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Open Hearts




Here's A Poem I Wrote a few Weeks Ago.

Enjoy :)


Love <3 Light :) Limitless...








Open Hearts


Gifted blessings intertwined with the wind

Love is the gentle currency of the soul

Which is the heart’s highest need

Open hearts

Free to love

Overflowing waterfalls

My love requires no prerequisite

Pure sacred acceptance of

A Fellow Precious Sentient

Love, Light, Limitless

There is no purpose for categories

I am not bound to anything

Neither are you

Love freely as we were meant to

We are Born to the Skye


Recommended Comments

We are Born to the skye

and live like the clouds

proud of the passion

personfied by matches

sets me on fire

like chemical reactions

synthesize thoughts and actions

nothing standing in the pathway

full throttle no brakes 

i am all imagination there is no escape

inverted incarceration 

this life is so amaz(O)ing


p.s your words are beautiful, thank you for sharing, i was compelled to do the same. much love and power to you

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