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My Inner World (Original Poem)




My Inner World

By Skye



Friends & Fireworks

After the beginning of an Untold Story

My Heart has Convinced My Mind this Moment is Eternal

My Body Nakedly Covered in the Exploding Exposing Tattoo of Eternal Happiness

This Child-like Joy Springs from my Soul

As Liquid Auditory Ecstasy of the Melody

he is Lovingly Singing to Me

I had the Best Night of my Life

The most wonderful thing was in Possession

The Present was Presented in the Perfect Image

Nothing Calculated

Just Complete Surrender to Life's Song

My Mind Created this Dream

This Sudden Manifestation

"My Mind's Made Up

What an Interesting Phrase?"

As My Beloved Purple-Locked Rockstar

hits the Stage

Life is a Stage and although everything seems Life-Like

It is a Stage for the Mind, To play out our fights

My inner Criticism deceased

Our inner conflicts; wrinkles released

My my mind no longer the disease


Our inner Dreams Set Free!

Like Hippie Love,

Free Hugs & Peace


We live what we believe we truly deserve

We live the experience we equate to our worth

We Express and Explore only what we expect is most Possible

We are all entities Complete, Liberated and Lovable


This Universe, Subtle Entity that brought me magic

If I can think it, believe it, I have it

it transforms Thought to Reality from Flight

Our minds untangle and then rewind

so this poem is going no where

there is no where it needs to go

for this is the moment it remembers

it was created before... it was born at its destination before it began

The journey of Creation is the process to remember the power of 'I Can'

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