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Collective Intention Experiment





So I have been wondering for quite some time now... is it possible to alter entire landscapes through thought power alone? A desert slowly producing vegetation, or make trees produce fruit, or something of that effect happening in all places...this would turn around the planet really fast. And I mean really fast. At the very least, I am certain it is easy to alter weather conditions around an area, setting up any landscape for possible life.


I would like to do an experiment of Collective Intention, if people are down. We can together pick a small area of land and notice the results of this experiment. Ideally it would be a land where conditions are bad. Through collective intent we would meditate daily for 40 days on the spot of land *people can do it in their own free times), and the results of before and after can be recorded.


I know the Atlanteans did this (altering everything around to their liking), and it is said that all human beings have this power within them as Creators.


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Lol it is very much possible. The mind is very powerful once aplied correctly. I would imagine white light around earth and feel the sheer greatfulness of life within earth . then center your mind through the field of white light and focus on a particular place where there is a desert. Within this place you would possibly imagine the clouds forming and the rain coming threw ,like mother nature is being guided by our minds to create new life as this place. 2 how you you feel once life is born on this place. 3 what do we want at this place? Peace ,harmony and love for life on this new place of birth? Divine protection from the lower levels of life ,such as death, destruction , chaos etc.


This can be possible but it might take around 200 people with good hearts that love life. For it is the psyche energy from those people that will make it work. It would take some time from a daily meditation to engrain the blueprint of that energy to manifest into the 3rd dimension. Also with the guided synchronized meditation it would very as a collective that does the meditation on what kind of energy they want to feed it.... Wait a minute . a guided meditation... I think i just got somewhere with this.

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It could be a very broad guided meditation to focus our energy on the space of land and visualize it coming alive. 


Towards the end it could have a summoning protection part, where any being of the meditator's choosing is summoned to protect that area... be it Angels, Divine, Love, etc. 


It would be direct Creation of life. And who knows... maybe we learn a thing or two about Creation from this meditation. 


To create the feeling of... Awe. Create something we couldn't have believed was possible, or something that would break our perception of reality. 


Starting it off with a realxation script, followed by visualization with nature sound music in the background, and then calling us back out of that space we've affected.


In this chapter of Yogananda's biography, it speaks of a golden palace coming out of nowhere, so why not? http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/chap34.php


It's a dream, a trick of the imagination, that is materialized with enough mental prowess. 

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