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A free world.



Recently i have been thinking , wouldn't it be nice if we can live in a world where we can thrive on? That we can live in houses without paying anything. A place where all things are abundant and provided to all of us, a place where we can live in harmony and develop to the fullest potentials, a place where currency is no longer the means for getting things, at place where all beings on the planet cared/love for each other equally? A place where enslavement or government doesn't exist, a place where we support eachother in reaching to the fullest development of life.


I believe it is possible and can be achieved. After the greater self actualization that all of us have been put into a massive dose of enslavement programs that we no longer understand what true freedom is... Mass deception called the media has truly put us under a form of a mind control spell to not see all the potentials and ways that this world can thrive... The goverment has released documented evidence of advanced technology and dies admit that they have been keeping it from the public for the reason that "this civilization is not ready for this type of technology" such as the story with Nicola tesela and others.... It seems like a re acuring theme.... Someone comes up with inventions that will help this world grow in peace and has the intentions to solve worlds of suffering and the goverment comes around and takes it from the and then kills them. Over 100,0000 of brillant engineers/scientist's and other genius level creative innovators have been killed off and thier inventions taken into a "black budget " program that we pay out of our taxes yet, we never here a word about it due to "National Security Reasons"


The greater self realization has accured in me... If i was to innovate advanced technology that would create water out of the energy that is all around us(infinte streams of energy) and bring it out the public to ensure that water can be abundant in all places, food can be abundant for anyone and famine would be removed from this world... Of course the ones that want this world to thrive would be all support in it , however the goverment will seemingly find a way to regulate it by laws, rules ,policies to suppress it and take all aspects of that technology away and label it classified for "national security reasons"


So i come you guys as the people... For you feedback

Would you support a government that suppresses innovative ways for life to thrive?


Or support a goverment a government that seeks the best possible ways for life to thrive and grow to it's fullest potentials?


I would love to hear your thoughts about it. (^.^)

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I will play the Divine here.


"Okay, son, you have good intentions. Now get to work!"


At the end of the day, the CEO of Monsanto has put in countless hours to ruin our beautiful planet. It;s only once we put in the work can we even dream of saving it. 

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