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Amazing Technique: Yogic Gazing



Eye Doctors will go out of business!




Look straight into the candle light, for as long as you possibly can, with your eyes wide open. Breathe deeply, and focus on the flame itself... and nothing else. The flame is all that exists in your reality for that entire time. Do this every night for at least 30 days, and notice your vision improve.


This also has some other great benefits, such as


-Getting in touch with your shadow side, spiritual insights, cleanses your eyes and etheric body

-Greater Intelligence/Psychic Ability/Mental Agility/Overall Brilliance. I am even better at basketball!

- Focused, Clear Thought, enabling for precision of actions and habits.

- Willpower building and self control. Enables you to say "No" to that addictive bad habit.


The longer you can do it for without blinking, the better. My eyesight has improved significantly, to the point that I am considering casting my glasses out and getting far less powerful ones, in addition to getting all those benefits listed above. I listed 30 days... and yet this is only Day 13 of me doing this amazing exercise. My record at present is 50 minutes.


See how long you can do it... eyes wide open. Let the tears flow if necessary. Feel the pain and continue if necessary. Trust me on one thing: The benefits are ENTIRELY worth it.

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I have a similar technique that is much harder and will give you better results. So here it is.


First you get a sock and you put it on the TV.


Then you turn on the TV


After you start watching the sock for 15 minutes and don't pay attention to what's going on in the TV.


The first 15 days you use no sound and the last you use sound in the TV.

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