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Importance of Psychic Development





Sometime back, I touted the benefits of Gazing at the flame, here.



Simple process, extraordinary benefits. Today, I experience complete silence. Imagine for a second that everything that's been bothering your mind has been SHUT OFF? Sounds, Visuals, Imagery, The endless chatter. Is that even possible? Everything's shut off and then there's nothing. I am here, simply present with the flame, and my inner self is at peace. The third eye has reached a new state of being.


The next point of this is thought of being in a state of bliss, where spontaneous feelings of joy bliss and ecstasy break out naturally form your system. The Third Eye is the center of manifestation. For now it's at peace, and later it will be at bliss, because my vision will be that much clearer. So all that will be manifested in my reality is the greatest emotion that can possibly exist, and this state will constantly be your way of being. This will also be the emotional state of the future I create for the planet.


Clarity of vision = Now I have a clear vision of the future I would like to create = Clairvoyance, A Visionary, A Creator, has to be a Clairvoyant. As soon as the veil of darkness and delusion begin to leave you, you SEE the world for what it really is = Seer. Anyone that wishes to change the world has to be a Seer, to some extent.




Now Elon Musk is thought of as being the greatest modern day visionary, but the issue with this is obvious. He has no psychic development. When this happens, you can only create a vision from the space of delusion. You will note this in his recent Mars interview, where he felt that dropping a nuclear bomb on the planet will somehow create an atmosphere similar to our planet. As highly intelligent as he is, so long as his vision is blurred by darkness, or the veil of societal hypnosis, he will end up doing damage... even with all of his good intentions. This in turn affects all of us, because it's the visionary that creates the plan for each and every single one of us.


Ensure you clear your Third Eye fully. To create a sustainable vision for your future, this is absolutely necessary.

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