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Bumps and Bruises in the Process





I consider myself to be a highly intuitive person. Today, I missed the road to my dance classes. Welp. Thought I would hit the National Forest... once more, I screwed that up. By now I driving for over an hour with no real end, and the road back was close to an hour. What a wasted 2 hours. And of course, to top it off, all that frustration had somehow completely shut down my intuition. Now I was reliant on my GPS entirely. ARGH.



What the hell, man? I thought I had worked for 4 months to avoid these kinda situations. I really wanted to punch something and give up on the whole process. I mean, after 4 months of working on your life, you feel like you ended up back at the start line, before George Hutton began or my process to intelligence started. How much would that suck? The feeling of going all the way up and coming down back to nothing on an earth shattering morning?




And then I entered the dollar store. I saw a child's face smiling at me, and that soothed me instantly. Then I calmed down a bit, and drove back home perfectly fine. The rest of the day I fell back into my intuitive groove. Sometimes, the frustration can build up and you can lose sight of the big picture. Don't do it. Stick with the process and the pain of the process as well. It's well worth it in the end. Or so I hope. :P




Stay in the present. Pay attention in the present. And do not lose sight of the big picture. Shit happens, but the journey gets you there anyway. The road to success can be full of frustration. KEEP. AT. IT. SOLDIER ON.

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