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Uh Oh. Love really is all.





Guys, you're actually love. That's it. Really, no joke.


The Heart generates infinitely more biomagnetism than the mind. This magnetism makes you more attractive. The Heart, or the Power of Love, is the Law of Attraction.

The Heart is the center of all your desires. When you follow your heart, you are fulfilled.

Your heart has its own brain.

It's YOU, it's the core of your TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF. Your INNER CHILD. Whatever it was you were born as, before society imposed its rules on you.

The power of the heart. It's compassionate, it's loving, it's the at the center of your body. It connects your lower desires to your intelligent desires all together. It should be at the seat of your decision making talent.

Speak with heart and conviction, and you're fearless. Fear is created by the imagination of your mind, and not your heart.


All sound too cheesy? Well, it's all true. Meditate on your heart chakra. Make sure you heal that little guy. It's way too important to be ignored or closed shut because society today has yet to discover the power of the heart. Every great spiritual teacher was trying to teach this in their own way, and went about it differently. Mohammad built great mosques of brotherhood, the Buddha and Jesus healed through the power of love, Krishna danced his way with love. Everyone had their own style, but the message was the same. It's love that will unite, preserve, and move mankind to a golden dawn.


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Wow, the last para was great; loved the examples :)

Check out the documentary "I am" by Tom Shaydac (the Director of Liar, Liar, Bruce Almighty and Patch Adams) 

It's so brilliant; there's a part where they explain the entire electromagnetic field of the heart and its power to attract. 


Here's some of the info:



I watched it off of Netflix; I'm sure you can find a free link online tho. 


Here is a free link that seems to be working, Enjoy! :)





Psssst...Check this out too! :) "Power of the Heart"

It's much shorter too (Only 13 mins)

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