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Co-Creation Final Thoughts Megapost





I have delivered the message to Amazo and Skye. Was this clear? If you can even for a second ask yourself... "What message did Light want me to recieve?", and write it down, I am curious to see the result. If nothing happened at all, post that down too... but I am certain something or the other did happen. If for whatever reason it failed, I will try new methods.




Skye is our organizer, so a lot of this information will have to be organized somewhere. Anyway, here's my Intuitive Writeup


Basic Needs for all members


Food, Water, and Shelter




All this, I have realized, can be attained through owning a house with a nice enough backyard/front lawn conducive to urban gardening/farming methods. Through this, at the very least, everyone can have their own homestead and a clearing space for producing their own food through the comforts of their own. As organic food today is so rare, excess food can even be sold for money. A homestead is essentially a mini civlization, so you can always creatively decorate it and invite the entities/beings in your life that you wish for, ranging from angels to roosters. Having a living space of one's own with room to play is permanent security.


So I'd ask, where does everyone live? Geographic areas and figuring out the precise timing for foreclosured or bankowned prices going for very little amounts would help immensely. A house going for extraordinarily cheap prices can be done through purity of intention as well.


So it's essential that we all work on manifesting ourselves a homestead, if none of us actually have one yet.




The second is a stable source of income, however little or grand that may be. I figured through content creation we'll all have the necessary money. The main issue, of course, is the blog idea doesn't provide enough for us to collectively work on it in the beginning. So my suggestion is that each one start their own content production method - be it a blog, Youtube Channel, or whatever that may be, and press on with it until a decent amount of money is earned through this source (however much you deem to be fulfilling and/or necessary.).


If everyone starts a blog or channel to resolve world issues, our collective works could merge and turn into a newsblog, or a newschannel, a very special kind that dives deep into occult maters and produces viable content through proper research and intuitive journaling. In this way we could eventually make it big. I would also like to mention that if you already have a natural talent and you feel it can be turned into production - USE IT. A blog came first to me because I am naturally a writer. As I blog more about world issues, my intelligence will naturally develop in that direction, so it all works out for me. TheDonadada could literally start an Astrology blog and turn into a Prophet. Take your collection of talents and develop them fully.


So in sum,


- Homestead for all.

- News blog proposal, that begins from individual creations. The Huffington Post makes 200 Million in annual revenue. We do need to make anywhere near as much, but if we set the intent to make even 1% of that, take out the tax money and still - THIS WILL BE PLENTY FOR ALL INVOLVED.


That should take care of the security issue. It will not come over night, but it can happen given enough time and sufficient work. Our collective intention meditations to ensure the individual's success will create faster progress for all that are involved. There is no skipping the work, but at least we can ascertain this does not take a lifetime to achieve.






- I have listed Skye and Amazo. If Donadada wants in he's welcome. That will make 3-4 members to begin. I want to keep it short and selective. Quality over Quantity. I rather have 10 committed people than a 100 wishy washy ones.

- This will most likely be my last blog post here. I will move to another site and start making money through my writing there.

-To communicate here on forth, we'll likely have to use Google Docs or start our own forum.

Celestial Beings such as Angels and Celestial Creatures, or even Aliens that have PURE INTENT, are welcome to join.

- I do have the power to install an Astral Telepathic barrier around everyone to keep them away from harm. That being said, not even I can predict the unpredictable. So keep a watch on your surroundings at all times.

- In the new forum or Google Doc, we will keep track of every member's spiritual progress and strengths/weaknesses to be aware of the possibilities. Once we know each other in and out, true progress becomes possible.


But yes, if we keep at it, Home and Income security is very possible, which will enable us to turn our FULL FOCUS into world building. Until that's happened our attention will likely be divided between the two, which might mean more work, but in the end it'll all be worth it.


What'dya'll think?


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