right where they are at THE BOTTOM. Woah I think I went of a tangent. This sure wasn't intended... Don't mind me this was just some CONSPIRACY who knows if it really is true
  5. https://mindpersuasion.com/remember-the-spiritual-side/
  6. admin

    Talk Like A Penguin

    Humans have been telling each other stories since the dawn of time. One way to think of stories is a device to implant post-hypnotic suggestions. The way these are shown in movies (usually comedies) is by putting somebody in a trance. While they are in a trance, they say something simple like, “Every time you see the color red, you will talk like a penguin!” Since it’s fiction, it has to be simple for the audience to understand. Essentially, it’s presented as a cause-effect idea. “Color red” = “talk like a penguin” But from a structural standpoint, that is pretty much the way it really happens. Put somebody in a trance, and then slip in the new causal connection. The way it happens stories is much more organic. And it can take a lot more time. This could be THE REASON we humans developed an instinct for stories. SO THAT these “new” causal loops could be implanted. Old people tell young people stories. In a very ancient, hunter-gather, tribal environment, how would that work? Old people tell young people stories. About heroes battling monsters. Killing the monsters and saving their friends, family and loved ones. Told enough time, it builds in the “causal-effect” connection. But instead of something silly, it builds in something EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Namely, that seeing a big animal (monster) will cause them to feel CONFIDENCE and a massive desire to kill it. So they can “save” their family, friends, and loved ones. All stories are designed to implant cause effect ideas in our brains. To give us confidence where we might feel fear. Or hope when we might feel sadness. This is why we LOVE stories so much. They are designed, on an instinctive level, to make us feel good. This is also why the BEST sales letters are told in story format. They do the same thing. The hero is the reader. The villain is the problem the reader is having. The tool they can use to slay the villain is the product. When they buy the product, they feel heroic and uplifted. Able to save their friends, family and loved ones. Sometimes this is very subtle and covert. Sometimes this is very blatant and overt. But it’s always there. Lucky for us, plenty of smart people have studied the structure of these sales letters. Not just the sales letters as a whole, but the individual components. From a story standpoint, from a sales standpoint, from a linguistic standpoint, and from a hypnosis standpoint. Which means you can learn ALL these techniques. And slay whatever villains you feel like slaying. And to help others do the same. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    Jerry Journal

    The Voices at night haunt me. But these are different type of voices. I feel genuinely sorry.. The voices tell me "Gerardo Why didn't you save me?" You were called to be a hero and you denied us repeatedly. And I tell you the same thing I told you 20 years ago. I am sorry I just have my own problems to deal with. I am sorry...I cannot save you when I need to save myself. The old voices of all the lost soul I let die eat me at night. Why Didn't you step in to stop the EVIL? Are you evil or are you just a coward? NO! Neither I just... Yea I know going through your own issue, right? So you let us get murdered? Now, for your sin, you shall remember us for life. And we will eat at you FOREVER. For not saving us when you could've. WHY WAS I CALLED?! I never asked to be called? I never ask to be a damn hero! All I want to do is retire and be by the damn beaches where I don't have to deal with anyone or anything. Oh really? But what does your heart say? Ever since you watched your first cartoon you always dreamt of being a hero. So why do you LIE to Yourself? So I ask again...Why didn't you save us? Are you just a coward? Why do you deny the calling? Why Why Why? I don't know OK! Maybe I am just not good enough... BS! If you weren't good enough you wouldn't have been called in the first place. So why did you let us die Gerardo? IT JUST WASN"T MY TIME OKAY GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! I HAD MY OWN DAMN ISSUES TO FIX OKAYYYY!!!! So is that why you let us die?
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    Infinite Power Within

