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Inherent Omniscience



This is a quick note I want to make, only hitting my Intelligence Goal...


Ask yourself this one question : What is it that I need to know NOW to make progress on my process?


You can be Inherently Omniscient, where you choose to know anything when the time says it is necessary to know it, and in this way make prodigy-like progress at anything w/ intuition alone.




The universe is INFINITE. You cannot possibly ever know EVERYTHING. Focus on what needs to be known NOW, in the PRESENT MOMENT.


The prime example being Elon Musk.





He does not do anything special... people say he picked up things in 3 years that others do in 30. What he did was know everything that needed to be known AT PRESENT. In short, living moment to moment, and figuring out everything that had to be known right then and there w/ no limiting beliefs obstructing his path forward. This is true genius. Forget about knowing everything... have a set target, and on your way learn the information that needs to be learned, right on the spot, then and there.


And that's it for today. Good luck to all of you on your incredible journeys ~ Light.

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