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A possible New Way of understanding programming?



I stumbled upon a wonderful amazing site that could help understand the different types of programs we are under. check this site out and let me know what you think? this is by far the most advanced way of seeing how programming works and could be very effective once applied.






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I feel the one mistake these types of sites make is assuming humans are computers in any way shape or form. These are merely machines that human beings built for convenience. Human Beings are Magicians, more creators. They create worlds at will. 


My understanding still is that the newborn child is perfect. And from there society starts compiling poop into the newborn's intelligence. 


I guess I am asking the question that all society just sort of assumes to be true - would a newborn child raised in the forests and wilds eventually turn into a human being with low level intelligence? I am questioning the basic premise. How is that possible? If society is the one who programs it, then a child raised with no programming would have supreme potential!


Food for thought. 

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Sure. Inigo Swann was said to have run into one while grocery shopping. All kinds of otherworldly beings exist, including Reptilians, but human beings have the ability to protect themselves from these creatures. 


It's only the Government that fears these things due to their own lack of spiritual/psychic prowess. You or anyone that's been around these corners should've come across the knowledge on how to protect yourself. 

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