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Emotion, uncontrolled, produces chaos; unexpressed it produces confusion, conflict and complication; for energy will have an outlet. When an emotion conflicts with the will and becomes suppressed it returns to its subjective state, but remains active; it will come up in some other form; it will not be put down. It may remain in a subjective state for years; but eventually, unless neutralized, it will manifest. Let one go for years with some unexpressed longing and he will have created such a desire that it will have become irresistible in its inclination toward expression. People often become seething cauldrons within because of inhibited action.


Energy must find an outlet. Energy is energy and will be expressed or blow the top off, just as a pipe will stand only so much pressure before bursting. Millions are daily being blown up, mentally and physically, through the suppression of desires. Desire is a dynamic force and must be taken into account.


Emotion is the energy in motion and it is dangerous to suppress it. When you feel love for someone and your married, the mark if that relationship is superstong is when both partners are able to express their feelings to each other even if it is about another person. In a child suppressed emotion leads to conflicts in the psyche and leads also to Psycho neurosis that if not properly dealt with will manifest somewhere in life that you may not like. I'll give you my example, see as a child my right to express my personal power was suppressed and expression of negative emotions were too. In observing my tendencies and mind I realize that it gave me a mind that can see the power dynamics in any situation that I go through and an ability to manipulate it. It also gave me a mind of a Psychologist with a keen understanding of how humans will react to certain situations if I subject them to some stimulus. I know that sounds to scientific but what really matters is how I choose to express this. At worst it can give me a Machievellan mind, always working in the shadows and pulling the strings. Or at best it can be expressed in a person who is able to positively changes a person by EMPOWERING them to do this. It's parodoxical but I think this is called sublimation, where you can heal a person exceptionaly in one area but you struggle with that in yourself. All limiting beliefs are incomplete programs and you can complete them by how you express them.


these 3 aspects are in my natal chart also




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