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Magi Astrology and the Stock Market



I didn't expect to write her after forming my Society of Co-Creation, but I will keep writing here. Maybe even daily. It occurred to me that simply putting my thoughts down like this is therapeutic and helps me think better. So, here we go.




Astrologers as we know predict people's futures, but Astrologers of the past also did something more. They were think tanks. They could, with a very high degree of accuracy, see the future in all matters of the state including war, politics, crop production, etc.


The closest thing to this all inclusive use of Astrology today, perhaps, is in a Society of Astrologers named Magi Astrology. The group can even predict the financial markets.




It has even issued an on site challenge for those that question their competency. This is perhaps the most productive use I have seen of an Occult Art. Used and mastered over enough time, there is no real limit on the resources and financial success a Magi Astrologer could acquire.


What other practical ways are there to use the Occult Arts for the benefit of ourselves and the planet? There's the lost art, Alchemy. There's also superhuman training, which has mostly stayed a secret in between the Shaolin Monks, Ninjas, and Hatha Yogis.


For Civilization to recover and reach its golden age, all of the Occult Arts have to become mainstream, so that the beauty of our society can be restored once and for all.

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