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Technique: Turn thyself into a Myth





I am certain, everyone's having the moment... what do I want to do? Here, let me help, construct your own Mythical Page!


Your subconscious processes things through images. All you have to do is describe your higher self, your true core frequency or self, through that image, with all the abilities you wish to have, and then meditate to this (or self-hypnotize), and then your subconscious heads you in that direction. As an example, here is Spiderman's Page.



He has his base of operations. His powers, abilities, and equipments. His skills and abilities. His team affiliations (You are all affiliated to the Society of Co-Creation, at least.

;) ) , his love interests, his personality. etc. etc.


You can write down the dream fulfilling life you want on this page, in the sense that he is already leading it, and your subconscious mind will put you on the path of deliverance. For this, you will have to carefully meditate to your needs and desires first, to ascertain that you're in alignment with your highest true good, and then move forward. And that's it. Since you're literally meditating and asking your subconscious to be YOU, in your MYTHICAL FORM, in the form we were born as... Creators... what can possibly go wrong? You now have it all, and don't have to jump around listening to multiple hypnosis sessions like a rabbit.

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Brilliant and true, i love it, i had thought of this years ago but in a more mild manner, i never expanded upon it. The way i had contemplated it, drawing and image of myself that symbolized everything i wanted to be and then meditating upon it, the absence of expansion derived from having underdeveloped drawing ability, and lack of experience which contributes to belief in the method, but after doing much living and experiencing i can say for certain intention and sub-conscious mind power are very real, my belief is solidified and the procedures are easier with this variation of the method, thank you for sharing! 

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