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the power of information in water.



I have done intense manafesting this past year to get to the bottom of what realty is. I may have came across extraterrestrial contact - memories surface of when i met them when i was little - greada treaty )then special agents of the f.b.i , the c.i.a. and other beings. To find out that the human awakening is true. Using an experiment of using thought forms and psychic intention. Imagining a strong white silver cord from all parts of my body to the desired information and it works (^.^) i have found out by expanding thorough out different vessels(bodys) in different planets. Thier is a rippling affect from other planets like earth And this one that has caused a disruption rip/tear through the void of this sector of the galaxy . at this moment lower life forms are givin the chance to expand the awarness and consciousness far beyond any other beings. The higher level goverment knows this and wants to stop it. They would do this by using certain hypnotic codes through t.v. /music and other means. On thier standpoint their goal is to not have the humans Become aware of their own abilities. So the next experiment i did was to use my own resonant frenquency to transfer the information/knowledge to others , and it works !!!(KEY-imagining the water as a source Of white light/ source of information - the body is mostly water with different element's) during this process request the infomation you want ,while drinking the water imagine the information being transformed into your cells /dna .this does take time sense your using your thoughts to manifest this information within your own cells (brain/mind/body or cells/dna.) i noticed my starts to kick out the toxins to make way for the new information required. As the body is a form of a satalite -receiver/transmitter of information. Let me know what you guys think. In full support towards the creation and development to all life.


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