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Mainstream Music: A Disaster



Serious Question. There are hungry artists out there that can do great work, and yet it is Miley Cyrus with a net worth of 160 Million Dollars?



What's going on? Why is all society so hypnotized by people that are leading mainstream society directly to pornography?


Miley Cyrus. Nicki Minaj. Why is mainstream music degrading every year? As all of us know from this site, music can literally make the difference between a highly productive, intelligent, attractive person and a sex obsessed masturbation rat. How did this happen? Who exactly is controlling the music industry, and why precisely are we decade after decade degrading to mainstream pornography?


If anyone's ever read Brave New World, this is precisely what is taking place in society today. Every single person will end up as soulless sex drones, at the present rate. This is a terrifying trend that needs to be reversed instantly. I have nothing against any of these artists, but this is what makes the average 12 year old's ambitions today: to be in the shoes of one of these people. Can we perhaps unite and send a wave of higher consciousness towards the music industry? In addition to this, concrete action has to be taken to change the entertainment industry. We want Shakespeares and Mozarts, not Miley Cyrus's and Nicki Minaj's. The artist, the musician, the actor, etc. can make or break an entire nation due to the mass influence each and every one of them exert over the mainstream.


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In esoteric knowledge once sex is performed correctly , the individual can extract sexual energy from one person and replace it with theirs. The thing is micho akako (i know i spelled that wrong) stated that he has catorgized 3 types of ccivilizations - 1st stage is humans which needs thier energy from physical food. 2nd stage is beings that feed off from thier environment and to feed off from the 1st stage beings. 3Rd stage is pure source energy. Reptilians , grey, insectoids and others are between 2nd and 3rd stage. In these two stages psychic abilities are givin as a natural way of living and are used at every moment of life. Humans are at the bottom of the food chain , however other beings do need to feed from the first stage civilizations. Sexual energy is just one of the feeding process. Thier is different types of feedings like , anger , sorrow , pain , hate , fear etc. Emotion is energy in motion. For example if someone pisses you off at work.... Maybe they are a 2nd stage of being gathering energy from you so they can continue living. 2nd stage civilizations vary because not all beings need the same type of energy. For example. Humans like different food. One human might like panda express and the other human might like making food from home. Each being has thier taste. Or per say fest of energy.

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We extract sexual energy from each other during sleazy sex and extract it with our own everytime we have sex. You take part of their subconscious energies and it mixes with yours. The malevolnnt ets are nowhere near the 3rd stage. they turned their back on source and that's why they had to become parasites.  They have sucked out whole universes.

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There is also another level of esoteric knowledge, which says energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Whenever a man experiences orgasm, all that energy has actually went into forming an astral chord about that woman, and this chord gets thicker and thicker with repeated intercourse...eventually giving birth to a child. 


So whether the woman likes it or not, the kind of woman who has multiple sex partners has multiple astral tubes coming out of her... and all that astral matter has to be cleared through energy work which can take YEARS of work, or else it starts weighing down upon the woman.  


This is why people naturally judge a woman who has done it with many partners, and why there is a natural repulsion to these sorts of beings. For the sake of having a society of healthy, beautiful women, at the very least, this sort of behavior has to go. 

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Energy can be created but never destroyed. If energy cannot be created then that means there is only a finite amount of realities that can be created. Source creates new energy and transmutes old all the time. Even having fantasies and watching porn can form a chord to nourish the woman but draining you. This is why it's not good to obsess over women.

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Sure, but not in this case. Man is an isolated system here, so the law of physics still applies to him. He's pouring in energy to create a child, but energy itself is not being created. He takes a very large portion of his own energy and uses it up through orgasm. So that energy is moving from one place to another, and it is not being created. 

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May i ask something ? With the 2nd and 3rd stage of civilization one of the higher archy reptillians came out and had a interview with a human which is on YouTube. The title is called "lacerta's interview." could you let me know what you think of it?

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Light, I think this is a bit of a double standard, I do NOT think it is fair to say women should not sleep with multiple partners but men can sleep with hundreds of women if they wish!  

I understand what you're saying, but if this is so it does NOT apply only to women, it applies to men as well.  I'm not wanting to get into a big discussion about this but I'm REALLY tired of hearing double standards like this.  If you feel like this, fine, find a virgin but make sure you are one yourself :-)


But I understand what you mean it's possible a part of you can go away during sex to the other person, but on both sides, I think.


That's just my opinion.  It's fine if you don't agree.

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Back to the mainstream music, unfortunately I sort of do agree with what's been said here about it.  I feel....to me music is an art form, it's many things but it's also an art form.  And it's almost like the artists, some of them, are saying don't look at my artform, look at ME.  Rather than the focus being ON their art.  

And that's what I don't like about it.

