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Influential Magick - Charm 'em





To Charm - : delight, please, win (over), attract, captivate, allure, lure, dazzle, fascinate, enchant, enthrall, enrapture, seduce, spellbind (!)


Charm in Social Situations is literally Magical. Ever heard the term "bewitching charm"? It's literally that. A spell that enchants the target. However, in modern day society, most people haven't trained this charm muscle enough... it makes you a Magician. Catch a person when they're most vulnerable, and then Charm them. Observe a person's insecurities, and then Charm them. Charm is the one single thing that makes people fall in love with you (be it platonic or romantic). Charm the person often enough in vulnerable states and they'll be all yours after some time. However, like all magic, do it without outcome... that is, charm them without anything attached to it. Some guys try to be "nice" and charm the woman insincerely... don't do that. Do it because you sincerely want the person to feel better, with purity of intent, and people will LOVE YOU. I can promise this much, and you'll live in natural abundance.


So the process here would be


1. Observe Insecurity

2. Get them Vulnerable by establishing rapport, or Catch them when they're most vulnerable

3. Strike with grace... leave them spellbound with your Charm.


This is one thing I wanted to add to George's Manual... my own intuitive finding, perhaps. Use it wisely, because once you figure this influential trick out and practice it enough, it can be very powerful, and just like the definition says... spellbinding. Do this with enough people and you'll literally have a group of people about you that are spellbound by your mere presence.


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