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21 (Shared Poem)






By: Armin Forouzan


My body is a two decade old sarcophagus full of experiences, dragging around sublime thoughts of divine doctrine and remnants of the modern slave trade, It works, to engage in society, no, it feeds from life’s bittersweet nectar when it takes money and numbers and gives them away so it can eat and nourish its own existence


See, my body is normal, My body is out for loan when it sleeps with women for self-satisfaction and receives self-pity in return for every intimate transaction. It seeks and every climax it reaches is actually just an over glorified moment of pleasure it won’t appreciate until this body finds love.


Oh, until this body finds love, so this body seeks form by painting tattoos on its surface, desecrating what this body considers natural by standing for what it is not, a media campaign for other bodies looking for representation in a world where sensationalism makes numbers and logic and rationality are fuckin’ BORING


So I look to the skies, Thank God My Body is a heavenly mechanism, holding secrets to the functions of the universal misunderstandings; representing the world as a microcosm of the universe’s spirit, whose reality is shaped by every sexual transaction that occurs around this galaxy, and every time the universe reaches its next orgasm another spatial anomaly occurs, another set of vibrations rock the skies and another set of planets are born, born from conceptual intricacies that flutter beyond human consciousness which my body is a product of


See my body is a declaration of having no rights, and in having no rights being truly free in knowing that nothing can be accounted for, and there is no burden of responsibility because nothing can be owned and if we wish to congregate ourselves around this notion of total spiritual embellishment then let my body be because it is a walking organism, It is a plantation of modern and ancient diasporas co-existing, It is a formal invitation for beauty to shake and hold hands with gratitude, and it is a never ending concept, never ending, because it is truth, in its most blatant form, the coalition between spirit beyond spiritualism and what we understand to be the physical beyond flesh and blood, because my body is an abstract ideology, where the mental meets the physical world and they dance until the two worlds become one


This is my body, a two decade old closet full of experiences and inexperience, a watered down simulacrum of how the universe tells its story, and a message, to every other living being capable of understanding these, this is my truth and though one day the ground will swallow my heart whole and return these bones to the fruit beneath the soil I will be, forever timeless, meandering between the shadows cast aside by this clock, a measure of time, a measure of will, and a measure of my character so that when my body is finally gone, and we sing songs to let death know how much life appreciates its existence, my body will embrace the end of this life’s journey and my spirit will be born


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Nope, Although I found this on a community website. It was for the neighborhood I grew up in as a child. It was considered the ghetto although I don't like labels especially such a debilitating term such as the one above. Being a "ghetto youth" meant being an absolute write-off at school. This individual easily displayed the profound depth and power of both his words+experiences. It touched my soul; I've been re-reading the poem for almost the last 5 years so I thought I would share it here. Maybe it would spark inspiration in someone or enlighten them on our meaningful and cyclical relationship with Mother Earth-Matter & the Universe. This poem has done alot for me emotionally; I Deeply & Sincerely Thank the Author Armin for showing me the Treasure that exists within the imperfection of my childhood Neighborhood!


PS. I remember growing up I got the most amount of Halloween Candy in that Neighborhood! Some of our friends parent's would even buy all the kids in the class freezies during lunch. (The People didn't have much yet they gave so Generously!) :) Warms My Heart <3 

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indubitably this is a poem to be eternally cherished and preserved, i see the power and meaning, and with what its done to and for you, it is only amplified. i can relate to you, for I too come from what is considered the "ghetto" however my parents moved us to new land to escape the danger and disarray of the "streets". but in my experiences, the people from those kind of places have great compassion and tenacity in their souls, from having each others to back with money, animosity, transportation etc. to neighborhood barbecues and things like that, since my birthday is the 4th of july ,i would always see their jubilance eye to eye, and those are the kinds of things that sustain my hope for this world and its future. thank you for sharing Skye

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