  11. Watching actors give speeches is interesting. Especially when they are nervous. For example, if they give a thank-you speech after getting an award, they frequently rely on notes. (Assuming they don’t go off on a political tangent...) These are people that are the absolute best in the world at communicating carefully crafted words. Normally, the words are written by experts. The actors practice them over and over. When they make movies, they take plenty of takes. They record them from plenty of angles. Even the crappiest movies on Netflix are practiced and filmed and dubbed and cut together. So when you see an A-lister giving a speech, it’s always interesting to see how NORMAL they sound. It’s very easy to imagine that people actually talk like they do in the movies. But when giving a speech in front of others, even the most skilled communicators in the world are too terrified to glance away from their notes. If you ever watched politicians go off on rants, that too is very practiced. Politicians practice those rants over and over in front of staff. AND they hire professional coaches. The idea of somebody just standing up and speaking eloquently and spontaneously off the top of their head is EXTREMELY rare. Even “man on the street” interviews on the news are rehearsed. They stop a guy, and spend a few minutes going over what he wants to say, and let him practice a few times. The people that are the most eloquent persuaders are salespeople. And they are eloquent because they have the SAME conversations with the SAME people over and over. Practicing spontaneous speaking is NOT something most people consider. But it IS something YOU can practice. Funny thing is you don’t need to speak to practice. Because just like martial arts, you can practice certain MOVES over and over again. Until those individual MOVES become second nature. There are certain “moves,” or linguistic patterns that can be practiced over and over, through writing. And since practicing these will build in new neurological connections, you’ll be able to speak in these linguistic patterns. This is something very few people are aware of. Even fewer take the time to practice. So when you make this a habit, you’ll have major advantage. Whenever, and however you do your speaking. AND your writing. Writing, of course, allows you the ability to take something that is already written, already out there being read, and slowly tweak it. So it keeps getting better. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    Obey The Voice

  13. admin

    Words Vs. Boobs

    Most people have an idea of the halo effect. It’s when people that are attractive have an easier time than the rest of us. A famous study unquestioningly illustrated this. They sent in attractive people to job interviews. Carefully prepped them to give purposely boneheaded answers. They also prepared normal looking people. The normal looking people gave very good answers. As you’d expect, the pretty people who gave dumb answers were hired at a higher rate than the normal people who gave intelligent answers. The conclusion most people draw from this is life ain’t fair. Lucky for us normal folks, it isn’t fair. That is FANTASTIC news. Why? Because the halo affect only applies to those who are GENETICALLY gifted. The halo effect is something you either have, or don’t have. Sure, you can dress nice, wear some nice perfume or cologne, but if you ain’t got a pretty face, there’s not much to do. At least if you’re a normal human. Lucky for you, you know how the halo effect works. It’s used in advertising all the time. They put a sexy person next to a toaster, and people buy toasters. (Put my ugly mug next to a toaster and somebody’ll call the cops...) But for those skilled in the arts of covert hypnosis, you know you can CREATE the halo effect. The way it normally works is somebody looks at a pretty girl with big boobs. And that creates a GENETICALLY PROGRAMMED feeling of, “Holy crap! I’d like some of that!” That feeling, of course, gets stuck to the toaster, or whatever else they are selling. But there are MANY ways to create that, “I want that” feeling. Sure, sticking a model up there with big boobs is easy. She just stands there and creates that feeling all by herself. But you can create an equally powerful feeling with words. The thing with words is you can shape them. Form them like a master sculptor. Allowing you to create LASER TARGETED halo effects that you can attach to ANYTHING you want to. This is a skill. And skills can be learned. Practiced. Enhanced. The more you practice them, the better they’ll get. As long as you can breathe and think, the more you can enhance your super customizable halo effect powers. Compare to that sexy model with the big boobs. Time is NOT her friend. But it is YOURS. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    We're All Gonna Die!

  15. Everybody loves resonance. Of course, few people ever take the time to study the scientific aspects of it. But if you’ve ever had fun on a swing as a kid, you were a perfect student of resonance. Scientifically, resonance is vibrating a system with an externally applied force, where the externally applied force is the SAME frequency as the system. Kids swing their legs with the same frequency as the kid-swing system. This is how they can get such big oscillations. It’s also how a group of soldiers allegedly collapsed a bridge. Their marching cadence was the same frequency as the bridge. And they got such big oscillations, the bridge collapsed and everybody dies. Of course, this may be a myth. They tried to prove (or disprove) this on the TV show, “Myth Busters,” and were unable to. Resonance is also how you can run your fingers around the rim of a wine goblet, and get it to sing. The small jumps, due to the friction between your finger and the glass, are the SAME frequency as the wine goblet. And by varying the level of wine, you change the resonance frequency, and therefore the pitch. This is how those guys on YouTube can play music with wine goblets. Resonance is also how professionally trained singers can break glass. This is similar to the soldiers on the bridge. The soldiers marched at the same frequency of the bridge until it broke. The singer sings at the same frequency of the glass until it breaks. Humans also can have a resonance frequency. When two people “click” that’s what this means. They are on the same “wavelength.” Their energy is overlapping on many levels. This is those magical dates that start off as simple “meet and greets” and end up as marathon conversations that you NEVER want to end. Most people think these are rare and chance events. But you know better. You know that by studying the art of conversational hypnosis, you can deliberately resonate with a great number of people. And if you can create a carefully written sales page that resonates with a great number of people, you can make a HUGE amount of money. This is why doing this via text is actually MUCH easier. In a conversation, once the words leave your mouth, you can’t re-speak them. But once you’ve got a sales letter and some traffic, you can tweak it. Just like a little kid on a swing keeps tweaking his legs until he’s got the MAXIMUM oscillations. Setting up a sales page and tweaking it until you’ve got MAXIMUM conversations is basically the same process. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    Welcome The Other

