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Peak Mental and Physical Shape



Is lifting weights the only way to go? How is it that monks eat in moderation and create such massive strength?




Try doing this for hours. Or even a few minutes, really. Build an unbeatable mind, and seemingly anything is possible. You have learned to dominate yourself, and so dominating the world around you becomes that much easier.


What is perhaps necessary then is a program to get ourselves into absolute peak shape, through mind and body. For this several methods of training were invented, be they Yoga, Martial Arts, Shaolin, etc.


The result, however, is obvious. Once these techniques are perfected and practiced daily, we turn into the Creators we were meant to be. Pharmaceutical medicine would be permanently eliminated, and nature alone would be enough to heal us all.


A mind operating so fast that it can grasp and produce anything almost instantaneously and a body operating at such great levels where everyone could be running about like a Spiderman or Captain America. What a world would that look like?


Following this post I'll be discussing training methods I have tried and training methods everyone else could do to get themselves into mythical shape, as that is my dream: turn each and every one of you seemingly into Gods and Goddesses that can create a beautiful planet on your own and conquer all evils. While I am at this, I will take a quick moment to link everyone to a similar program that has been created, known as Real Anime training.



This program is only limited to physique, but I plan on doing the mind as well. Either way, it gets all Creators just that much closer to cutting off the symbolic Hydra that holds this world from its true nature.



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The Humans of Atlantis and Lemuria didn't have the capabilities that we had today. Sure they could create with intent but lacked the logical thinking that we have today. They could listen and feel nature but weren't that creative. 15,000 years of evolution has left human beings as the most powerful beings in the Universe. We are apart of a select few beings that are reality creators while most others are reality followers where they cannot create there reality based on their vibration. To become a God is easy because we have the archetypal energies right in our solar system to draw on.

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