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Open New Chapters




In the last few days. I've been feeling a chapter close in my life. I had a very close friend leave to go travel the world, a few other things in my life had also come to a conclusion.


I want to explore the idea of endings.

The nostalgia, the sadness of 'feeling' older/ the experience has passed and most importantly the feeling of loss or the sense of no longer having the experience to continue/ no longer holding the experience in the present.


In the past this was the only obstacle. When we create a goal; we are in pursuit of it and sometimes our own self can stand in the way of our success.




A part of us still wants to be in the pursuit of the goal. (George had mentioned in his Goal-Setting Course on Udemy) We as humans like to look forward to something. We seek and desire challenges (just not to the point of it affecting our survival; then it causes stress). Challenges are a much needed Stimulus that has pushed the Growth of Humanity.


Life is balance. Although I had felt this sense of Loss.


I Feel Motivated & Encouraged to Move Forward and Achieve Bigger & Better Things in this New Chapter of My Life!!!


I Invite You to Do the Same!



Here is a List of some Positive Changes/Blessings:


About a Week Ago I had visited a Spiritual Meditation Centre that my mom would bring me to as a child (I was about 9 years old when I first started attending the services). We would sing, perform Humanity Healings (through Intentions) and mediation sessions 45mins-3hrs depending on the Day. As Life takes us to different places. I had moved out of the city for years. I was in my preteens when I had last visited. Until last week, after nearly a decade I entered the mediation room and was brought to tears as I felt the powerful healing energy.

The Power of Tears are very much understated.

I feel like my Soul had taken a Shower as I entered the cleansing Aura of that room.


Magical things have been taking place for example:

(My belief is that this is happening since I have been listening to the Faith& Belief track)


Yesterday I had thought

Its been a while since I spoke to one of my best friends (over a month) I thought to text her but I was tried of being the one always reaching out to her.

WITHIN minutes I received a text from her asking what my schedule was like this week and if I was free to meet up!!!


Yesterday I had thought

Hmm...I applied to that job wonder if they will call me back soon. Whatever happens every thing happens for a reason.

This morning I received a voicemail from the Interviewer trying to schedule an interview time.


These were both thoughts that I had thought for only a second without any chatter from the conscious. It was a voice deep inside of me. I have been listening to this voice/intuition. It kept on playing a song I hadn't heard since my childhood. I searched it up on Youtube it's called I Hope You Dance By Lee Ann Womack. Its funny that some of the lyrics really articulated my emotions perfectly.


So with Every Ending there are many Exciting New Surprises!


I Hope this post is read by those who need to hear it at this moment.

We all live in Synchronicity. We interact at the exact moment we are supposed to. Even if only through this keyboard.

I am there for you. I am here for you.

The Power of Tears, Especially Tears of Gratitude, Appreciation, Healing & Joy

Touch the Heart of the World and Bring Joyous Surprises/Blessings/Miracles that Restore Our Wonder in this Magical World.

That Is What I have Experienced in the Last Few Days as Well as experiencing Situations from our Childhood through New Eyes.

Its Been A Pleasure to Share <3

Looking Forward to Your Heartfelt Comments/Replies/Questions & Collective Emotion-Sharing.


Its Not Really Farewell.

After All there is a Reason why there is Good in front of Goodbye.

It offers us the Goodness for Growth; the space/time/energy in our Lives to Create the New.

I Invite You to...

Open New Chapters!

Happy Manifesting :)


Love <3 Light :) Limitless...

Your Dear Friend Skye


PS. Feeling Really Grateful to be Back to this Blog! :D

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seriously, i really appreciate everything you have to say!


i have cured myself of weakness and the paralysis of fear that has haunted me since childhood which originally stemmed from the death of my passion, but it has only recently been resurrected in to an invincible force, i have realized true self and awakened to my blood and reason for existence, to create a reality, that will birth even greater realities, like a great tree which bears fruit that feeds the entire land for eons. I have begun to work towards the fulfillment of my creative ambitions, by controlling the inner conversations of existential states of mind i have activated, i work while sustaining them (something i've never done before) its as if, the present is but the memory of who i am to  become after the work and metamorphosis is done. i hope you can feel me. much love and respect

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