  17. admin

    Dead Water Beliefs

    There’s a pretty cool phenomenon called “dead water.” It’s when two different layers of water are different temperatures. And they are going in separate directions. You can’t tell from the surface. You’ll be sailing along, and suddenly you’ll stop. You won’t see anything, but your boat suddenly slows down. But if you set up an experiment, where you can watch from the side, it’s clear what’s happening. Many people do things for different reasons. Often, we don’t know ourselves why we do things. There are the surface structure reasons that we tell ourselves. Then there are the deeper reasons that we sometimes know, but sometimes don’t. If you’ve ever gotten pretty close to success, but then blew yourself out, that’s why. On a deep level, you had beliefs that were incongruent with what you wanted on the surface. This is commonly called “self sabotage.” If you pay close attention to how people speak, you can actually tell what their deep beliefs are. These are the beliefs they use conversationally, but in a very subtle way. Once you train yourself, you can see these deep beliefs everywhere. So much you can understand other people MORE than they understand themselves. What you DO with this information is up to you. It can help you know who to trust, and who not to. It can help you understand what people REALLY want, and figure out how to give it to them. Even better is when you can deliberately SPEAK with these deep beliefs. Most people only speak and understand these deep beliefs subconsciously. It creates the “feelings” we get about other people. Whether we like them, trust them, or want to have nothing to do with them. Needless to say, understand how to speak in these deep beliefs is a VERY powerful skill to have. A skill this powerful takes practice. To be sure, it’s not something you’ll understand just be reading about it. But if you take the time to understand it (which is easy) and to practice it (which is easy but takes time and consistency) you will be VERY effective in all forms of communication. Speaking and writing. For any purpose. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    Street Jesus Hustler

  19. They say that we’ve got to see an advertising message about six times before we take action. This is a pretty old statistic based on old advertising techniques. Billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads, etc. Things that pop up and only exist in our peripheral attention. For example, you’re sitting and watching TV, and an ad pops on. You don’t pay attention to the ad very much. So we watch ads passively like we watch most TV. There are a lot of variables that determine how well a TV ad slips into your brain. What kind of a day you are having. The interest (or lack) you have on the TV show. Wether you are putting off doing something (like the dishes) or are finished for the day. Reading long sales pages are something else entirely. The longer people read, the more their interest is held. And if you have a well written sales page, based on slippery slope technology, they’ll get more and more interested. Especially when you apply fractionation. Fractionation is a very misunderstood concept. People think it’s a quick and easy “trick” to use to seduce women. But it’s a type of covert hypnosis. It can only be used WITHIN covert hypnosis. It’s not something that can be used on it’s own. Unless you are conversationally fluent in covert hypnosis, you can’t use fractionation. It’s kind of like an advanced photoshop technique. Until you learn the basics of photoshop, you can’t learn any advanced photoshop techniques. So, what IS fractionation? It’s when you slip the reader (or listener) in and out of hypnosis. In a conversation or on a slippery slope. Every time they slide BACK INTO hypnosis, it will be much deeper. This is essentially the process of fractionation. Slowly pulling them OUT and slowly putting them BACK IN to a comfortable and pleasant state of hypnosis. Being able to do this conversationally takes a LOT of practice. But you can also do it through text. It requires a fairly long, slippery slope sales letter. But so long as they keep sliding DOWN that sales letter, if they are also sliding IN and OUT of hypnosis, you can use fractionation. So by the time they get to the END of the sales letter, it will FEEL LIKE they have been EXPOSED to the product several times. Many guys do this with girls and seduction without really knowing they are using fractionation. Meet her in one part of the bar. Take her to another part. Take her to another bar. Take her out for waffles. Done correctly, it will FEEL LIKE 4-5 dates, but in ONE NIGHT. And after four or five dates, or four or five exposures to the product, THAT is when the ACTION happens. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    Walk Away