I think in the Wrecking Ball song, at least, Miley sounds good - not Mariah Carey good but good - and it's like, girl you have a good voice, why is the focus so much on you showing as much flesh as you can?  NOT that I'm saying i think there's anything wrong with her showing a lot of flesh but I feel like this DETRACTS the focus from the music where in my opinion is where it predominantly should be.


And lyrics, I mean, as just one example (there are tons) "Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her dark eyes."  That's from "The White Room" by Cream.  Great lyrics.  Meatloaf's video in "Anything for love"  Great effects, great voice.

And plenty of talented women as well, like I said, Mariah Carey is one of them, incredible range.  The invention of reggae & before that ska etc...a different kind of beat, 3/4 not 4/4.


What happened to you know, like I said, the focus being ON the ACTUAL MUSIC. 


THIS is what I miss and would love to see more of.  Yes, they have good bodies, yes well done to them that is a good achievement & they SHOULD be proud of their bodies.  But they are musical artists!  You know? Not in a fashion show!


I also think some good points that....I guess I think sex can be like a continuum in a way but it can be made out we will die if we don't have sex...uh, no, we won't! I think sex can be great but I think it should always ALWAYS be something WE control rather than let sex control US. 

And I think that sexual energy CAN be transmuted into other forms of creativity and energy.  And I think sometimes that is a good thing. I think sex can be a distraction at times, that's true.  

"As all of us know from this site, music can literally make the difference between a highly productive, intelligent, attractive person and a sex obsessed masturbation rat."


And I know which one I'D rather be. 

(And no, OBVIOUSLY NOT the sex-obsessed masturbation rat.)

It COULD be an opiate.

One thing I've been even more aware of recently, is yes i think society really DOES try to program is in lots of ways. 

That's one of the reasons why I think sites like this are SOOOOO important. 

For us to take BACK that power and program OURSELVES.

Screw them and their agenda and by "them" I mean anyone with an agenda not for our highest good.  Yes, I don't like seeing the increasing sexualization of music either & I also think - women's perspective here and I do apologize if anything I've said in either of my replies has caused offence, I think very highly of all of you, appreciate you loads and respect you all very much! & like I said you are all highly intelligent, creative, positive, lovely people.  Women's perspective here - in some ways I think they are a disempowering role-model to young women and girls especially.

It is already shoved down our throats - actually the virgin-whore thing is shoved down our throats but it's sort of shoved down our throats by some circles that our value is predominantly in our sex appeal.  Which is NOT true.  Every person has so much to offer.  But I feel like those "role models" are adding to that message to females - your sex appeal is the most important thing.  

But also getting deep :-) it's like society is saying this is what is important uh NO thanks WE get to decide each one of us what we think is important.  Screw the mainstream & their programming.  We KNOW what you're up to but we're doing our OWN programming, thanks.  

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I noticed this in my experiments with sex videos. Here's what was happening.


For the sex magnet ones, a lot of women would behave oddly and the younger women - like around their mid to late teens, would get SUPER EXCITED. 


I wondered why? And then I understood. At that age, you're only concerned with societal programming, and you don't really know what sex really. is. 


Similarly, the one on relationships, healthy relationships, social seduction, etc. had different results.


But they were pretty consistent: at the end of the day women just want to be loved, and at younger ages they don't realize this because of societal programming. Older more mature women realize this, but by that time they've been manipulated plenty and many of them have a sort of jaded view on life. 


Last week, I read only about 4% of American women actually feel they're beautiful.


The men are saying INSTANT SEX, masturbating, completely clueless and the women themselves don't feel beautiful at all. Cosmetic surgeries galore... when all they really need is an emotional surgery. So who's winning? You can agree/disagree on sex, and that's fine, but it's important to recognize how societal hypnosis will slowly lead us to ruin. In tantra, sex needs to have the great depth of relationship between man and women to have the highest pleasure. So even from a pleasure standpoint, you don't win out. Iggy Azalea's videos mostly point at her ass, more so than produce great music. And this trend will kill relationships and real sexual enjoyment in the long run. 


Even the average person's needs and desires right now, on this site, at least partially, might have been decided by societal hypnosis. Imagine that for a second. You come in here, and you go straight for what society has told you is fulfilling, and you don't really know what you truly find fulfilling. Society has even determined that for you: You cannot have fulfillment until you truly have a nice ass! Says...who? Seduction can happen through the eyes alone. The eyes are the window to your soul... and the ass the window to... shit. 




Brain. Blast.



I am doing quite the opposite from what I used to. I am going straight for the mainstream. Rebelling against the mainstream won't do much in the big picture. It's best if we take what we have learned and empower the mainstream. Why can't every single one of us be the celebrity, the role model? Then we would have Gods and Goddesses walking about everywhere, and then the planet would look the way it was meant to. The world would be a whole lot more interesting if we all just met our God-like potential, and the present state of affairs does not allow that. 

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