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Alexander the Great... fought dragons?





"In 330 BC, after Alexander the Great invaded

India, he brought back reports of seeing a great hissing dragon living in a cave, which people were worshiping as a god.[4] One of Alexander the Great's lieutenants (Onesicritus) stated that the Indian king Abisarus kept serpents that were 120 and 210 feet long.[5]Subsequent Greek rulers are said to have brought dragons back alive from Ethiopia.[6] "


Today I read Creationism wiki, because heck why not? As it turned out, my discoveries were a bit disconcerting. Dragons are thought of being dinosaurs, which means they never really went extinct as we have been told (or fooled) by mainstream media. Alexander stopped in India, not because he was "tired", but because he saw something awe-inspiring. There are a few other sources that report similar events regarding Alexander and Dragons.




Dinosaurs are most likely just... dragons. This would mean that the 65 million year case never really happened. I would like to remote view this incident at some point. No one yet has attempted to reconstruct the past through Remote Viewing, but this is entirely possible now. Something to think about as we dive deeper into the reality of this planet.


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Yes it did happen. Why you say. Because there is a large amount of iridium from that time and iridium is a deep space element. And that won't work your experiment because time is not linear and there is no set past or future. The only constant is the present.

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Past life regressions work, how can you not view historical events? Even if there's only the present, there's an objective reality which makes up the events of this planet. The Oregon gun shootings are objective, and not subjective. There is an agreed upon collective reality or consciousness now, and the same happened in the past. 

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