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Mantras and Subliminials



I have long been wondering if this is so far fetched. The benefit of Mantras too is that the right one can easily bring about peace of mind, IN ADDITION to attracting your desires (be they wealth, psychic ability, a beautiful wife, etc.)


Be it Kuan Yin, One for Compassion and Mercy




or Kali's ferocity, one for the Occult Arts




Different Images attract different ways, and each one has a mantra that radiates their respective imagery. Depending on the person's temperament, the right image can be picked to work with for a specified desire or purpose. These Archetypal Energies have been provided for our benefit. Repition of certain sounds get us into that perfect frequency which transmute our energies and change us forever, for the better... in addition to attracting our various desires.


Unfortunately, only the Tibetan, Indian, and various Eastern traditions have lived on. The Egyptian and Greek pantheons along with their respective music is now lost. It will take a direct meditation to acquire the benefits of these beings. I imagine mixing mantras with subliminals will sound odd, but this is something to look into.

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