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blog-0908419001430065679.jpgI was on a Hiatus for a while. I am glad to announce that this blog is back in Full Action!!! Let's bring back the conversation stronger! :)


To start off here is a personal confession.


In the past I was quite an emotional eater (although I was always physically small). I didn't eat when I was anxious, stressed or depressed since food would be tasteless and overate when I was bored. I labeled the former behaviour consciously about 2 months ago. After listening to the 'Breatharian' 30 min affirmation track for about 2-3 days. I noticed MAJOR improvements! Firstly, I started bringing the topic to my close friend over coffee. I asked her and I will ask everyone online here :)


I feel that our (North American) Culture subtly only promotes meeting with friends when there is only (fast) food involved. Maybe it's the millions of ads that I've seen from fast food chains like McDonald's or Wendy's that show usually 3 friends eating and smiling. I never 'craved' that consciously although for the last year I couldn't specifically remember a time when I didn't order fast food when spending time with friends. I physically felt horrible for a straight week (a few weeks prior); this really motivated me to change my behaviour.


So I asked my best friend?


"What should we do when hanging out with friends that doesn't involve (fast) food?"


She suggested cooking a healthy meal with friends at home. (She is in Zambia and in their culture it is very rare to eat outside at a restaurant. In fact they believe that it is more special and enjoyable to cook at home rather than dine out.) I thought about maybe meeting with friends in a library or an environment that's purpose is different from eating (opposed to a coffee shop or restaurant).


I also brought this idea up with another close friend about how I wanted to cut out all fast food; (we usually eat out together). She really wanted ice cream and once I made it clear that I was firm about not eating fast food (for forever). She eventually agreed that maybe she would eat at home! I was really proud of her since my solid behaviour pushed her to also 'step out of her comfort zone' and change her habits. It also made it easier (& Happier :)) for her to make that choice, she was smiling at the end of our conversation! Our behaviour really has a ripple effect. Our Own Healthy practises can create health in our friends as well (if they are open and believe in it).


Also in the last 3 days my hunger is pretty non-existent. It's really remarkable what these affirmation tracks can achieve. I was looking at a TV screen yesterday and thought of how the colors represent Life. The red, blue and green colors on the screen are rarely noticed and yet collectively they create the entire picture on the Screen. It's good to think as Hypnosis as similar to this the red, blue and green represent the subconscious, preprogrammed and rarely noticed. The TV Screen 'displays' (hehe, Did you see the Word Play? :)) The Conscious what we usually notice; while a Remote would symbolize the Superconscious (unlimited potential/possibilities and control over the information experienced).


Sure, in the past I had succumb to 'panic food' to placate the emotions and feel fullness. This 'intaking' Spiritual Knowledge has brought me so much fullness and sense of completeness that I've really rewritten that Chapter of my life. I want to Thank everyone reading this for listening and participating in my healing!Vulnerability is Definitely rewarding since it teaches more than anything else. Authenticity should be Encouraged! I FEEL FREE! I'm going to continue exploring the Breatharian lifestyle, with caution & spiritual understanding. Is there any books/links or other great informational resources everyone would like to suggest? Just post it in the comment section below! :) Really Love <3 this Community


Here is a link to the notable Breatherian Jasmuheen [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eU1b5rCq4I]


Healthy Lives & As Always Happy Manifesting! :D


Love <3 Light :D Limitless...


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