  21. admin

    Nomadic Lifetsyle

  22. admin

    The Paradox Of Learning

    There is a lot of mythology built into any kind of self help idea. And that’s because we ourselves have a lot of inner conflicts. It’s very normal for us humans to believe two things on two different levels. Especially any beliefs that might cause us any ego damage. We keep our REAL beliefs deep below the surface. And our fake beliefs up close to our consciousness. Our real beliefs are what drive our LONG TERM actions. These deep, real beliefs are the ones that sabotage us. It’s similar in structure to a guy who has very good “short term game” but not such a great personality. Since he’s got fantastic short term game, he can do pretty well with the ladies. But after a month or two, when he runs out of “techniques” his real personality will start to show. That’s when the relationship crumbles. It’s the same for girls. Once you get past the surface level beauty, and down into her real personality, things can fall apart. For beliefs, we can try really hard on a conscious level, and have some success. But then our deep REAL beliefs will mess us up. One of the ways this surface structure belief works in self help is any idea that learning is quick and easy. This lets us believe that if we read a book, or attend a seminar, or accept any idea, it’s going to actually change our behavior. In the realm of self-help, it this seems very much true. But in other areas, this same idea would be extremely silly. Nobody thinks that by watching a bunch of videos on playing the piano would make you a fantastic piano player. Nobody thinks that by reading a book on martial arts would make you an exceptional martial artist. Both of these require lots of practice. The harsh truth about any self development is it’s EXACTLY the same. Most anything worth doing will require a lot of practice. It’s kind of like the old saying about genius. 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. For most things that will get you the stuff you want, it’s the more or less the same ratio. A little bit of learning, and a LOT of practice. The question becomes what to practice. Because if you spend a lot of time practicing the wrong thing, you’ll end up with a skill nobody wants. Which is why you should practice something that will give you a skill MANY people not only want, but will pay you a lot of money for. What skill is this? Being persuasive, both in writing and conversationally. The ideas are fairly simple. The practice is where it’s at. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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    Temple of Solomon

  25. admin

    Why Actors Sell Cars

    One of the most powerful forces of persuasion is authority. The Milgram experiment showed this. A guy in a white coat pretended to be an authority figure. And ONLY on his say-so, people would shock some poor guy. Even to the point where the guy was BEGGING for the pain to stop. The pain and the shocks were fake. The study was a set up. What they really wanted to see was how high of a shock somebody would give a stranger ONLY because the authority said so. The shocks were fake, but the person giving them didn’t know it. Nearly 70% of people gave shocks ONLY because the authority said so. Before they did the study, they figured only a small percentage would give them. The results horrified EVERYBODY. The uncomfortable truth about us humans is that when an authority speaks, we pretty much turn off our brains. We do what they say. We believe what they say. Mostly without even the slightest question. This leads to some VERY uncomfortable truths. One of them is that for many of us, the ONLY REASON we believe what we believe is because some authority figure said so. (It HAS to be true! The guy on TV said so!) On the other hand, if you can LEVERAGE authority, you can convince anybody to do pretty much anything. This is why famous actors do car commercials and other goofy ads. Simply by seeing the famous actor, people buy WAY MORE STUFF. It turns out the REASON they are an authority is irrelevant. Only that they ARE an authority. Which is famous actors, singers and athletes can get away with talking about stuff they really don’t much about. Another POWERFUL idea in persuasion is Dale Carnegie’s golden rule. Which says you can get ANYBODY to do ANYTHING (or believe anything) so long as they think it was THEIR idea. Turns out there is a very clever way to combine these two laws. How? If you KNOW the pain that your customer or target is feeling, you can create the idea that YOU are an authority. If you can accurately describe the pain they are going through, even if it’s very slight pain, they will start to think YOU are an authority. And because it will feel like THEIR idea, it will have a very powerful effect. So when you recommend a SOLUTION for their pain, they’ll accept it without resistance. This is a very powerful technique in copywriting. One you can use in many, many areas. Combined with some hypnotic techniques, it can be your own secret weapon. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  26. admin

