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On Aliens






The story goes back several thousand years when Arjuna roamed about the planet. Arjuna was a mythical warrior, and the Hindu Text Bhagavad Gita is written on a conversation between him and Krishna.


Now, that aside... the one story that piqued my interest was the story of Arjuna and a woman named Uloopi (or Ulūpī ). There was a time when Arjuna spent some time in the forest, on an exile. Here, he was kidnapped by a Naga princess named Uloopi, and later seduced into having a relationship with her.


Now, Uloopi was a shapesfhiter, out of a reptilian race of beings. This is the closest I have found in Ancient Indian myth that relates to what we call today Aliens. This could also mean that a race began here of mixed human/reptilians, which would mean that these half-beings exist today, likely without even knowing this. I'll also have to say, however, that these beings were looked down upon because they had something known as Maya Shakti - Shakti, meaning Power and Maya, meaning illusions. The power to create illusions.




And this is why I feel an odd sort of suspicion to this movement that has taken hold of the new age. There is a very high chance that modern day New Age movement's followers are being fooled into a believe a theory that is completely created for the benefit of the Reptilian Race. Intuitively, this is making a ton of sense to me because not a single one of these ET/Alien worshippers are anywhere near as powerful as true monks, sages, magicians, etc. So what's happening? It seems that this is a system to push forward the reptilian agenda under the illusion that they are the true creators of humanity.




But... but... but they have advanced technology! Realize that advanced technology does not necessarily mean progress. Technology that disempowers us is not a good thing. The Human Being through his or her natural powers can do far more than technology. Through my psychic power, I can make money off of the stock market, without the use of any software or ninjatrading mathematics. This is an example where our own natural power surpasses any technology. Technology was only created to make our lives easier, and an Alien Civilization with advanced technology is nothing special at all.


Now, if you have been in contact with Aliens, do just one thing: Monitor your growth, and your progress very very carefully. Us modern day humans are so cut out from our divine potential that it is very easy to fall under a trap such as this one.


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Not all Aliens are negative;

Our Galatic Cousins

the Pleiadians love us and are energetically protecting the planet. (they are our genetically related to us; they have unlocked etheric DNA codes) Trust me; they've saved me before

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As far as i know humans are genetically a mixture of 22 different sets of beings. However it does mean we are capable of for more then other reptilian groups. For the most part reptilians want to be given credit as reality creators but i don't fall for that. The truth is we are multidimensional beings and have been surpressed of that true awareness because other beings want to control and enslave other beings. I have gone threw so many multidimensional travels to know we exist beyond space and time. The reason the world is falling apart is because of the planetary war. The ones who cliam to own this world is now fighting over to keep. Beings such as the archians and others are fighting to take out the orion empire(which they solimly are persistent on colonizing lower undeveloped civilizations and enslaving them) this galactic war has been going on for more then 40million years. Such as the lryan and orion wars is just to name the example. The owners of this world think the humans are slaves and treat them as such. During my extraterrestrial contact (2years ago) i had a psychic image of the beings and they were calm and connected to this universe however they perceived this world hostile because the owners don't like them and the earths feilds are dying along with this world. There is a true saying that i want to point out . when kids are at the age of 2-5years old certain beings outside of this world will take them to create a psychic connection with those individuals. And it varies accordingly to the individuals soul matrix. (which is your multidimensional energy signature) however the owners of this world look at humans as a energitic battery source. They feed off hate , sorrow, pain , anger Etc. This is how they keep living and keep us delved into the 3rd dimension. There are different groups of being that really want to own this world. They exist within this world and exist outside this world. As far as i have travel and i have learn so many things on different planets , so many biological forms that i have transitioned into to learn different aspects of life and perceptions of reality. Learning different stages of abilities and different forms of styles of living. To say the least there is a force that seeks to control and enslave all life , on this world they create realities (illusions) to master there art of mind control and earth humans are their test subjects. I have found many time when i have encountered of beings (mostly reptilians) trying to use thier abilities on me and have counteracted them by my own abilities that i have learned on other worlds as my other biological forms. As energy beings our minds are in fact being used against for the mind is really separate from the physical worlds, our minds are a multidimensional looking glass in a sense. Perceiving a certain range of reality but if the mind is geared to an expanded state of multidimensional awareness then we can access all timelines of our own selves in different biological forms or bodies. However the main thing that is happening now is certain groups of reptilians are trying to blanket us from our own multidimensional reality so they can suck up our energy and use us to their agenda ( well known ability as mind control) they do not favor harmony or peace within our own sleves nor this planet and sadly these things have been going on for more then 20 million years. Human race date back to the lyrans which is a bit over 20 million old years. Theirs much more to understand the ongoing war that we face to this modern day that we have going thru. Simply put these groups of reptilians have a distain for humans because of the wars and will put us threw illusions just to laugh at us and in thier way it proves that we are lesser then them. As long as we fall for the tricks , they will win the war on minds. Everytime i start a job and encounter different groups of reptilans they noticed they can't control my mind like the others which intimidates them . the key is know thy self ???? know your own mind and your core multidimensional selves.

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Yup. A group of beings comes to the planet and takes credit for creation? Not buying it.


We are way too powerful to be intimidated or fooled into believing something which is not true. Taking help is often necessary because we all have weaknesses and so we are meant to grow as a family, but deception and enslavement is not acceptable, the way it happens today.


At the same time you realize these people up there are miserable. I look at Donald Trump's face, and I sense a man with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. So it's pointless attacking them because you realize somewhere along they figured buying into the system would lead them to fulfillment, and then it did not. 


You can say reptilians are symbolic in a certain way for all that distracts mankind from their true purpose in life and leads them directly to misery. And it's also necessary to understand that this planet, the way it is RIGHT NOW, is more interesting than any fictional work we might have read. But for this one needs to dive into the Occult and do thorough research. This is why I love these topics so much. It adds a sort of spice to life that the average 9-5er does not have. 


I remember of 3 wars I have participated in during past lives. 


- Rome

- Egypt

- Mesopotamia


And there was a lot more going in terms of the Supernatural and the Occult than what is presented in our textbooks today, just like our modern day events. 

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Lol the annunaki did modify us by adding certain dna/rna coding that enables us to reach full potential. When you enslave a planet . the first thing you do is modify them and put energetic seals on them known as etherical implants into your multidimensional bodys. However there is much to learn on how to remove these implants and move towards true multidimensional freedom. These implants can very from extraction of certain types of energy(energy harvesting at a multidimensional level) that benefit their agenda. Yet their is a war around saturn for saturn does have energy stations or control stations that support the orion empire(known as the black cubes or Saturn's cubes.) different groups of beings are trying to take them out for if they do , they can resist the orion control systems alot easier. Each group of beings that have been taken over and enslaved by the orion empire under goes a etherical imprint/implant with the Saturn's control system's. It's there tricky way of capturing multidimensional beings and enslaving them. Putting seals and chains on the spirit and reminding them of who owns them. Its sad but it happens. The more we can aim our intention on taking out saturns cubes the more we can aim our psychic powers at the core of enslavement. But it's not easy as what i say. For there is a force that notices the resistance and targets it.

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