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*Update: Gratitude for the Wise



blog-0428373001434687177.jpgWow! I am just experiencing little shivers as I am writing this. I could cry with the gifts of depth and insight I have been given through the Amazing New Blogs popping up on the site. Recently the Donanada's first entry & Light's (Children are Limitless Entry) have really moved me. It's like this site is the dream team; everyone's perspective is really opening my eyes to another corner of ignorance in my mind that has now been swept away thanks to our online Sharing Circle. Seriously everyone share your opinions and thoughts regarding Consciousness Experience. Although we may not realize or get to see our efforts and all there positive effects. Believe me this 'space' on the internet is a valuable and powerful one!


Shout out to all the New Blogs :) Whoo!

Gratitude to All the Wise People sharing their experiences of Reality/ interactions with Reality.


*Also I want to mention that today about an hour ago. I experienced something quite interesting. I fell into a meditative state while listening to 'Healing Energy' and chanting a manifestation code to untie previous energy blockage (aka scar tissue from traumatic injury on hand); during this process I stepped through time. I experienced what seemed like timelessness; can't really experience it in words. Basically it was that I stepped through a tunnel back into this moment without moving forward in (the present) time at all! (It is crucial to note that I was searching up about Teleportation/Time Travel and the scientific aspect of it. I listened to 'Time Control' several times this week; since it allows time to pass quicker at work ;) I just didn't expect it to be triggered so suddenly. Also When I stepped out of that experience I PHYSICALLY felt different. I felt stronger, sturdier like I had been painted with energy; the feeling could be best captured as putting the last puzzle piece into a jig saw. My awareness of my physical senses is COMPLETELY Different! (it's like apathetic to my previous understanding of sense/ this feeling that I've been lied to. I feel the texture of objects I use everyday cellphone, staircase rail. I FEEL/Percieve the texture differently! One theory on this is that the "eyes" in my fingertips have opened. (The healing eyes in the tips of the fingers sense complex energy/etheric structures/information. It is under the Egyptian Alchemical [Energy] Healing Method guided by 'Ra'.)


So Happy to Share and Learn from my Fellow Precious Sentients!!!

Let's Move Forward Together. :)

Gratitude, Bliss & Unending Love!


Love <3 Light :) Limitless...


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Time control was my request but I haven't listened to it a lot yet but am really excited to hear about your results with it! and it encourages me to listen to it!! and explore.


I agree about this site being a dream come true.

I know this might sound cheesy and soppy but sometimes I almost want to cry with appreciation over it!


Someone happened to mention a George Hutton video on another forum and I checked it out & I'm so pleased that I saw that post!  And yes there is such an awesome bunch here - Dream Team, absolutely!  

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