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Intimacy With the Divine




Our personal relationship with the Divine is [in my belief] the MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP in our Life and the Universe (no pun intended; Okay pun intended :P)


As I have been exploring how I interpreted and experienced 'God' in my childhood. Whether it was experiences of clairaudience or meditating and seeing/knowing the multicolored-presence of the One.

I've realized that Divinity + Signs of the Divine is the Magic in Life that we recognized as Children.

We should tap into that Romanticized Outlook; it obviously makes Life MORE ENJOYABLE :D


Today i went on an amusement ride I hadn't ridden in YEARS! It's called the 'Swings of the Century' & was my Most Favourite Ride in the World! Today I experienced it once again. I was Swinging Freely in the air letting my Naked Toes Kiss the Breeze! It was no less then Pure Angelic Ecstasy. And Yes a Child-Like giggle sneaked up from my adult voice. Please tap into an elated childhood experience; if its possible try to re-experience it! It can create 'new' childhood memories!


Its like being given a New Body again. When you give yourself the Permission to be Free like a Child. To let go of the tight grip of the Ego and loosen our inhibitions; we find the pure joy of Living. This Pure Joy is our Main connection to the Divine; some experience this in a stationary sense by going inward (Meditation). I personally like to experience externally and also reflect internally. This way both states are focused on Higher Spiritual Awareness/Appreciation equaling to Total Devotion for Creation.


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i don't know who you are physically and i do not care. Your words always move me in some significant way, they are sincere and reflect who you truly are, and i appreciate them supremely. The jest of the relationship to creation always blows my mind, the power contained within in it is truly limitless in power and possibility, but only after experiencing it first hand could one sincerely proclaim this immutable truth , and i do. The best part is i didn't find it outside of myself, but in the mirror, on the inside, i have seen and lived the truth, and it wasn't only til recently that i arrived here, for years i lived in confusion, fear, and other unfavorable states of being but those aspects of myself have become permanently extinct and replaced. Life truly is magical, alot of things i would like to share and say but i will save them for another day

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