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Where is the evidence of the shift?





I don't see it. Hence I ask. The idea of the "shift", for those that are not familiar, is the idea that we're somehow shifting to the 5th Dimension as a planet.


So I will need an explanation or something. Some kind of pointed clues to this. At the present moment, all I see is mental masturbation. A state where people think up something and then take no action in that direction.


I see no changes in the Government, the Media, and mainstream society in general.


Really, if 10,000 New Agers band together and speak about this shift, nothing at all will happen. There is nothing being produced, nothing created, nothing to indicate there is any hope for future generations.


Yeah, maybe I sound a tad pessimistic about our planet's future, but where is the evidence?


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IN the last 100 years there has been an DRASTIC CHANGE IN SOCIETY AND I MEAN DRASTIC. From the sexual revolution, to women's lib to people getting into metaphysics. Time has been speeding up for me and everyone else because we are processing more info. Like when I am in NYC time goes super fast but when I'm in the Caribbean for a vacation time goes very slow because they are not processing as much info. There's no change because you are not looking for change and by your perception of no evidence you might just end up on a timeline where humanity awakens fully much later on. There also will be no arrmoggedon, if the elites try that then you can bet there will be massive solar flares knocking out electricity and Earth will have massive earthquakes. Source won't allow us to kill ourselves. And we are going to the 4th dimension 1st. You can skil numbers on a radio dial.


I mean think that there is no hope is messing it up for all the rest of humanity. There is enough people who think that already.

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What you argued is the precise issue that I am seeing in everyone.


- Sexual Revolution is a good thing? How? Countless men now masturbate, which is no way a good thing. There's an idea floating around that masturbation is natural.... but it's well known this shortens your life span, makes you less intelligent, etc. etc. All I see is increasing numbers of men turning into drones. Sex advertising is just a form of distraction. 


- You think it somehow makes a difference if certain people get into Metaphysics? The vast majority of these people get into


- Conspiracy theories

- Spiritual Teaching


None of these Spirutal Teachers are the equivalent of Moses, Buddha, etc.


Collectively, where is the power? Ultimately they all run straight back into the economy. How are things supposed to shift with the same system in place? The elites certainly don't think differently. If you keep separating yourselves from them, they will run the world anyway. 


So what's the plan? If there is even one? Are we supposed to wait about until mainstream society collapses by itself?


The source will take care of it? Why? Because we as human beings cannot? The atheist CEO that is freely destroying the planet is making more progress than this attitude will (progress straight to the planet's destruction).


Your thought alone isn't enough. Your intention has to be followed by action. 

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Sexual revolution was started by Reich who realized that repressed sexual emotions can make us violent. Look how gloomy the world was until the 50s. All that repressed emotions came out in world wars,holy wars, crusades etc. Look at the people who are still sex represed like the Middle easterners. That is a hell zone. Masturbation is natural, monkeys do it. If you don't release you will get neurosis and catholic priest syndrome.


There is no destruction of the planet. And yes light we are supposed to wait until the mainstream collapses. The human race needs an event to traumatize the collective unconscious in order for us not to do another Atlantis.


Moses was trained in the ways of the mystery schools of Egypt and Bhudda was a prince. They had knowledge that we don't have. You have to understand this is the age of information, the age of transformation will come later.


And no the athiest CEO is not gonna destroy the planet. Their time is up. The more you fight them the more you give them power. The Adversary Yaldoboath is the ultimate manipulator and tactititian you cannot defeat him at his own game. everything is sexual so you cannot escape from sex because we're always merging feminine and masculine energies.


Also more people in metaphysics is less worship food for the Archons who feed off our worship of them.


And why do we need the equivalent of a Moses or Bhudda.


There is an awakening but we are not fully awakened. What you see is what you get light. one perception is powerful. You don't need action really in large number such ad billions. Like in the bible said when 2 or 3 are gathered in my name I shall be there also.


For a plan for the future you aren't looking hard enough, I'll message you a link to something.

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Message me whatever it is you see because all I see is Good Intentions combined with Inaction, which in turn leads to failure. Mongolia's case proves this. In front of everyone's very eyes the economy was turned to an American style elitist one. If expansion on land is still happening from an elitist system, you will be permanently trapped. There is no way around this.


I usually don't respond to all your posts because you present valid opinions. But the masturbation thing is more of a fact. Napoleon Hill's sexual transmutation idea, Ayurveda on Semen Retention and the No Fap experiment prove this. Masutbration is a form of sexual slavery, which is the opposite of celibacy, and just as bad (or perhaps worse). From physical strength, energy, motivation, to clear thinking it's got way way too many benefits. 

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