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Please. Be Ambitious.







God, The Creator, Source, The Universe, I do not care what you called it. But somewhere, someplace, something higher, had a dream. God said let there be more like me! More creators! For this purpose a portion of me shall rest in every one of my children! Every one of them shall have a unique piece of divinity stored deep within them!




And today, children literally sit there on beachsides and build castles. WHY? Because each and every one of us is meant to create something grand, and they innately know this. To live in a Castle like a King or a Queen, and the planet has more than enough space to accommodate all of us and our wildest dreams. More than enough. When you have ambition, your spirit gets stronger, you get more confidence in your abilities, and you step in and become the Creator you were meant to be. This is what is meant by YOU ARE CREATORS that New Agers speak of.




The more of us that meet our wildest dreams, the more people follow that same path into newer ways of being. You have the knowledge, your spirit craves it. Your inner child craves you to be ambitious. This is an issue of moral responsibility. Stop blaming the Illuminati, we can be the new elite that leads this planet into a utopia. Focus on your power.




And for this sake, I am offering my free service. I am on my own journey, but if any single one of you needs help, advice, etc. on your own journey, you can PM me and I will respond free of cost. Free. No judgments. Maybe you want to revolutionize how dating is done, maybe you want to build the next free energy generator, maybe you want to see a world of financial freedom, build something grand, I DO NOT CARE. If you're truly following your bliss, your greatest dream, your greatest vision, I will help you free of cost. The world is screwed if you have the knowledge and you have no ambition.



Now get moving. Please and Thank You. - Light


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