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Past-Life Adventures: Follow your conscience!





In the Roman Era, a Knight watches his daughter joyfully skip across the fields. The captivating smile, her mesmerizing charm, are more than enough to fulfill that knight in the very moment... before he goes off to do the unthinkable. Off he goes into the crowds, joyfully, happy... ready to take the center stage, and be hanged. As his life force leaves his body, he knows he has lived a fulfilled life.


Today in the Energy Center I go to sat two other men doing a past life regression, and we were all transported to Ancient Rome. One of the men was an executioner during the same era, and he cried after the session ended. I, on the other hand, was perfectly happy. The last man was too fearful to explore his full memory.


Now, on the surface, I died.. but I died happy. It was clear that I was protesting something, and got hung for it. The executioner, on the other hand, followed his era's teachings, and well... his soul is suffering for his actions till this day.


Mind Blowing. I wonder how many such souls are suffering today, allowing the government decide their actions?

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