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Business Hypnosys



Here I am with all the references necessary to tell you how I used hypnosis! I listened to the first time each of the sessions of the audio business section to see and understand what effect they would have up, then they get to pick just a few specifically! I post titles of all used ones. I listened sessions every night in a playlist containing other audio sessions carefully chosen from all sections, and each day began to change my experiences and events! I cominciat to do things they would not normally did and now they are giving their profits !!

Here is the list of sessions used :))


Entrepreneurial Genius - Unleash Your Business Mind To Create Income Streams - Unlock Riches


Financial Genius - Stay On Budget - Build Up Savings - Destroy Debt


Business Genius - Explode Your Creativity To Generate Massive Income Streams


Online Marketing Magic - Subliminal Hypnotic Suggestions For Massive Income and TrafficAttract The Perfect Job (Or ANY Job!) Hypnosis and Law Of Attraction Conspire To HELP YOU


Build Your Coaching Business - Attract Wealthy Clients - Expand Reputation - Teach Your Skills


And the last add Investor Entrepreneur


So now what I want to tell you how I spent the last month looking for the best opportunities on line until arriving last week to find the best opportunities to become a multimillionaire REALLY !! The network is fantastic!



Click on these links one after another ONLY after checking them one by one! You will be amazed by this system !! : D. The earnings are guaranteed and above all growing exponentially day by day !! It is NOT to trade! It is NOT continually invest endless amounts of money !! This is only TAKE hand your life and decide YOUR new financial situation to get economic and monetary freedom that you have always desired !!


All of this site could help anyone, yes i said ANY ONE, to create a successul and automated metod to Achieve perpetual income !!


Systems that I found and that are currently functioning are four (4) which combine with each other to create a source of income automatically and applicant!!

But of course I'm already looking for and finding the other possibilities that are available SAFE!




You have just to click the link up here to start make money today 100% guaranteed...I am earning more then 50$ per day :)


http://automatedwealthnetwork.com/robertomarini23 this site is the first that has allowed me to discover all the other opportunities !! Two young entrepreneurs have found a way to get a gain of 33$ and automatic recurring remains unchanged for as long as your platform is active using MtCashFreeBies an amazing site that paid every singol person who refer someone to join in mycashfreebies after have obtain the "green" status, is automatic, recurring and above can continue to GROW EXPONENTIALLY !! Plus inside of this site everyone who join have the possibility to obtain the Power Lead System becoming an "Affialiate" and starting with a free 7 days trial!! So this site give 2 free opportunities to create two automatic income streams! And this is very important because in the link that i post below after this comment part, you can see that you need to use the Lead Lightning or Power Lead System to make the business explode so if you register first here by this site you have already active the "Become an Affiliate" for FREE!!

Inside the videos its explains everything, and it is only the beginning!

Inside there are many videos that guide step by step the new member, to use all that is necessary to make explode this business, his personal business, or help organized one already created, within a snap of fingers !!

It is really rich in content notch! Do not wait further because it is FREE! NO cost of entry !! YES completly FREE!



Hope to see you inside !! :))


Soon many other new reviews about the audio sessions i've used!


Recommended Comments

For me, I don't care about anyone ELSE'S system.

I have a coaching qualification and also I am currently SLOWLY doing on online web dev course (then later if I can find a way too - being that I only have a PC, iphone & a broken but fixable Ipad! - I might do this app creation course.  I love to sing too but I think I DEFINITELY need lessons and lots of them.  Cos I get told i am a passionate singer and some have said I should go on X factor - I'm serious - but I've also been told I sound like Cyndy Lauper & I think her voice SUX & I don't think I've ever been called a TALENTED singer.  Anyway, basically, I want to find out how to get the business MINDSET to use skills I already have plus those I am learning and going to learn soon to promote THOSE things successfully.

I have zero ZERO desire personally to promote anyone else's products or services.  

I want to learn how to promote my OWN services instead.

This summer holiday I'm also going to be getting the Income Generator program and in time perhaps that will help too.

I find that marketing myself makes me cringe.  I really want to be an entrepreneur very very much but I have SO MUCH DOUBT and I feel like I'm lying if I try to promote myself.  I don't really know WHAT the block is.  Or if I do something, like I did a few blog posts for the coaching & even had a writer friend help and when I didn't get any new inquiries let alone comments or new clients, I kinda gave up on writing any more.  

I did a talk, I had 8 people approach me later on about my coaching.  I gave them MY contact details but did not get theirs as I guess I didn't want to seem too pushy?

and not ONE of them contacted me.

So, it's like I have this desire to be entreprenurial but I lack the confidence and the resilience.

So, although a few of the subliminals here come to mind that I think will really help! 

I would LOVE to know which subliminals you or anyone else here found & or find helpful to blast through those doubts.  A way to stop worrying about being too pushy & it's like I am SO afraid of over-selling and under-delivering that I actually do it the OTHER way around.

Maybe there's one of LOVE marketing?

It's cos I'm marketing MYSELF and MY skills - that's something I find hard.  Whereas selling someone's baking or something...sure.  Maybe fear of rejection is an issue I REALLY need to work on, too.  Not just for this. 

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Athena I personally find it incredible the possibility that there are business like the ones I posted here for all f us. You do not have to sell anything to anyone personally and that's the beauty! The product you purchase once to become a part of the "game" member ,after which everything is automatic!! Do not need to get these problems and put all these doubts!It is easy to learn to use these programs to and then, sell your own business with all the others!! Once you look at the links and listen carefully everything related the systems will you clarify your ideas! There is no obligation to buy anything more of what is the initial cost of the input, which moreover are really ridiculous! $ 18 for Fourcorners, $ 7 for leadlightning trafficmoons and it's free! Only $ 25 in order to become financially independent!It is crazy not to come soon!  This is an opportunity that no one should give up! Personally, I'm already seeing the results as soon as I can and I'll post here some screen shot of earnings !!

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