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The Ringing Cedars of Russia



If I had to read just one book series in my entire life, and eliminate all others, this is the book series I would read.




This woman, Anastasia, is absolutely amazing. In this 9 book series, she revolutionizes an entire chunk of Russia according to her dream, and teaches everyone how Creation is actually done. It also covers the real history of this planet, with all the supernatural elements that happened along the line. And then, what's more? She knows we can all do the same and revolutionize entire nations if need be. This sounds like a fantasy book series, and yet there is no arguing with what's happening in the Eastern portion or Russia at the moment.


Drop every other book you have, and read this series. It is essential for your growth as a Creator.The later books get somewhat repetitive, but you cannot go wrong having this in your library.


Take care, fellow Creators. ~ Light


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