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Dawn of a new Era



So I'm writing here today my first blog on this site. The past 6 months I have gone through a series of changes that have made me question my beliefs and let go of morals and (Some) limiting beliefs that don't serve me. This is called the sacred Warrior Blog because I intend to rise above the petty battles of the playground of life and fight the real battles inside. I want to point out something that many people fail to understand. The ego is a great thing, trying to get rid of the ego is futile because it would be impossible to experience life without it. In the old myths, the hero didn't kill the dragon (ego), but slayed it because they knew that it could take them to higher heights literally and metaphoricaly. Mastery of your beast nature is the key and not trying to get rid of it. That's like with children, if you favor one over the other you are still a bad parent because they BOTH came from you and have their own untapped potential that if you take the time to nurture, it will blossom. As for me, I'm trying to get rid of all trauma in my Subconscious mind from childhood and early years so I can achieve my destiny which is to protect those in need, express my individuality and form deep bonds with people because I know I have tons of talents that could greatly benifit people but my shyness holds me back.


The two most asked and unimportant questions are where were you before you were born and where will you be after? What really matters is what will you do in between ??? A journey is more important than the destination. The sweet lessons you learn, the hardships you will face and the people you will meet makes your life rich and full of meaning rather than waking up with 45 billion dollars in your hand tommorow with all the mates you want. That's an easy way to kill a person because now there's no struggle and no purpose.


Time is precious, don't waste it because every second not moving toward your goal is a second that can never seen again. Think about that.

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I can relate to your words, our existences can not fail, we will leave this bodies with no regret, every second counts, and only we can pay the cost of what it takes to be what we want to be.

We humans have infinite capacity for development , the unlimited extension of our growth and potential, WE are no mere specs, WE ARE GOD, I AM GOD, and YOU ARE GOD, may we always live by this as masters of this reality and not as docile, stultified , cowardly, helpless, dependent little victims like so many others in the this strange place where we exist, though we may never meet in the flesh, know, that i am for the proliferation of your progress and the advancement of your happiness, feel the sincerity in my words and read them whenever you need strength, goodbye for now

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