    Secret Stripper Hypnosis

  27. A lot of efficiencies are built into our mind-body systems. The more you do something, the more efficient you get. This is built into our sensory systems. If you keep perceiving the same things, you’ll get much more efficient. Meaning you brain will naturally learn to perceive MORE information with LESS energy. A good example is chess players vs. non-chess players. If you take a NON chess player, and show them a chess board configuration, they’ll only remember a certain amount of data. The types of pieces, where they are, etc. But if you take an experienced chess player, they’ll look at the same board, and in LESS time, remember MORE information. BUT with a very important caveat. If the chess board is set up as if an actual game were in process, the chess player would remember it EXACTLY the way it is. Because their brains have learned to see STRUCTURES. They’ll immediately see which pieces are threatening other pieces. Which pieces have been taken. They can even recognize the actual game, if it is a famous one. But here’s the kicker. If the chess board is arranged completely randomly, so it’s NOT set up as if it were mid-game, but with the pieces truly scattered randomly around the board, the chess player won’t be able to remember ANY MORE than a non-chess player. Our brains, then, only become more EFFICIENT with respect to specific structures. So the more you learn and practice any particular structure, the BETTER your brain will get at using that structure. The more you practice, the more efficient your brain will be. You’ll see and use MORE with LESS brain energy. So, what structures should you study? Becoming a chess master would be kinda cool. But in reality, there’s not a lot of money in chess. And if you’ve ever been to a chess tournament, they aren’t exactly known for their after-parties, if you catch my drift. And chess skills can really ONLY be applied to chess. How about another common structure, that you can apply ANYWHERE? What structure is that? Language, of course. The more you CONSCIOUSLY learn and PRACTICE the specific structures of language, the more effectively you can use it. And the more effectively you can recognize it. Meaning you can USE language to implant any ideas in anybody’s brain you want. And you can RECOGNIZE language to SEE all the ideas people THINK they are hiding. This is about as close to a REAL super power that you can develop. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  28. https://mindpersuasion.com/ancient-witches-and-monsters/
  29. admin

    The Golden Trifecta

    I watched an interesting documentary the other night. It was trying to frame itself as neutral, but the narrator was far from neutral. You could tell by the presuppositions she was using. Presuppositions are linguistic structures we use to hide the ideas we don’t want questioned. Since it’s a part of language, we all do it unconsciously. We all have ideas we very much like to believe, but we would be hard pressed to come up with a rational reason WHY these are true. When we use these ideas in a sentence, we hide them inside these linguistic presuppositions. And unless you take the time to train yourself to see them consciously, they will work like they are supposed to. One person will be talking, and all of these subconsciously hidden ideas will slide from one brain to another. When we more or less AGREE with the other person, it gives us a very positive feeling. But also very vague. If we more or less DISAGREE with what they are saying, it will come across as them “rubbing us the wrong way” but we don’t exactly know WHY. Most of us rarely get that “rubbing the wrong way” feeling because we tend to hang out with our own “kind.” Confirmation bias in action. Our friends are our friends mainly BECAUSE we share a lot of those same beliefs. As we naturally use language, we use these presuppositions to hide ideas we LIKE to believe but would never be able to logically defend. But when you TRAIN yourself to use these linguistic presuppositions, you’ll not only spot them everywhere, but you can consciously choose WHICH beliefs to slip inside their brains. Now, what ideas, specifically, would you want to slip inside their ideas? Since you can use these just as well (if not better) in text, you could slip in ideas about a product you might be promoting. That it has a TON of social proof. That it has a TON of authority behind it. And that it’s going to be GONE very quickly. These three ideas, (authority, social proof and scarcity) can sell a lot of products. The golden trifecta. So if you can slip in these three ideas associated with your product, your service, or YOU (on a resume, for example) the person reading it will FEEL those things. But since they’ll be hidden, they’ll just kind slide off the page directly into their brain. How do you learn these? By doing writing drills. Learn Them Here: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywritng/
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