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influencing through music.



Doing recent researching on audio and music engineering along with biology and music . i have come to the conclusion that music affects us in a cell to cell communications along with our bio energic fields. Learning advance engineering of energy systems , music affects us at a 4d motion of how we interact and react. All these tools can be learned on coursera (^.^) (open source education)


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Update, i have found out through energy engineering classes through duke university that our bodies have a magnetic feild that spread out around our bodies that contain all of our memory and all information that we have learned. A sudden spark of genius level innovational thought came in mind. Could it be possible that we can convert different types of knowledge into sound and put it into our memory field? If so this could help us learn things faster and effective. The knew way of downloading knowledge into your body:)

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"Thoughts and emotions are biochemical electrical charges that communicate information into the cellular cytoplasm. Essentialy thoughts are like microcurtents that are sent out on a wave-form influencing the trillions of cells that comprise the bio-community of our body. These thoughts and emotions leave imprints within our cells. Intentional sound, light and breath are all effective systems to deliver information into the cells that can help neutralize negative imprints from our past emotions and experiences." 

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We are music. Yogis invented mantras for this specific reason - Repeat the right mantra and you'd see a desire fulfilled. Be this superpower, money, love, life, or self-realization. 


A song sung with a very pure and angelic voice can raise everyone's consciousness and usher us into a Golden Era. Essentially mainstream consciousness needs a musical revolution, and from there everything could trickle down the right way. 

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