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Mystics vs. Technology



“The world of technocracy, being incapable of affording each individual the opportunity of satisfying his hunger and thirst at the moment desired by his body, has tried to force him into its own schedule based on nothing but this world’s own helplessness, and then attempted to justify this compulsion in the name of some sort of ‘efficiency’." - Anastasia, the Ringing Cedars of Russia


This is a highly Mystic Civilization, with ongoing Alien Contact. Or one can simply say, the one that abides with Laws of all nature.




And this our man-made technocracy. Where we essentially, over time, hand it to the machines.



On one end is a mystical utopia, and on another a technocrat utopia. Civilization has been steadily degrading over the period of the past few thousand years, and this is supposedly where we have come to, where Subliminals are needed to re-assert our basic powers. The ancient mystical utopia pose no threat to nature, while our modern day one does. Seemingly, there is no end to Mystical possibilities, while in the man made technocracy, machines and robots eventually replace men for good. I really no longer see this march of technology as a positive thing. Any opinions?


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Well i disagree. In the Ancient Civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria the Atlanteans were people who were highly technologically advanced and used that for their rise where the Lemurians were more mystical. In the end the Lemurians survived because they knew that the flood was coming. While the Atlanteans didnt know that the flood was coming some survived and built the Egyptian civilization about 12,000 years ago not 6000 like your fake history tells you.

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Lemuria and Atlantis I know nothing about. That being said, their technology was based on Crystals and Sound Vibrations, which is essentially another form of nature based mysticism. There is nothing like today, which is based on advancing to AI. That is the difference between the two. One which moves away from natural law and the other does not. 

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