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Co-Creation:Telepathic Experiment






Whelp, what do you guys think?


We will communicate over the internet, of course, but we need other forms of communication as well... and Telepathy is by far the fastest and most effective form. In case there's someone in danger and we don't know about it, adopting a Telepathic ritual is the way to go. If everyone's open to it, I would like to run an experiment of sending each of you messages, and everyone else in this group can try it as well. So long as your channel of communication is open to messages from me, it should work through the power of intention.


If everyone's down, we can put this test into play. I will send each one of you messages, and you can all post it in my blog if you felt as if you received a message directly from me, and what this message was. In this way, I would know it's working. Once everyone sends a "Yes", I can begin.


Recommended Comments

I got the most POWERFUL Meditation/Channeling this morning about 15 mins ago. I was contacted by a group of galactic beings, they asked to be identified as the "Alliance or Allegiance" (I can't remember I was surprised/excited by the power of the channeling) They wanted to let everyone know that they support the "Co-Creation Force" (that's what they called us :P Sounds Fancy). Also it's hard to explain what they looked like (I guess I saw the stereotypical 'Alien'; I only saw from the mid-torso up, the Larger head, gray-green with a lot more green tinge to it. Also there eyes were differently shaped I can't explain it. Maybe I will draw it.)


Also the most interesting thing is a child I watched 'Steven Speilberg's' TV Series TAKEN (It was traumatic about alien abductions, the aliens in the TV Series were Silver/Light Gray I used to be so upset by it.)


They looked similar they had waaaaay different 'skin' tone gray-green like mentioned before (if I can call it skin) and there eyes were COMPLETELY different ( had more depth [kinda like looking into an orb/ looking into your mind through meditation, & different shape) I'm only using the TV Series as a reference point on how they looked. I don't know what group/planet/solar system they're from other than what they prefer to be called (listed above) 


This was the first channeling I've had from galactic beings other than Pleiadians 


Although this experience was brief and extremely powerful it was POSITIVE and they were trying to be respectful and tender to my frequency of consciousness/mind (there mouth was not moving they were speaking to (through) my mind.) I saw the image of a gray-green 'galactic being's head/torso THREE different times. Not sure if it was 3 different beings of the same society or one being trying not to overwhelm my frequency therefore giving me a 'mental break'/lessen the potency of channeling (channels can sometimes cause nausea/vomiting etc.) 

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