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know thy self.



In this topic i am discussing about developing your mind and sense of self. (^.^) in todays world i have noticed thier is alot of information and disinformation about devolpement your own mind yet the mainstream culture seems to follow what is trendy.


For example , in 1960-70's a big boom of experimental drugs came into the population. Big changes happened through out this era of experiments on the mind and consciousness however the government continues to engineer the consciousness in thier own liking. (like a script to mold into.)


I remember back when i was little , backstreet boys and other bands were the hip thing as if the engineering of our consciousness told us that this is what is (cool- to conform to) popular or acceptable.


As i realize these things , i soon to realize that whoever is engineering our consciousness and minds is the ones that has alot of knowledge of mind control. As i realized that some force is engineering our reality such as thoughts, emotions, reactions , interactions and even our own fears , doubts ETC. After I started realizing and thinking -what if the matrix is real? What if all the music , t.v. shows, movies ETC is engineered to keep us from realizing our own true potential as multidimensional beings?


I start to question ? What is true reality if our minds and consciousness is engineered a certain way? Who are we at a core level? What are we ? Are we byproducts of the engineering , somethings that we never notice. As if we are robots ?that somebody puts a program into us that we follow and obey, as if we have no knowledge of who we really are as infinite potential.


As our minds and thoughts are geared towards a certain way. We have to question where is the engineering going? Who is in charge of this engineering and what are their plans for the collective consciousness of the human race?


Thus it brought to my awareness that whoever is gearing our minds has full control over our lives...every thing is controled by this force but to what extent? How long has the humans truly been here? For how long has this engineering been going on? Doing more research i have found that thier seems to be a force that has been here for over 400,000 years and has been engineering our lives for a good long time.


Which comes to my attention if this force has been engineering the humans for over 400,000 years, what is true reality?


May we find truth through this engineering of minds and find our true selves. Engineering will continue to go on regardless if we like it or not. But to find of who we really are just might be the greatest reality we will come across.


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What is truth is ones eyes could be different in others eyes. The formations of engineering of our minds could cloud us to see our own soul matrix. Could we truly be multidimensional? In my experiences of traveling underground and high jacking a beings vessel (seeing what they see, knowing what they know) travling to different planets, differnet parallel worlds, OOBE, traveling through the blue light-astral plane and other things. I have come to realize by self realizations that we are more then what the programming tells :) its exciting but concerning for the reason is that the human awakening is indeed happening. To what extent could we expand our abilities? To reach full potential of our selves . :) any thoughts about would be nice :)

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I have been to other forums where they speak of different realms of beings. The Sanctuary of Kin might enlighten you on these things. But there are worlds that look completely fantasy-like. 


This would mean there is no such thing as fiction. Even a fiction author is LITERALLY channeling stories from other realms that actually do exist on the etheric planes of being. 


At present, I am trying to figure out how these types of realms materialize into reality. Objects, buildings, even races and species of beings. 


The biggest possibility. the largest grandest possibility I have realized is that everything that we have dreamt about can actually be real. This is what you are creators generally means. If there is a God, then we as God's children would have Goldy abilities. 


I started the Society of Co-creation for that purpose, even if Skye's been busy lately. Through collective thought, we can literally materialize into reality these realms that seem entirely fictional. 




I would like further knowledge of this materialization. I know sound has a lot to do with it. But how does sound create these types of situations is the big question. Can I release sound waves with that intent to create these situations and conditions? 


I do not understand what multidimensionality is. Can you expand on this further? I know we have multidimensional personalities, but what does it mean to lead a multidimensional existence precisely?

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It most likely won't, as technology is somewhat limited. The best conclusions typically come without it, on your own. 


At most you would use the computer to run a certain sound, such as AUM, but that's about it. The main issue being the vibration of the speaker impacts you a little too much. As it's not literally an angel speaking through the video, it won't do you as much good in terms of far insight. 

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