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The Society of Co-Creation





Proposed Rules


1. Our goal is to work for the welfare of societies across the globe, setting up the road to a global utopia, where everyone is well fed, taken care of, and leading utterly and completely magical, adventurous, and prosperous lives. Where every person is leading a life like a dream come true, like a movie.

2. Collective Intent is Omnipotence. That being said, the power of a few can be equated to the power of millions put together, through the currency of Willpower. Willpower is all that is necessary for success. As such, the more work you put into yourself, the more successful we will be put together. The more work you put into yourself, the more mythical shall your adventures be.

3. Everyone in the society is an equal, so leave your ego at the door. As we’ll all be empowering each other, arrogance can happen, and this is to be eliminated immediately. The stories on how arrogance eventually lead to a person or state’s downfall are innumerable. If you ever have a moment where you genuinely feel the need to be arrogant, ask me for help and I shall post real life stories up on the necessity of humility.

4. We will hold collective intent meditations every now and then. Anyone in the society can suggest one. Ensure, however, that the intent is as specific and as precise as possible. The Devil is in the details. The intent also needs to be as pure as possible, free from all ego.

5. As we’re also ensuring each other’s growth, it’s fine for anyone to post personal requests. While this will not be our focus, it makes no sense for any single Creator to be unfulfilled. At the very least, every Creator should have food and shelter. Ideally, every Creator is leading their dream life.


Recommended Comments

Love it, I'm in! :)

I pledge that I will be always in purity of intent, word, thought and action; recognizing the the Power of Manifestation. This is an eternal promise to humbly serve the betterment of humanity and other forms of positive consciousness. Thanks for this opportunity and lets Open New Chapters as we collectively shape the (positive, prosperous) history of humanity! 

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