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The Various Ways to Financial Freedom



If you were a broke college grad like me, and then suddenly ran into this site, you probably faced a whole lot of confusion on the monetary end. So there's many I ran across. I'll list them as I go.






Door to Door sales and MLM describes most entry level jobs that are lucrative in nature. Through selling you go to door to door, you face hardships, sweat, and then make your way up. It's generally commission based. You start off with nothing and make your way up to a 10k-15k per month salary, which is more than enough to afford all sorts of luxuries.


Stock Market




This is one of my recently added favorites because it's like a game. Predict the future. Clairvoyants can have a ton of fun with this. Get it down to precision point accuracy and you could be the next Warren Buffet. There are many methods, and for now I only take small risks. You do not, and I repeat, you do NOT have to be a financial genius to make money off of the stock market. Anyone can make a couple extra thousand a month, and for people that have honed their mental powers, this is a great and fun exercise. This is still in the experimental phase, but there are too many rags to riches stories in this to ignore. Too many.


Residential Real Estate




Residential Real Estate is very popular. Being an Agent requires relatively little, and so does being an investor. This is very good side money. People get into it and eventually make very good money. A single flipped property can bring you about 5k in one go. Agents, on the other hand, at the very top, can broker properties across the globe in NYC, Italy, etc. and make a good living.


Commercial Real Estate




This is a somewhat glamorous profession, but if and only if you can find a mentor, you'll find all these guys do is take a piece of land, connect with architects and construction workers... and build whatever they want. The actual knowledge required is not as in depth as you may think. The main draw for this is it also allows creativity down the line. There is no better form of rebellion than saying "Screw you Gov, I will build whatever it is I want to."







I love this as an option, because practically anyone can start a channel. Pick an expertise and GO. As an added benefit, also talk about your life on the way, your journey, your lessons, your wisdom, and build a following, a community. If your following is truly large enough, you'll find that Youtube alone can make the perfect backup income.


Blogging/Affiliate Marketing




The Huffington Post is a collection of blogs, after all. I did not find fulfillment doing this as a business or as a daily thing collecting money, but my newspaper idea is still up in the air. Go replace CNN. No one wants to listen to their BS, anyway. Give people what they want.




Slow, painful, and the very best method. Hone whatever craft you pick, to the very bitter end. And do not put any limitations on yourself. Take your craft, get that insane work ethic, and keep at it with the blind delusion that your dream will happen... and the universe will make it happen for you. As we're living in this era full of so many changes, you can get really creative with this... so whatever you do, do not limit your possibilities.


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